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  1. The garage door is closing good but when it goes up over half way it’s goes to hard . This is by hand . I adjusted the springs

    1. Tu n’as pas assez étirer le ressort après avoir ajusté la tension.

  2. Shammy Peterson says:

    I found it helpful when you said that standard torsion springs are mounted above residential garage doors and are the most commonly used type of torque springs. This is something that garage door companies and other industries that need precision springs for their operations must consider. I could imagine how they would find a manufacturing company that could efficiently supply their spring needs.

  3. mike p elaschuk says:

    never adjust the springs with door down look at your fcn pictures looks down to me great advice

    1. If you have torsion springs, you have to adjust with the door closed – otherwise, you would not have access.

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