8 Ways To Fix A Sagging Door

8 Ways to Fix a Sagging Door

Several factors can cause a door to sag- these include loose screws, moisture on the woods, or foundation defect. When this happens, the door can no longer latch on with the plate properly or it … Read more

4 Easy Steps to Remove a Pocket Door

Most new homes have pocket doors installed in them, but as expected from standard home fittings, they get worn out and old, requiring you to change them to new doors. You could save some money … Read more

7 Easy Steps To Install Door Trim

7 Easy Steps to Install Door Trim

Installing interior door trim will give your room an elegant look that will spice up your interior decoration. But before you can get a neat trim, you will need follow step by step to help … Read more

4 Easy Steps to Install Door Hinges

4 Easy Steps to Install Door Hinges

If you want to replace or fix a sagging door, you need to know how to install door hinges. Several new doors come without a frame because they are not ready for installation. Also, due … Read more

7 Easy Steps to Shim a Door

7 Easy Steps to Shim a Door

Is your door gapping or sagging around the edges? Shimming is the secret to doors that fit perfectly in the frame. The technique involves inserting small wedged pieces of wood between the jambs and rough … Read more

10 Steps To Fix A Screen Door

10 Steps to Fix a Screen Door

Have you been procrastinating about fixing that gaping hole on your screen door? Besides seized rollers, a ripped screen is the most common repair that sliding patio doors usually need. The good news is once … Read more