9 Facts About Pocket Door

9 Facts about Pocket Door

A pocket door is a lot like a sliding door, but it’s not the same thing. Sliding doors can be mounted on the outside of a room, with the door running parallel to the entryway. But for it to qualify as a pocket door, it has to be tucked into a camouflaged ‘pocket’. The pocket …

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What Was The Open Door Policy

What Was The Open Door Policy?

We write about doors a lot on this website, and most days, we refer to literal doors. The type you use to let people into your house … or lock to keep them out. But doors can be metaphorical too. They could refer to entrance or exit from a relationship. This may come up when …

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What Does A Black Front Door Mean

What Does a Black Front Door Mean?

A famous writer Mark Twain once said that fortune knocks at every man’s door at least once in a lifetime. Therefore, when it comes in front of yours, be prepared. Be sure your front door appearance is at its best and highly presentable. So, there is no time to lose and doors to waste. In …

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Different Parts of a Door

28 Different Parts of a Door (Diagrams)

If you need to replace an old door or are or are thinking about buying a new one to give your house a fresh look, you will probably have noticed that there are many technical terms for the different parts. And if you don’t know them, these strange names can make things confusing. One door …

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