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7 Best Blackout Window Film of 2022

Perhaps you’re a night worker who needs to sleep during the day, maybe you’re preparing a nursery for a new baby, or it could just be that you need complete privacy from prying eyes – but for whatever reason, sometimes we need a way to black out a window entirely.

One of the most effective – as well as affordable – ways to do this can be a blackout film, and if that sounds like something you might like to try, here are our top picks for best blackout window film to help you choose the right one for your needs.


The Best Blackout Window Film of 2022

1. VELIMAX Static Cling Total Blackout Window Film

Blackout Window Film VELIMAX

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If you need to block out all light to allow you to sleep during the day, to give you 100% privacy or for any other reason, this blackout window film from Velimax could be the perfect option.

This film requires no special adhesives to fix it in place – it sticks to the window by static, although using some soapy water when applying it helps with positioning and also makes it easy to avoid bubbles.

Because you don’t need to use any adhesives when fixing it, it is also extremely easy to remove. You can even take it down and reuse it, potentially saving you money later on.

Since it blocks out 99% of light, it provides complete privacy in both directions. At the same time, it blocks UV rays and works to prevent heat from the sun penetrating the window, helping to keep the temperature low too. Since almost no light can pass, it also cuts glare.

One of the best things about this film is that it is very inexpensive, making it a very affordable option if you want to black out your windows.

One very small issue we have is that some people might find it a little tricky to peel off the backing when applying it for the first time. However, this is a minor irritation more than anything else, and it shouldn’t put anyone off buying it.

All in all, this is a blackout window film that does exactly the job it was designed for with no fuss and all at a very reasonable price. If those sound like the kind of qualities you are looking for, this could be an excellent pick.

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2. Total Blackout Window Film: White

Total Blackout Window Film

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While using a black film to block light might be effective, it can also leave a room feeling gloomy and unwelcoming from the inside. If that’s something you want to avoid, this white blackout film could be a better alternative.

Although it is white in color, it still blocks out 100% of light just as effectively as any black-colored film. The white color also helps it reflect heat, meaning this film will actually do a better job of keeping the interior cool than black film.

Like many other films, this one is super-easy to fit. You don’t need any special tools or adhesives – it sticks to the window by static, and all you’ll need to install it is a knife or a pair of scissors and some soapy water. It is also extremely easy to remove if you no longer want it up.

Something else that really makes this film stand out from much of the competition is that the company that makes it backs it up with a lifetime guarantee. This means if you ever have any problems with it, they will replace it or refund you with no questions asked.

The only minor negative is that when you first install it, you may notice a slightly unpleasant smell. However, this should quickly disappear after a few days, so most people won’t mind too much.

In sum, a great option if you need to black out a window completely but don’t want to use black film. For anyone looking for a white film that can do the job, this product could be a no-brainer.

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3. Total Blackout Window Film: Black (Our Top Pick)

Blackout Window Film Black

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If you like the sound of the white film above but prefer dark windows, this black version of the same product could be an obvious alternative.

This film shares all the same properties that make the white version such a solid pick. It is easy to install, requiring only soapy water to help it stick, and once in place, it effectively blocks out 100% of sunlight, giving you a completely blacked-out room.

Once in place, it is also hassle-free to remove – and can even be put back up later if need be. This makes it a great choice if you only need to darken your windows for a short amount of time.

Having said that, it isn’t designed to be reused repeatedly, so if you try to reuse it too many times, it may deteriorate and need replacing.

Although black film doesn’t have the same reflective properties as white, this version still does a good job of keeping solar heat from passing, meaning it can also help keep a room cooler. It can also help protect from dangerous UV rays as well as glare from the sun.

Just like the white version, this one is backed up by a lifetime guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, the company will stand behind its product and do everything it can to rectify the situation.

Unfortunately, like the white version, this product does have a slight odor when you first install it – although it will quickly dissipate.

Also, due to the black color, this version tends to get hotter than the white version, so if you live somewhere with a warm climate and are going to install it in a window facing the sun, you might be better off considering the white version.

That aside, this is another exceptional product and a top pick if you want an effective blackout window film that blocks out 100% of sunlight. A big thumbs-up from us.

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4. rabbitgoo Blackout Window Film

Blackout Window Film rabbitgoo

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Rabbitgoo is a company that makes a range of different window films, and this one is their blackout version that stops 100% of light penetrating the window. It is ideal for many uses, including nightshift workers’ bedrooms, bathrooms, for security purposes, nurseries and more.

This film is easy to install and sticks to the glass by static. Simply attach it to the window with the help of soapy water, cut it to size, and you’re done. As it doesn’t require glue, it’s just as easy to remove, too.

We like the way this film is so effective at blocking not only visible light but also UV rays too – it can stop 84% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays, giving you maximum protection for your skin. Furthermore, it also blocks heat, helping to keep your house cool in hot weather.

Having said that, as with many black films, this one tends to get very hot when placed in direct sunlight in places where the sun is very powerful, so if you’re worried about this, a lighter colored one might be a better option.

However, if this is not likely to be an issue for you, this is an outstanding product. If you are looking for a very reasonably priced blackout window film that does an excellent job of blocking out sunlight, this is another option that should be of interest.

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5. Coavas Blackout Window Film

Blackout Window Film Coavas

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This is an effective, no-frills blackout window film that is designed to block out 100% of sunlight. Additionally, it blocks a large proportion of UV rays, helping to protect your skin, and it also blocks solar energy, so it maintains a cooler temperature inside the room.

Installation is quick and easy since you don’t need to use any adhesives. You just peel off the backing and attach it to the window with a little bit of soapy water. Once in place, it provides complete privacy in both directions and is suitable for a range of different applications.

One thing we like about this film is that it comes on a special protective backing that has gridlines drawn on it. This makes it easier to see what you are doing when you cut it to size, aiding you in doing a more accurate job.

That said, the film is a little awkward to peel off when you install it – although this is a minor issue that you soon forget when you finish the job and have it fixed in place.

To summarize, there’s a lot to like about this product. Sometimes you don’t need anything too complicated and the simplest solutions can be best. If that’s a sentiment you agree with – and you value good quality as well as value for money – this is another option to consider.

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6. Mikomer Tulip Total Blackout Window Film

Blackout Window Film Mikomer

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If you are the kind of person who thinks a plain black film is too oppressive – but you still need one that will give you almost total darkness – this patterned film from Mikomer could be a much better choice.

Featuring an elegant floral motif, this film will not only give you the blackened windows you need but it will also add a decorative element to your room. In this way, it can actually enhance the look of the space at the same time as blocking out all sunlight.

In addition, this film can also block 99% of harmful UV rays, reduce heat in the room and prevent glare from the sun, helping protect you from dangerous sunlight as well as preventing the colors of your furniture from fading.

Like many of the best window films, this one is also a breeze to install. It requires nothing more than a little soapy water to help it stick to the glass, so you won’t need to use any adhesives.

You simply peel the backing from the film and attach it to the window as it is, cutting to size as required.

For this reason, it is also easy to remove, and you can even use it again several times as long as you are careful not to damage it when putting it up or taking it down.

There are just a couple of minor negatives to point out. First, while this film does a good job of blocking out sunlight, it doesn’t quite block out 100%, and if the sun is shining brightly, you may still be able to see some faint light. However, it’s still more effective than curtains.

Second, like other black films, this one does tend to get quite warm in direct hot sunlight, so if that could be an issue, you might like to consider another solution.

Overall, this is a great product that does exactly what it was designed to do and comes at a very affordable price. If you prefer something a little more decorative than a simple plain black film, this is an option that should be on your list of possibilities.

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7. BDF BLKT Window Film Blackout Privacy

Blackout Window Film BDF

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While there are many temporary films on the market that can be installed quickly and easily without the use of any adhesives, if you are looking for a more permanent solution, this film from BDF could be a better option.

Since it uses a strong adhesive, once it is in place, it will stay there for a long time, providing you with a high level of privacy, blocking out all light and preventing anyone from seeing through the window in either direction.

Despite the fact that it is attached with an adhesive, it is as easy to fit as just about any other film available. We particularly like the way the pack includes a squeegee and a knife, giving you everything you need for installation.

Perhaps one negative for some people might be that once it’s on the window, it can be difficult to remove. This is supposed to be a semi-permanent addition to your windows, so if you aren’t sure you want it to be there for the long term, you might prefer a film that is fixed by static.

However, this is not really a negative if you want something that will remain in place for a long time – and if that’s the kind of blackout solution you’re looking for, this could be a smart choice.

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Plenty of excellent choices

As you can see the are plenty of excellent options to choose from. If you have decided you need a blackout window film but are having trouble finding the right one, any of the products in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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