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  1. Hello Walt. I appreciate your article.
    I am considering a few solar generators that can expand as my projects will over the next 5 years. I am looking at the Bluetti AC300 because of its ease to laymen, ability to expand, and limited space for panels at first with more space as time goes on and projects expand.
    Because of this situation, I would rather invest in an expanding solar generator that can handle 110 appliances that I already own, as opposed to switching to dometic ones as I spend the first several years living in a vintage camper, which will also being upgraded in size as things move forward. Eventually I will be in a completely off grid small home.
    Your article was extremely helpful. Yet I’d still like to make sure my math is correct, and perhaps you may have something to add that I haven’t considered.
    Ultimately, I am trying to figure out how many batteries and panels I need as the Bluetti AC300 is quite expensive, as are their expanding battery packs, and portable solar panels. I’d prefer the cheaper mountable ones, yet roof space is limited initially.
    Any advice or info you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Please note, I will not be installing both units at the same time. The 8,000 BTU is the one I am hoping to use.
    The larger one may be a backup only if necessary. Since

    per labels:

    Unit 1:
    115 volts, 60hz2,1ph
    8,000 BTU
    10.8 EER
    7.0 AMPS
    wattage consumption = 770
    kilowatt/hour = 5.39

    Unit 2:
    115 volts, 60hz2,1ph
    12,000 BTU
    10.8 EER
    10.2 AMPS
    wattage consumption = 1173
    kilowatt/hour = 11.97

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