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Garden Window: Advantages & Disadvantages You Should Know

Garden Window: Advantages & Disadvantages You Should Know

Garden window is a specific type of window that slightly protrudes beyond the surface of your house’s wall. The most convenient place for this model is above the countertop and kitchen sink since you can grow some herbs there and use them for cooking whenever needed.

Moreover, the garden window will bring more light in your kitchen thanks to four window panes of glass forming a square. Replacing a standard window with a garden one is not too expensive, but its installation is not an easy job. Therefore, you should hire a professional to set this ‘mini greenhouse’ in place properly.

Advantages of Installing a Garden Window

Advantages of Installing a Garden Window

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Indoor gardening

The beauty of a garden window is its uniqueness. It is not just an ordinary window, and you can use it as a greenhouse for growing plants, especially herbs, year-round.

Except for herbs, you can use this space to grow health-beneficial or decorative plants, as well. The most popular species these days are:

  • Plants that purify the air– English ivy, philodendrons, and prayer-plants
  • Plants that may boost mood– Gerber, orchids, daisies, and begonias
  • Plants that require low maintenance– Cactus, spider plants, and jade

A garden window will make it possible to grow plants indoors even though you haven’t enough space inside the house. If you install a window large enough for a few pots, you can make a mini garden there.

This type of window will be beneficial for your plants since it provides enough light for their growth and additional protection from harsh weather. As a bonus, keeping your plants over the sink will make their watering comfortable.

Mini greenhouse

As I have already said, a garden window can function as a mini-greenhouse for the plants you decide to grow inside. The design of its glass structure allows capturing solar energy necessary for the nourishment of your plants.

Depending on the weather conditions, you can use this window to conserve heating and lighting, as well. On the other hand, there is an option to use the window panes as an awning when you want to protect plants from too intense sunlight.

As you can see, the only difference between the garden window and the greenhouse is the location.

Natural lighting

One of the crucial reasons why you should consider replacing an old traditional window with a contemporary garden one is plenty of natural lighting. Since this type of window is three-dimensional and protruding, it will let more light into the interior of your house.

As soon as you install a new garden window, your kitchen will become brighter, better ventilated, more inviting, and vaster. Consequently, such a place will also be highly beneficial for your general health.

Increase ventilation

If you decide to replace your old kitchen window with a new, stylishly designed garden one, you will get an excellent and convenient vent system for your kitchen. The best part is that it will cost you nothing!

A well-positioned garden window with operable side panels will allow natural air circulation from two sides. That way, you will get a ventilated kitchen, reduced condensation in the corners, and enough fresh air for your plants.

Enhanced sight view

Since your garden window is a square with four window panes protruding from the wall, it offers enhanced sightline. In fact, you will have a clear view in three directions, which will help you to enjoy the beauty of your garden and monitor your children at the same time.

You can consider attaching a window bird feeder on the outside of your new garden window, as well. That way, you will get a view of a gorgeous piece of nature while washing the dishes or preparing the meal for your family.

Energy efficiency

Replacing a traditional kitchen window with a garden one will increase the energy efficiency of your home. That way, you will reduce energy bills in the long run.

The secret is in window panes made of glass approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick. They will keep your home warm by preventing heat loss. Plus, they fit tightly in sturdy PVC frames, which prevent any air leakage.

Unfortunately, your home loses 38 to 50% of heat on average through windows and doors. You will realize the benefits of your new garden window as soon as you feel a warmer interior after installation.

Additionally, they will keep your home cooler throughout the summer. All in all, this new window will help you use less electricity for lighting, cooling, and heating your home. That means more bucks will stay in your pocket. Great job!

Expanding storage space

If your kitchen is quite small, you will have a lot of benefits of counter space your new garden window can provide.

Basically, it will expand the storage space you can use for placing jars with necessary kitchen ingredients. On the other hand, you can also use this space to arrange your favorite collectibles.

Resale value

If you plan to resale your house one day, you should think about an added value you can get thanks to the garden window in your kitchen. It is beautiful and no so common, and you can be sure that potential home buyers will adore it.

This window will add charm and character to your home. Plus, adding some practical window blinds or elegant colorful window awnings will complement the picture of a warm home.

Disadvantages of Installing a Garden Window

Disadvantages of Installing a Garden Window

Place for installation

Since this type of window protrudes from the surface of the wall, you can’t install it wherever you want. An ideal position for such an option is a place from the back of the house facing the garden.

Keep in mind that this construction requires support, and you need to have enough space for it. So, never put it along your patio or walkway to avoid getting hurt.

High price

Compared to traditional windows, your new garden window is a highly expensive option. Not to mention that the installation is complicated, which will cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, it will be cheaper than a bay or bow window since it is smaller in size.

Low energy efficiency

Surprisingly, not all garden windows are energy efficient. It will primarily depend on the type of material you choose for the window frame. To get benefits from your new window, you should pick out the frame made of aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass.

Plus, if you choose low-E coatings on the glass, you will additionally reduce heat transfer and keep your home warm and bills low.

How to Maximize Your Garden Window

How to Maximize Your Garden Window

Once you install your garden window, you should consider a few options on how to use this space in the best way possible. I have already mentioned that it is an ideal place for making a mini-garden with herbs or decorative flowers, but it is not all! Let’s consider your other options.


Yes, transforming the garden window into an indoor greenhouse sounds fantastic, but you may need to be more practical if you have a small kitchen. In that case, you can use that free space as convenient storage.

Add some extra shelves and arrange your kitchen items or jars with the necessary ingredients there. Use your imagination and make an excellent combination.

Exhibition area

Your new garden window is an ideal place for arranging a glass collection thanks to direct sunlight. I adore enjoying refracting light through the crystal, but you can put mugs or collectible cups there, as well.

If you are on the practical side, use that space to place cups and utensils for tea or coffee making that you use daily.

Since everything will be at your fingertips, you will enjoy your morning ritual more comfortable. It will make a difference, especially if you are as slow and sleepy as I am in the morning.


Admit that you didn’t expect such an idea! In fact, it is an excellent place to keep your collection of cookbooks and gardening books. However, avoid holding precious books on the garden window since direct sunlight will damage them over time.

Worth Considering about Garden Window

Worth Considering about Garden Window


Before making a plan where to position the new window, you should consider all crucial aspects. Yes, I know that the place above the kitchen sink sounds fantastic, but be aware that it can be impractical when it comes to cleaning or watering plants.

An alternative option to the garden window

You can use a projection window as an enhancement that you can add to your old window regardless of its style. That way, you will get a ledge that includes up to 1 foot (30.5 cm) of free space for your gadgets.


If you decide to install a garden window, you will make an ideal choice for your kitchen. It will transform it into a bright, visually enlarged, and comfortable space. Plus, it will be an excellent solution to beautify your working area and alleviate stress after a hard-working day. Plus, you will save a bunch of money through lower electricity bills and increase the value of your house by at least 12.5%.

Well done!


Saturday 22nd of January 2022

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