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  1. Thank you – big help!

  2. I have an old remote that came with a Chamberlain opener I bought when I built my house 30 years ago. I would like to use it on my new LiftMaster opener and tried to program it using instructions above, to no avail. Is it possible to program a 30 year old remote to a 4 year old opener? If not, I’ll just buy another remote.

  3. Dave Gilbert says:

    I’m unable to reprogram remote to new code on system. Do I need to cancel old program on remote? (If so, how?)


    Dave Gilbert

  4. I have a new liftmaster wall mount 2 years old, and 2 old craftsman chain drive with a gray program button. Prob 30 years old on my barn.
    All 3 are on same code. I cant get the doors on a sep code. Help!

  5. Nicholas V Diliddo says:

    have a chamberlain opener old style one bar unit that opens door but will not close it, installed new battery no help, buzzing noise from opener when trying to close with remote ??


    I have two chamberlain openers and the outside remote fails to work because of the dead battery. The battery was so rusty that to replace it I had to do some soldering. After that it doesn’t work anymore so I bought another one (used) but compatible (yellow). I couldn’t achieve to program it. I also bought a new remote (single bottom) and none of the openers recognize it either. I can’t understand both openers fail at the same time.
    All the other remotes that I have programmed keep working properly that includes:
    Two wall remotes (one for each opener)
    The vehicle integrated remote that operates both openers.
    Another single bottom remote exactly alike the one I just bought.
    I don’t want to reset the opener and start over because I’m afraid I will loose what I currently have.

  7. thanks now make one on programing the lights would be great

  8. Tom Siebert says:

    How do I program my remote to the garage door in my condominium building?

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