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  1. Brenda Wright says:

    I have COPD and run my AC 24/7 unless it drops below 70 outside and even in the winter I have it running most of the tlme. I live in an apt. I’ve been here 5 yrs. and had 2 new ones put in because they stop cooling. I clean the filter the second I see the light. The unit is an LG not sure of the BTU wall unit. Small unit. How many hours should it last? It has to be cool or I can’t breathe.

  2. I am always thoughtful about when to turn on my AC and for how long. I am aware of environmental concerns and it has to get pretty warm before I will go to my AC over my fan. We recently had a strange weather event in my area where temps were 110 to 118 for a couple days which is unheard of where I live. At these temps I had thought for just one entire night could I run my AC safely as the overnight low was 88 and this was at 5am. I asked the internet and this site pulled up and the tone was poop, truly and dearly poop. I was asking a simple question I did not need a lecture. That said I think the author had good intentions somewhere in this message.

    1. Peeetie Pablo says:

      Inland SoCal we run the ac 25/8 6 months a year. #bakersfieldCApride 110Degrees kiss my glass you fog breathing hypocrites lol lol

  3. If it’s so hot you needtorun it temporarily 24/7 to get through a heat spell, it’s okay to do that. If you live where it’s 85 degrees and you can open a window at night, more power to you. Don’t waist energy, and don’t be a earth devouring tennis-playing Montypython blancmange but the window units, when used to cool small concentrated areas of the house, and if only those rooms are needing cooling,are much more friendly than running an entire central ac unit, and running it for 8-9 hours during a temp peak period each day and shutting it down when it cools down at night and during less extreme normal days is something you should not feel guilty about.

  4. Patti Welder says:

    Hi Anna, my name is Patti K Welder, and I live in South Texas. After reading your comment I can only assume you live up north or in Canada, as it has been having unreal hot temperatures like we have down here all the time. I am disabled I suffer from acute chronic pain I fell off a 100 foot cliff 33 years ago and broke 28 bones in my body From the neck down. 15 years ago we used to have central AC and our bill was seven to $800 a month. When it went out we switch to window units, we have a small medium size in the living room one in my bedroom/office which is fairly small and one in my husbands bathroom which is fairly small. They are in expensive they’re only $200, as they need replacing every 2 to 3 years but our bill is now only $200 plus a little maybe give or take. How well I understand the hot weather you have been going through, but thankfully you did not get the humidity like we have down here So close to the Gulf of Mexico. And needless to say I live in chronic pain that this humidity and pressure constantly changing just makes my body throb, I can’t begin to tell you. But I can tell you this I run my air conditioner full-time at about 71° for the simple fact if you turn it off for 10 minutes you’re up to 85 or 90° just inside the house, and that really sucks. I am 62 years old now so I’m currently writing the true story of my Texas dynasty! You will know when it’s out for sure as it will be well advertised. You can always find me on Facebook if you do social media Patti Welder in Victoria Texas. And you can always Google our family that is how well known our family is in the dynasty that I come from and I’m the only one left alive now so all I can tell you, My family is so scandalous that I sweat bullets with my air conditioner on lol, and never go hot! And I did have found sometimes I put a fan in front of my ax unit just in case, When you get my age you sleep a little harder sometimes! You take care and you run that unit whenever you’re hot! Creature comfort is definitely something the human body needs,, an AC is part of that. I hope your weather stables out soon, as we are always on the watch for hurricanes where I live. Take care and God bless sincerely Patti, from Texas❤️👸🏻

  5. Greenleaf Dallas says:

    My air conditioner runs for a total of 10-12 hours. It has been going on in the same way for 6 long years. The device did not have any problems. My question is, can there be any problem if it is running too much?

  6. quality-hc says:

    Absolutely! No part inside the air conditioner will get too hot and melt if you keep it running all day. The performance of the air conditioner, too, won’t suffer if you forget to turn it off.

  7. I have had several 100 + days, my frigidaire 15100 window unit runs most of the day with air coming out at 40 degrees. My electricity per day is just over $ 4. I figure thats about $ 1 every six hrs that includes a fridge, on-demand water heater, tv on most of the day, computer, wi-fi and lights. my place is about 900 sq ft. with utility room and a walk-in closet doors closed. I do live alone and am retired Seems like I should be really happy with that 40-degree output, that is some serious cooling. I spend more on wi-fi and youtube tv than electricity. Also when I run errands I leave the A/C runing, I think this is the 8th summer with this $400 a/c unit.

  8. AC servicing near me says:

    Hello! Generally, we used to leave AC running the whole day long, no matter how much we are using it, whether we need it or not. Thanks for the advice and effects that can be caused by using the AC for a long time. This blog is very helpful in saving our money. Thanks and keep posting.

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