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31 Christmas Window Decorations for Happy Holiday

31 Christmas Window Decorations for Happy Holiday

It’s easy to tell when Christmas is approaching. Colored lights and tinsel start appearing in public places. For most businesses, this happens soon after Halloween. But if you’re decorating at home, you’ll probably wait longer before dusting off the foldable Christmas tree.

And while commercial spaces focus on trees, lights, and holiday bundles. Home décor is slightly different. You can – and should – turn every window into a holiday display. Your front windows are especially important. It’s what the neighbors (and strangers) will see. So let’s explore a few ideas to make your Christmas window décor more festive and ‘Christmassy’.

1. Gift Window

Gift Window

If your window sill is large enough, turn it into a miniature Christmas display. Place a tiny Christmas tree complete with Christmas lights. You can buy an electronic version or cut a branch off a live tree and shape it into Christmas Bonsai. Place some gift-wrapped boxes and baubles beside the tree, especially if the tree is too small to hold ornaments.


2. Corner Gift Store

Corner Gift Store

These Christmas window decorations are a larger version of the same idea. The sill is wider, so you can fit a larger tree. The tree here is a white version, and the gift boxes are bigger too. You can place a holly wreath on either side of the window. This clarifies the reason for the season.


3. Trees by the Door

Trees by the Door

You may argue that is front door décor. But since this door is half glass and has narrow arched windows on either side, the trees still count as window ornaments. The house has two large trees on either side of the door, flanking the picture windows. You can use live trees, but only if you’re willing to water and tend them. And make sure there’s a safe power outlet for your string lights.


4. Bay Windows for Christmas

Bay Windows for Christmas

The projection of your bow or bay window makes the perfect spot for a Christmas tree. Just tuck the tree into the nook and decorate it as you normally would. The tree is a comprehensive decoration center, and the view looks so pretty from outside. Especially if the colored Christmas lights are filtered through sheers or smoked glass. You can also spray tinsel on the windows.


5. Through the View

Through the View

Even if your home has regular flat windows, you can still use the view as decorative inspiration. In this white living room, the tree and presents and positioned near the window. That way, anyone passing by gets an eyeful of Christmas spirit. The spots near the window are highlighted with small Christmas stockings and satiny throw pillows embroidered with snowflakes.


6. Fantasie Fenetre

Fantasie Fenetre

The window here is a lovely daydream, but you can reproduce these fantasy Christmas window decorations. Use shimmering spray paint to make a Santa Silhouette on the glass, complete with the red-nosed reindeer. Embroidered accent cushions add to the illusion. Below your holly wreath, use an electronic backlit box or jewelry case as a spotlight.


7. Christmas Hearth

Christmas Hearth

This cabin has a cozy feel, complete with a chimney for Santa. The bulky tree is located beside the fireplace, allowing you to see both from the window. A charming loveseat has its back to the window and is adorned with a Christmas throw in red, white, and green. Put holly bushes or moss on the mantel, but be careful not to turn the candles into a fire hazard.


8. Wonderful Window Seat

Wonderful Window Seat

If you don’t own a fireplace, your white window seat makes the ideal decoration center. Make driftwood mobile with baubles and Christmas cones. Paint some snow-covered houses on the windowpane to mimic the snowfall outside (even if your neighbors’ houses are contemporary). Baubles in a basket, ice skates, red ornaments, and colorful throws complete the corner.


9. From the Outside

From the Outside

This beautiful window has wooden trim and a wooden door. You can see a hazy Christmas tree inside, and with this rich wooden facade, you don’t even need further décor. But if you want to maximize these Christmas window decorations, put a traditional lantern on the outer window sill. Check the lamp regularly and bring it in before bed. You don’t want to burn the house down.


10. Simple Seating

Simple Seating

If you don’t want a lot of fuss, simply refresh your window seat. Drape a red-and-white shawl over the window bench. Add red throw cushions embroidered with snowflakes and reindeer. You can also install shimmering sheers and velvety red drapes for the season. A small wreath of holly or mistletoe finishes the effect. If the window has a view of the snow, even better.


11. Stars and Candles

Stars and Candles

Ordinarily, flames are a fire hazard. Especially with all those tempting wreaths, fir tree branches, and flammable plastic baubles. To avoid this disaster, these homeowners kept the fire safely inside the glass. The window is adorned with a Christmas candle and star-shaped bauble. Outside, pine needles frame the window and frost fogs it, heightening the seasonal décor.


12. Brighten your Brick

Brighten your Brick

This red brick wall is naturally festive. But to put it more in line with the season, you can line the outside with fairy lights. White/yellow bulbs are better than colored ones since they’ll stand out better against the brick. But make sure the lights are weatherproof to avoid setting off electrical fires. The natural snow pile-up heightens your window décor, as does the inside view.


13. Kiddie Couture

Kiddie Couture

Crafting with kids can be difficult. You keep noticing their mistakes and wanting to interfere. But if you keep your expectations low, it can be a fun family tradition. This window has a simple Xmas sign fashioned from a string, cardboard, and letter blocks. Finish off with string lights, stuffed animals, and throw pillows. The stuffed toys can be reindeer, snowmen, or Santa’s elves.


14. Spartan Decoration

Spartan Decoration

For those who prefer the ‘bare’ look, a single Christmas tree is sufficient décor. Position the tree in direct sight of the window. The tree here is small. But it has yellow lights, golden baubles, and the shiny red drape at its base. These make it more visible and festive. Outside the window, pine leaves, peeling window frames, and piles of snow seem like intentional decorations.


15. Frosty Shadows

Frosty Shadows

This window achieves a natural Christmas look with zero effort. The ice crystals and frosty stalactites hang gracefully off the distressed black window frames. An evergreen leans over the window, where a candle sits in a lantern-shaped candle stand. To mimic the effect inside, spray paint is used to paint icicles and pine branches on the inner window surface.


16. Lazy Exteriors

Lazy Exteriors

Putting up a Christmas garland is the bare minimum of Christmas decorating. To make your effort look a little more … involved … have the wreath custom-made. That way, you can stretch it across the outer frames of your window. You can fashion your own wreath, filling it with shiny baubles and trinkets. The wooden door beside the window is painted read for added ambiance.


17. Wintry Windows

Wintry Windows

In many parts of the world, Christmas falls in winter. So Christmas window decorations – even in tropical locations – are often full of snow-themed ideas. This home dodges around rosy tinsel, focusing on wintry whiteness instead. The window sill is full of candles and vintage lanterns. Fluffy faux clouds hang from the ceiling and fairy clouds drape the window frames.


18. Red Framing

Red Framing

This home takes the opposite approach for its Christmas window decorations. Instead of white, the homeowners have filled their windows with red candles. The window also has stars cut out of cardboard or carved from driftwood. The snow-spattered fir trees outside remind us of the season. They also provide a Christmassy backdrop to get you in the right mood.


19. Not a Nativity

Not a Nativity

If you’re religious, you might have Mary, the angels, and the shepherds decorating your home. But if you’re more secular, your ‘nativity scene’ may involve Santa and his elves. This home does exactly that, setting up an elaborate simulation of Santa’s Workshop. The ‘shop’ is placed right next to the window, offering an amazing decorative display to anyone who’s outside looking in.


20. Christmas Garlands

Christmas Garlands

In a previous example, we looked at coiled leaves forming a halo outside the window. But you can do that inside too. Home-made wreaths work best because you can better control their shape, size, and pliability. For this Christmas window décor, the leaves curl around the window with presents and baubles between its leaves. Spray paint mimics snow, adding a little glitter.


21. Vintage Thrifting

Vintage Thrifting

In the old days, lamps used animal fats for fuel. Some lanterns were simple glass cases with candles inside. The glass kept the wind away. So if you want to decorate your home and your windows, you could visit flea markets and garage sales (or eBay and AliExpress) for vintage (or vintage-looking lamps. Use them as is or paint icy streaks on the glass for ‘mood lighting’.


22. Office Décor

Office Décor

This extreme close-up doesn’t show the rest of the window, but it’s an interesting idea for your office cubicle. If you have a small window, you can decorate it with these miniature ornaments. You can even simulate a window by placing a small mirror or frosted glass panel at your desk. Add a little glittery spray paint and voila, your very own Christmas window.


23. Electric Candlelight

Electric Candlelight

Some people steer away from typical traditional décor. This home, for instance, doesn’t have a trace of red, white, or silver anywhere. It does have a lot of green though, in the form of faux pine needles. To further reduce the risk of fire, the fake turf is laced with electric candles. They can still be flammable, but they’re safer than the naked flames of wax Christmas candles.


24. Shared Gifts

Shared Gifts

On Halloween, we give out free candy to kids. You might wish to extend this tradition to Christmas. But instead of pumpkins and monsters, line your window will with gifts. Leave a note so strangers know they can pick a gift and maybe leave one too. This ledge has a cute snowman next to his little framework house. Ensure your gift wrappers are moisture-proof though.


25. Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light!

Christmas lights don’t have to blink or be multicolored. You can do a lot with some matches and your crockery cabinet. First, string a standard set of fairy lights. Then raid your cupboard for shit glasses and old perfume bottles. Put a miniature candle in each one and line them below the lights. Dry your perfume bottles first though – a lot of those pressurized scents and flammable.


26. Mr. and Mrs. Snow

Mr. and Mrs. Snow

If the inside of your home is decorated and your window panes are see-through, you may not need specific embellishment for the windows. Anyone peeping in will see Christmas caricature naturally framed by the window. But if you want to draw eyes closer, place a stuffed snow-family on the window. Mama, papa, snow-kids, maybe even some snow-pets. They must be waterproof!


27. Ribbons and baubles

Ribbons and baubles

The primary themes of Christmas décor are shine and color. So satin ribbons (or paper ribbons with a glossy coat) are a key part of your Christmas arsenal. You can drape the ribbons along the edges or lace them through your window panes and mucnhins. Loose swirls work best.


28. Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair 1

Santa rides reindeer, but white horses with poufy plumage can be equally festive. This house has a plain wooden window a plywood wall. The tree is loaded with Santas, gingerbread trees, rocking horses, and even a carousel. A single red candle sets the tone, but be wary of fire, especially with all those little toys on the tree. Keep the candle safely on the sill.


29. Décor for duos

Décor for duos 1

Perhaps your Christmas celebration is a little quieter. Or maybe you prefer not to have a tree. Maybe you live in tight quarters and you don’t have much space for ornaments. So if you can’t have a Christmas tree, have your own Christmas window decorations for two. Place both your gifts on the window, flanked by a single white candle. The distant trees still whisper Christmas.


30. Christmas Plant

Christmas Plant

This child-like sketch offers an apt yet simple suggestion for your Christmas window decorations. Use items around the house to craft a tree. The branches could be driftwood, pool noodles, or toilet paper rolls, or bendy wire (from old hangers). Secure them in their base and string baubles, ornaments, and mementos. Test to be sure the tree can stand without tipping.


31. Kitty Window

Kitty Window

This works with glass windows, but you can also paste plain white paper on a wall. The paper will mimic a window. Lay driftwood over the top of the (real or faux) window. Hang Christmas stockings and Christmas bows on the stick. In place of a stick, you can hang a length of rope, securing the ornaments with clothes pegs. The kitten is entirely optional.