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Does USPS Deliver To Door? (And How To Request It)

Does USPS Deliver To Door? (And How To Request It)

USPS is a short form for the United States Postal Service. It has been around for decades – transporting packages from one place to another. Almost everyone trusts the government service for reliable and safe delivery.

But, if you’re about to receive your first mail or are stuck in an unpleasant situation, it’s natural to question – does USPS deliver to the door?

After all, door deliveries are very convenient. You don’t have to rush out to a post office or mailbox to collect the packages. So, in today’s post, we will discuss USPS door delivery in great detail. Read more!

How Does USPS Deliver Packages?

The USPS delivers parcels in 3 different ways that include:

  • To the front door
  • To a mailbox
  • To a centralized point or local post office

Although all these options are present, USPS gives preference to mailbox delivery. If you’re located in a populated town or neighborhood, they will leave the package in your mailbox. It doesn’t matter whether the mailbox is on the curb, next to your door, or in the yard.

USPS will reach out to the mailbox and put the items in it. These include letters, documents, or anything small enough to fit the mailbox. But if the package is too heavy or large, the USPS representative will leave it near the mailbox.

The reason why USPS chooses mailbox delivery is that it saves valuable time, energy, and money. There are countless packages to be delivered all across the country. And since the service is free, the organization has to come up with ways to save resources.

There are cases where the USPS will deliver to the centralized point. For example, if you live in a rural area and the houses are too far apart from each other, USPS will leave the package at the nearest centralized point.

This can be a package collection spot, an office, or the post office. Whatever the place will be, you will be informed about it.

So, Does USPS Deliver to the Door?

Does USPS Deliver to the Door

No, USPS does not deliver to your house or apartment door. It will leave packages in your mailbox, regardless of where it is located. If the package does not fit the mailbox or is too heavy, it will be left near the mailbox.

This policy applies to all types of mail. It doesn’t matter whether your package was delivered through USPS priority mail, priority mail express, first-class mail, or any other type. Every package will end up in your mailbox or near it.

That said, it’s possible to get a USPS package delivered right to your door. You’ll have to follow certain procedures that we have discussed below.

How Can You Get a USPS Door Delivery?

How Can You Get a USPS Door Delivery

USPS prefers mailbox delivery, but it has the option of door delivery. In certain situations, the postal service will be ready to offer that. These include:

You’re Physically Disabled

According to the CDC, approximately 61 million people in the US live with a disability. They cannot move around and retrieve as regular people would. It’s why USPS has made door delivery available for the physically disabled.

However, there are rules and regulations.

Firstly, you must qualify as someone going through a physical hardship. USPS defines physical hardship as a handicap or illness that would make it a physical challenge to get the mail. So, the applicant should be:

  • Unable to walk (bedridden or in a wheelchair)
  • Unable to access the mailbox easily (across a street, up a hill, down the steps, etc.)

Even if you’re someone with chronic pain or injury and live in an apartment, you will be eligible for a door delivery at USPS.

Secondly, you must fill out the Request for Change in Current Delivery Mode due to Physical Hardship form. You will also need the doctor’s prescription and a personal statement in favor of your door delivery request.

Once everything is ready, it will be sent to the post office for approval. You can also email the documents, but that takes longer to get a response. It’s best to send them directly to your nearest post office.

Please note that your physical hardship request will not be accepted if you aren’t living alone. If you reside with a physically able individual, USPS will consider you capable of retrieving your packages.

Nonetheless, you can file an application and discuss the matter with the post office representatives. USPS will try to help you in the best way possible.

You’ve Used Delivery Instructions Service

USPS doesn’t only value the comfort of handicapped citizens but also regular people. There are many circumstances where you can’t just get to the mailbox every single time. Realizing this, USPS has introduced the Delivery Instructions service.

This allows you to get the package delivered to a specific location. It may include:

  • Front/Back/Side door
  • In the Mailbox
  • On your House Porch
  • Garage
  • Neighbors (they should be on the same route)

You can also send the package to an entirely different address for pickup. However, there will be a small postage fee for it. The exact amount will depend on the weight and rate of the package.

It will be estimated and informed when the online request is made. The post office will calculate again once the package arrives. If there’s a difference between the estimate and the actual amount, it will be collected at the time of delivery.

With that said, not every package is eligible for delivery instructions service. To ensure your request is accepted in one go, you must know the eligibility criteria.

How to Know If Your Package is Eligible for Delivery Instructions?

How to Know If Your Package is Eligible for Delivery Instructions

USPS has limitations on what can have delivery instructions and what can’t. To check whether your package can have them, look for the barcode. It can be either a USPS tracking barcode or an Extra Service barcode.

If there’s one, go to the USPS official website. Enter the tracking number of the package (it will be on the receipt), and click on the Search button. This will show you the latest tracking status of the package.

There will also be an Available Actions section on the right-hand side. If there is a delivery instructions option under it, you can use the service.

However, if you haven’t sent your package yet and want to know whether it will be eligible for Delivery Instructions, refer to the following list. Your package won’t be eligible if:

  • It is an international mail item.
  • It is insured for $500 or more.
  • It will be delivered to a military address.
  • It will be delivered to an address with an active hold request.
  • It will be delivered to an address with a temporary forwarding service.
  • It has a Collect on Delivery service.

If any of these conditions apply, the Delivery Instructions won’t show up at all in the tracking status. You can’t get it delivered to a specific location like a door.

Please note that the delivery instructions will also not be available if the mail has damaged packaging.

Why Won’t USPS Deliver to Your Door?

Why Won’t USPS Deliver to Your Door

Sometimes, USPS doesn’t deliver the package to the door even if you have applied for physical hardship or delivery instructions service. They will hold it at the post office. Don’t panic because there are certain reasons behind this behavior.

1. Signature Requirement

If your package is too valuable and requires identity verification, the mailperson will come directly to your door to deliver. But if you’re not at home, he won’t leave it in or near the mailbox. He will return to the post office from where you will have to collect yourself.

2. Lack of Safety

Generally, the packages stay safe on American streets. But if the location has the slightest reputation of theft, the package won’t be left at your door or anywhere else. It will be returned to the post office.

3. Poor Weather

No person in their sane mind would leave a package at the door while it rains, snows, or hails. It will ruin everything, and USPS considers it a responsibility to deliver safely. So, in severely harsh weather, the package will be returned to the post office.


1. Will USPS deliver to my apartment door?

No, USPS will not deliver to your apartment door. You need to be physically challenged or have delivery instructions to make that happen.

2. Do I have to be home for USPS delivery?

Yes, you have to be home to receive the package. If you’re not at home, the mailman will take it back to the post office.

3. Where do USPS packages go if not delivered?

Some USPS packages aren’t received by the house owner. They will make 2 attempts to deliver, and if the recipient still doesn’t accept, the package will be returned to the sender. If there is no recipient, the package will be donated, recycled, or discarded.

Last Words

All in all, the USPS doesn’t deliver to the door. It prefers mailbox delivery to minimize the cost of resources. But, if you’re handicapped or have used the Delivery Instructions service, they will deliver to your door!