5 Easy Ways to Remove A Key Stuck in Lock

There are many ways to have a bad day. One of them is when your key gets stuck in lock as you try to open the door to go into your home to relax after a tiring day at work. As you try to jiggle it out of the keyhole, the increasing stiffness can make you feel helpless. This problem can make you scream in frustration.

Luckily, you don’t need special skills to get the key out of the lock. By using the following guides in this article, you can solve this problem and prevent your key from getting stuck in the lock. It is also possible to use regular household items for this task. But first, let us find out the reason keys can get stuck in the lock.

Why Does Key Stuck in Lock

A key gets stuck in the door lock for many reasons. One of them is if your new key has rough edges. This key can latch and get hooked to the lock pins.

Older locks can also make your key get stuck in the lock. Here, the lock offers a loose plug that does not turn completely. Besides, the plug does not stay in the right position, while the pins do not pull back correctly, the key stuck in lock won’t turn.

With the following tips below, you can remove it and avoid ending up with a broken key stuck in lock.

How to Remove A Key Stuck in Lock

1. Apply Spray Lubricant

If your door has new keys or locks, using some force might work nicely. For this method, consider getting Houdini Spray to make the key move freely. When you can’t get this product, other brands of spray lubricants can also get the job done.

To use the lubricant, spray some of the liquid into the lock. Make sure that the stream goes into space above the stuck key. Then, carefully shake the key up and down to free it from the hole. Whatever happens, do not move the key from side to side.

If you work roughly, the key will get broken, and your job becomes more difficult. Immediately it becomes free, smoothen the uneven edges with a fine file. You can also contact a local key maker to remove any rough surfaces on the key.

Put some grease on the key. You should also apply some of the product into the lock even if it feels like a bad idea, push the key into the keyhole and turn it from left to right. Thanks to the oil, the lock will work correctly for many months.

But if the key becomes stuck again, extra grease will solve this problem. Moreover, try to avoid lithium grease as it destroys locks.

2. Use Graphite Powder

Use Graphite Powder

Is the key still hooked? If yes, you can swap the spray lubricant for a bottle of graphite powder. As you squeeze the contents out, try shaking the stuck key until the graphite fills the entire lock assembly. Once the key feels loose, pry it out from the door gently.

3. Use the Push Plug Method

Use the Push Plug Method

In a pin tumbler lock, the keyhole plug stays on a massive locking cylinder. But from the outside, you will see the plug face as a circle around the key and the hole. When the plug becomes shaky, it can shift within the cylinder, preventing it from aligning with the pin tumblers. Sadly, this can lead to a trapped key that is hard to remove.

Solve this issue by pushing the key totally into the hole. Next, rotate the key until the keyhole returns to the original spot where you first inserted the key. At this stage, you have gotten to the right place for allowing the cylinder and pin tumblers to align with each other.

Now, use a finger on your other hand to push the plug part that stays close to the key. With gentle movements, turn and pull the key towards your body. Since your finger is on the plug, this part of the lock will remain in position.

So, if you don’t know how to get the key out when the door unlockedthis simple method can help you get into your home.

4. Use Ice on the Key

Use Ice on the Key

If you stay in a warm area, this method will help. Get some ice from a nearby bar or a friendly neighbor. When you get home, keep the ice pressed against the key for 30 seconds. T

The ice makes the metal lock to contract, and then stuck key becomes free, especially if the lock pins held the burrs. Carefully turn the key and take it out.

5. Seek Help from a Professional

Seek Help from a Professional

Hopefully, any of the ideas mentioned above will be of great help to remove your key when it gets stuck in lock. But if after trying them and they don’t yield any success, you should contact a trusted locksmith. That way, you avoid breaking the stuck key inside the lock and reduce any expenses on repairs.

With the help of a professional, you can easily pry out lodged items, get a new key, or even replace the entire assembly. Even if you carried out the removal without any help, you still need to call a professional.


Getting a key stuck in lock is a common problem in many homes. Common causes of this problem come from rough-edged keys or old locks.

However, there are several ways that you can take out a lodged key from any lock. You can start by spraying lubricant into the keyhole and shaking the key.

If your key gets stuck in warmer days, you can use some ice to free the lodged key. You can also try the push and plug method where you have to adjust the lock’s plug and pull it out.

When using any of the following methods, ensure you use minimal pressure, especially when shaking and removing the key. Better still, call a professional to dislodge the key and fix the problem causing it to get stuck in the lock.

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