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How To Hang A Mirror On A Door? (5 Fast & Easy Ways)

How To Hang A Mirror On A Door? (5 Fast & Easy Ways)

Do you want to know how to hang a mirror on a door? Mirrors are generally part of a home. Aside from a famous fashion piece, these are actually relevant in brightening and adding space to a room. That’s why if you decide to put one, it’s important to have an idea of the installation process.

Don’t worry because we will list down 5 easy methods for mounting this glass object behind your door at home. Before that, it’s also pivotal to mention that installing a mirror on a door may be quite challenging. Compared to putting it on the wall, there might be certain aspects to consider beforehand.

Tools and equipment needed when mounting a mirror

The things that you need largely depend on the key factors mentioned earlier. But in general, below are the tools that may be helpful when hanging a mirror on the door:

  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • screwdriver
  • drill
  • hammer
  • plastic mirror clips
  • d-rings
  • mounting tape
  • mirror glue
  • wall anchors

Different Ways How to Hang a Mirror on a Door

There are actually numerous ways on installing a mirror. However, it’s important that you take into account several factors such as the type of door, the design and weight of the mirror, and the availability of tools.

1. Identifying the size and type of door

First of all, you should identify the door proportions so that you can buy the perfect mirror. Since doors are a major aspect of house construction, it means that adjustments are incorporated into the mirror, which is considered an accessory or part of the home’s interior design.

Using a measuring tape or a pencil, get the door measurements accordingly. And from then, you pinpoint how the mirror will be installed into the surface. Aside from the physical dimensions, it’s also imperative to know the type of door in your home.

Solid wood, for one, is one of the most common materials used for bathroom and bedroom doors. On the other hand, there are also hollow core doors that encompass a combination of solid wood door frames and cardboard or plastic core.

Because of the differences in the materials, there might be certain installation methods that are applicable to specific door types. This is the main reason why you need to determine your door type in advance before moving to the next section, which is purchasing the mirror.

Identifying the size and type of door

2. Buying the appropriate mirror

Meanwhile, you should know that there are plenty of mirror styles and shapes available in the market. There are make-up mirrors that are specifically designed for the bathroom, bedroom, or living room. More so, mirrors vary in size and thickness.

The weight of the mirror largely depends on the materials used, along with the size of the surface itself. For instance, a full-length mirror is definitely heavier than a half-body mirror because of its dimension. Likewise, there are mirrors that already come with brackets or D-rings that allow you to hang them easily.

However, there are also some that do have, hence the need to be resourceful and install the right hardware securely. Since manufacturers offer different types of mirrors, it’s another core reason why you need to ponder on these factors before you kick off with your shopping.

3. Choosing the correct installation method

Now that you have an idea of the key elements encompassing the door and the mirror, it’s time to get on with the installation process. Below are five methods to choose from. Do take note that each technique may be applicable to certain door and mirror types.

So, be sure to read all methods one by one and assess the most suitable option for your needs. And lastly, go through the instructions carefully so that mirror fits into the door surface. Doing this will surely save you time and money. Plus, installing the mirror safely ensures that you avoid problems in the long run.

  1. Screw on the door itself.

If you have a solid door and a heavy mirror, the best option is to use a screw to attach the wall mirror clip. This is highly recommended considering the material of the door as well as the weight of the mirror. It ensures that there is proper support to prevent accidents.

Although this is a good option, you need to know that there would be a permanent impact on the door. There would be small holes engraved into the surface, which means if you remove the mirror, you’d see these trivial marks.

Going back, you need to first know the placement of the mirror. Then, create marks on the door for reference and drive the hollow wall anchors or drywall anchors into the surface. You may use a hammer to drive the anchor into place. Afterward, using a screwdriver, plunge the screws right into the mirror clip.

Choosing the correct installation method

  1. Capitalize on over-the-door hooks.

If you don’t want to add permanent markings on your door, then door mirror hangers or over-the-door hooks are the best options. These are positioned at the top of the door, making them easy to install. Additionally, mirror hangers are versatile enough to be put on different door types.

You can even buy this hanging hardware from physical stores and even online. So, if you prefer this method, it’s highly suggested that you buy a mirror that already comes with metal brackets to clip the door hanger with no stress.

If the mirror does not have a bracket, don’t worry because you can use d-rings. These are widely used to support most hangers, typically up to 25 pounds. More so, d-rings are very easy to attach. You simply screw them at the top edge of the mirror.

When attaching the screw to the D-ring, make sure that these are leveled so that the mirror is placed even. Afterward, attach them to the hooks. And there you have it, a seamless way to install your mirror!

  1. Add mounting tape.

Aside from utilizing a mirror hanger, you may also opt for mounting tape to attach the mirror to the door. This option, however, may only be suitable for lightweight mirrors. Often than not, tapes couldn’t hold heavy materials, hence the need to apply many tapes to ensure support.

And if you add too much, it might not be that pleasing to the eye, although these aren’t visible since the adhesive is attached to the back of the mirror. So, it’s good to use tape if you are hanging a lightweight mirror.

There are several tapes at hand but the best choice would be double-sided tapes. If you don’t have one, you may use the sticky side of a car decal. Simply roll the sticky side and attach it to the mirror or directly on the door.

In doing so, carefully place the adhesive on the side of the mirror. Don’t forget to put tape at the top and bottom of the mirror as well to secure the material. Then, press the mirror gently to minimize air pockets and dust gaps.

Use plastic mirror clips.

  1. Use plastic mirror clips.

The fourth option would be to capitalize on plastic mirror clips. These are quite similar to most cable clips in terms of usage. However, the most prominent feature is the U-shaped plastic holder that is attached to the screw. The plastic holder is a pivotal part of the clip as it ensures that the mirror is well-secured.

Although these plastic clips are reliable, it’s still suggested that you only use this for lightweight mirrors. If you are uncertain, try to confirm the maximum weight support of the clips before buying. Also, you need to make sure that the clips offset the thickness of the mirror.

Furthermore, since there are several mirror clip designs and finish, you just pick according to your preference. After the selection process, it’s time to attach the clips along the mirror frame. Ideally, you will need at least 6 mirror clips to hang a mirror.

  1. Take advantage of glue.

Lastly, we have the glue. This is a great recommendation if you’re just hanging a lightweight mirror. As to the glue type, you need to know that there are specialized glue materials to securely hold a mirror or other stuff in place.

The finest option would be a heavy-duty mirror glue that attaches the mirror to the door safely. Epoxy glue is a possible choice as well if you don’t have specially-designed mirror glue. During the installation process, you need to be cautious. Generally, the back side of the mirror, or the silver section, is very delicate.

Thus, if you unconsciously run some adhesives unto the surface, it may burn the silver area and eventually damage the mirror. So, you just apply the glue on the wall frame. And depending on the drying duration, it may take minutes or just seconds for the installation to be completed.


Hanging a mirror on a door is very easy. As long as you know the door material and the mirror type, you won’t have a hard time doing the installation on your own. So, go over our instructions above and identify the best method for your needs. And if you have questions, leave a comment below.

Taylor Hansen

Monday 30th of August 2021

My walls in my house need more mirrors. I haven't had much experience hanging those up. I'll use these tips in order to find the best spots in the house.

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Thursday 18th of June 2020

Great article. Informative and helpful, very easy, and actionable immediately. Thanks for all the wonderful tips with depth details.