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10 Best Window Security Bars of 2021 – Window Guards for Home

When we’re building or renting houses, we pay a lot of attention to windows. We’ll consider the size, shape, position, trim, and dressing. But we rarely think about the security factor. If your window faces the road, you’ll be more self-conscious about privacy than safety.

Especially if you have to choose between security and beauty. The latter often wins out. But windows are often the entry point for unwanted visitors. Whether they’re human or otherwise. Window security bars are a good deterrent against these kinds of ‘guests’. So how do you verify the best window security bars? Let’s find out!

window security bars Ideal
Ideal Security Childproof Window Bar

  • You can see the bar from outside the house, so it’s already a visible deterrent.
  • The bar has a child-lock built in so it’s safer for homes with small kids.
  • This BK112 model (small) can extend from 10.5 inches to 16.5 inches.


The Best Window Security Bars on the Market of 2021

1. Grisham White Window Guard

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When you’re working with permanent security grills, installation can be tricky. The tips of your burglar bars have to be drilled and secured into the structural framework of the house. Grisham window security bars have pointed spear tips. This makes it easier for them to penetrate the brick, stone, wood, concrete, or drywall framework that flanks your windows.

These window security bars still need brackets though, for added support. Unfortunately, the manufacturer sells these essential brackets separately, so be prepared to fork out a little extra for the bar frames. Be sure you order the right brackets for your grill size. There are almost ten bracket variants and they all start with WB as their purchase code, so it can get confusing.

Grisham window guards have pretty scrolls welded between the metal bars, so it keeps your windows both attractive and protected. They’re painted in white powder coating to make them waterproof and rustproof. The white paint also helps them subtly blend into your window trim and overall décor. Each tubular steel bar is half an inch thick and can be mounted flush.

These window grills are pretty and permanent, so be sure of their position before you mount them. If your window opens outward, you can install the grills on the inner window frame.


  • It has decorative curls and coils for added aesthetics.
  • The metal grills are rust-resistant.
  • The speared tips make installation easier.


  • These window security bars require mounting brackets, and these brackets are not included in the shipping box. You have to buy them separately.

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2. Wedgit Sliding Window Security Bar

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Most people use the words thief, robber, mugger, and burglar interchangeably. But there’s a slight difference. Burglars break in undetected. That’s why they avoid homes with burglar bars that could draw attention to their activities. This distinction is important because Wedgit Twist Tight window bars don’t look imposing. You can barely see the bar from outside, it’s so subtle.

A really determined criminal can simply shatter the glass around it and gain entry. But although it looks slight and flimsy, Wedgit window bars can withstand 450 pounds of pressure. They’re easy to install with zero skills and zero tools 0 it takes minutes to position and secure the bar.

You simply twist the shaft to open, close, or adjust the security bar. When it’s open, you can swing it into a vertical position and leave it safely out of the way. And while one bar is sufficient, you can install multiple bars for extra reinforcement. Remember though, this device is made for sliding doors and French windows. It has no effect on windows with hinges.

Wedgit is aptly named because it wedges snugly between the edges of sliding doors. It’s made from compression-tested polymers and uses VHB tape to attach to its anchor point.


  • It’s permanent, but you can swing it aside when you need to.
  • The burglar bar doesn’t need tools or skills to mount.
  • The bar is extendable from 25 inches to 42 inches.


  • It’s too subtle to be seen from the outside, so it doesn’t provide a visual deterrent. Plus intruders can still smash the glass and simply slip under the bar.

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3. Defender Security Segal Window Guard

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In many children’s books, there’s a stereotypical image of a farmyard fence where cows can graze. This window bar has the same silhouette, with horizontal grids stretched across vertical pillars. The sideways bars are ideal for protecting children who may otherwise try to slip out and hurt themselves. The bars also prevent any uninvited outsiders from forcing their way in.

It’s not difficult to install Segal defender bars, but you do have to be careful about placement. The vertical bars need to sit in front of the window latch. This way, it partially blocks access for kids and little hands that may try to pry the window open. The grids on this burglar bar are 3 and 7/8th inches to prevent children from squeezing themselves between the metal bars.

The security bars are mounted using anti-tamper fasteners. These fasteners are one-way drive-in pieces, so they ensure firm anchoring. But when you need to get the burglar bar open in a rush, you can use the quick-release lock. This release mechanism can only be operated from inside the house, so while you can easily unlatch it, burglars can’t get it open from outside.

Defender Segal window security bars are attractive and convenient. Their locks are tough for kids and criminals, but you can easily bypass them during a fire, accident, or health emergency.


  • The hinge allows you to follow fire regulations.
  • It has a spacing bar for additional safety, especially if you have kids.
  • Its mounting hardware is included in the shipping box.


  • This window security bar can only be mounted on the window’s inner frame and it swings outward, so it takes up a lot of space since you have to leave enough swing room.

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4. Jeacent Adjustable Window Security Bar

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Jeacent window bars are easy to use and easier to install. You can adjust the security bar to double its length by shifting the buckle between 22 anchor holes. Once you’ve chosen a hole, the bar secures with a rivet so it never wobbles or slips. It stays sturdy no matter how much home invaders may try to jiggle it. The burglar bar also has re-usable Velcro to hold it in position.

The bar is made from sturdy painted steel so it blends into your décor. You can position it overtly or tuck it beneath the base of your window frame. When you need to get past the burglar bar (from the inside), you can easily unclasp the pushpin. So you won’t get trapped looking for an emergency exit. That said, you can’t reach the pushpin from outside, so it’s safe from thugs.

This security bar comprises two hollow steel tubes. One fits into the other and clicks into place using adjustable rivet buckles. This makes your security strong enough to withstand stubborn yanking and jiggling. The extendable end of the device has a rubber cap to avoid scratching or scraping the finish on your window trim. You can also screw the bar permanently into the frame.

Portable window security bars can be removed and stored at will. The Velcro strips in this set are re-usable, but if you want a permanent installation, buy a mounting screw separately.


  • It can expand from 15.5 inches to 29.5 inches.
  • You can subtly conceal it below your window trim.
  • The design is US-made with a pending patent.


  • While the length of the security bar is adjustable, it’s width and depth are 1 square inch, so you can only install this security bar one windows whose tracks are 1-inch or wider.

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5. Roe & Mo Telescoping Window Security Bar

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What’s better than one security bar? Two security bars! That’s why Roe & Mo sells theirs as a pair. The two bars can both stretch from 17 inches at their shortest to 27 inches at their longest. And it’s easy to expand the bars – just twist the ends in opposite direction to get the right fit. Each of the steel bars is 7/8th inch and the rubberized end caps have a diameter of 1.5 inches.

These bars securely grip your window frames, forming a safe non-slip surface. The bars themselves and smooth and lightweight for your convenience. They’re white, so they can blend into the background of your window frames. Below the end cap, a ribbed rim of plastic allows you to make fine adjustments in the length of your security bars, locking them into place.

The lightness of Roe & Mo window security bars makes them feel modern and sleek. But with each bar weighing less than half a pound, you should always use them in pairs, just to be safe.


  • The security bars come as a pair for extra reinforcement.
  • Both bars have rubber end caps to protect your window trim.
  • ‘Roe & Moe’ can both extend from 17 inches to 27 inches.


  • The lightness makes these bars easy to handle … but this means kids can remove the burglar bars just as easily. Especially with the plastic micro-adjusting mechanism.

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6. Ideal Security Childproof Window Bar (Our Top Pick)

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Reality is often counterintuitive. Let’s take the example of window security bars. Pressurized bars seem like a better idea because you can shrink and stretch to an exact fit. But if something nudges the bar, it could spring out of position. Ideal Security uses tape or screws to hold the burglar bar in position, so it never slips or twitches when niggled by cheeky kids.

To further protect your children (and to protect the bar itself from the kids as well), the security bar is fitted with a child lock. It’s also a good idea to factor your children’s height during installation. Position the security bar horizontally and locate it above the reach of their trouble-seeking hands. The mounting process isn’t obvious, but there are tons of demos on YouTube.

Ideal Security’s BK112 is helpful for keeping open windows from slamming shut. It can also be used for reinforced security when the windows are closed. Double-check the sizing though.


  • You can see the bar from outside the house, so it’s already a visible deterrent.
  • The bar has a child-lock built in so it’s safer for homes with small kids.
  • This BK112 model (small) can extend from 10.5 inches to 16.5 inches.


  • Unlike many window security bars, this one isn’t pressure-mounted. Meaning the installation process isn’t intuitive. Look up a few video demos before you buy.

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7. Jh Smith Window Security Bar

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The burglar bar designed by Johnson Smith Co. looks deceptively simple. But it includes some handy features. For instance, the end caps are rubber-tipped to avoid scratching your paint as you slide the bar into position. The bar weighs 7.2 ounces and is crafted from 22 gauge steel. The steel is powder-coated in white to make it rust-proof, waterproof, and weather-proof.

This security bar is easy to mount and move. A simple twist unlocks the latch, but it’s tight enough that it won’t slip or move once locked. You have to install it properly though. Otherwise, the locking mechanism won’t click into place and the bar is easily dislodged. The security bar has a diameter of 1 inch and is 17 inches long, so it’s great for short windows but not French doors.

Jh Smith’s burglar bars aren’t as tough as they look, so you may want to install more than one. You also need some practice securing the lock. Otherwise, the bar won’t stay extended.


  • It’s made of powder-coated 22-gauge steel.
  • The bars have rubber caps at the ends to protect your paint job.
  • The length of the bar is stretchable from 16.5 inches to 30 inches.


  • The rods themselves are steel but they’re connected to each other using plastic connectors, so they don’t last as long as full metal burglar bars.

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8. Knape & Vogt John Sterling Swing Window Guard

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You may have seen that iconic photo of a baby sitting in a wire mesh cage suspended off a skyscraper. That was the extent some parents had to go to. The cage ensures the baby’s safety while still providing Vitamin D. Fortunately, you don’t have to be that dramatic. Instead, you can use window security bars to keep your children sunned and safe without being

Knape & Vogt burglar bars have that paddock-style silhouette. They come in multiple styles ranging from 3-bar units to 8-bar units. The unit we’re reviewing has 6 bars and a maximum height of 25 inches. Its width can be extended from 24 inches to 42 inches and its 3.5-inch grids are narrow enough to keep babies locked on its safe side. Their fingers and toes are safe too.

The window security bar has a swinging door, so be careful which way it faces when you install it. And allow enough room for the hinge to safely open without hitting anything or blocking off sections of the room. You can mount these burglar bars inside or outside the window frame, but internal installation is recommended by the manufacturer. The finish is a white power coat.

This hinged window bar provides security, but it’s more about keeping kids in than keeping burglars out. So if you’re in a rough neighborhood, get a tougher security bar.


  • The bars are powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion.
  • You can expand the width from 2 feet to roughly 3.5 feet.
  • The grids are formed from solid steel bars for extra strength.


  • Because its primary purpose isn’t security, the lock is more directed at kids than thieving adults. It’s not sufficient. You have to add a string padlock to keep the burglars out.

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9. International Closeouts Security Guard

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Some buyers want a ‘loud’ burglar bar that announces itself to potential criminals and warns them off. Others want something subtle that will invisibly thwart home invaders. This piece falls in the latter category. It’s a simple white staff that can easily hide inside your window trim. It works best with French windows aka French doors because if their sliding mechanism.

It’s on the longer side at 26.5 inches and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. Unfortunately, the height of this security bar isn’t adjustable. It has a little give but tends to break apart if you twist and untwist it too often. So you have to measure the window before you pay. Get the exact fit and mount it carefully to avoid damaging your window trim, or buy a different brand.

While the International Closeouts bar looks smooth and polished, its quality is questionable. The ‘extender’ barely adds a few inches, and it breaks apart after a few uses.


  • The pretty white coating lets it blend in with most decorative themes.
  • It has end caps to avoid damaging your window frames.
  • The security bar weighs 11.2 ounces and is 26.5 inches long.


  • The length of the burglar bar isn’t safely adjustable, so you have to buy an exact fit.

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10. Fairy Baby Child Security Bars

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Pressure-mounted security bars are convenient because you don’t have to screw them into place or drill any holes. You simply compress the bars and release them snugly into place. This elongated child-safety bar falls into that class. It’s over 5 feet in its shortest form and sails past 8 feet at its longest. But while the pressure points keep it secure, it has emergency release latches.

Fairy Baby window security bars ship with all the necessary mounting hardware. The bars use pressure springs to hold them between the sliding glass. But because it’s a gate-style window bar, you still need screws to link the grids together. These screws are optional because if you’re mounting the bars on single-hung windows, you won’t need to extend the sections.

This security gate is easily visible from outside the house. So it may give potential burglars pause since they can’t tell if it’s a safety gate or a welded cage. In that sense, it offers security.


  • The bar is extra-large and can be extended from 61.8 inches to 87.4 inches.
  • The grids are spaced 2.75 inches apart for baby safety.
  • You can mount it across both single and double windows.


  • It only rises halfway up the window, so while it keeps kids and toddlers safe, it’s not an ideal security measure.

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Buying Guide

Choosing the best window security bars doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to focus on your wish list and distinguish your mandatories from your possibilities. So let’s check out some top features to look for when you’re shopping for window security devices.

Preferred Position

Some burglar bars can be installed inside the house, on the inner side of the window. These types of bars are more subtle, and you can’t see them from the outside. Other security bars are mounted outdoors, on the part of the window that faces the yard or street. Both locations have pluses and minuses. Decide which style favors your home then browse the available options.

Primary Purpose

Window security bars are meant to protect you from home invasions. Some are strong enough to prevent entry completely. Some are linked to motion detectors, security systems, or silent alarms that remotely trigger emergency response teams. But many window security guards double as safety gates for kids and pets. So pick your priority as you narrow down your choices.

Aesthetic Appeal

Not all burglaries are as carefully planned as Money Heist. Often, the break-in was a crime of opportunity. Chances are the criminals cased your area and snuck into whichever house was easiest to access. So having your window security bars outside the house deters the thugs on sight. But you still want your burglar bars to look pretty for family, friends, and guests …

Type of Burglar Bar

Permanent security bars are often mounted on the exterior of your windows. But they’re only suitable if your windows open inward. Removable security bars are intended for large commercial or institutional windows. It’s tough getting them in domestic sizes. But portable security bars can do the job. You could also opt for swinging window grills that have hinges.

Window Location

Is the window in a bedroom, kitchen, or dining area? Does it face the street or the back yard? Do the kids have easy access to it? This will influence the type of window security bar that you buy. For street-facing windows, you’ll have to balance show of force against curb appeal.

For rear windows, you may have to consider fire hazards and safety regulations. Just as an example, if your window is also your fire exit, then it needs a hinged door with a quick-release locking mechanism in case of flames. But that easy-open-padlock could also be break-in bait …

Style Selection

Burglar bars are mostly metal, though they may have some plastic sections. You could decide whether you wanted twisted, curved, or angled bars. If you’re opting for portable window security bars, you could buy a single expandable piece that mounts horizontally. Or you could buy a set of four or five retractable vertical bars and position then strategically for better results.

Neighborhood Regulations

We’ve already touched on fire regulations – some localities insist that every home must have a grilled fire escape with instant access if needed. If you’re in a gated community, the HoA (Homeowners Association) might have restrictions on the type, size, color, or style of your window grills. Your insurance policy or security company might also dictate your specs.

Installation Process

Portable window security bars can be snapped or clipped into place. They don’t need special installation. Exterior burglar bars may require welding and will have to be anchored to the frame of the house, so that may need a professional contractor. Other security bars are part of a comprehensive security package, so you need control panels and electronic components.

Product Availability

You may not think this is a huge factor. But when you walk into a hardware store or browse an online shop, you’re limited to what they have in stock. So don’t rush to Pinterest or security blogs and fall in love with stylish window security bars that can’t reach your location. Plus, even if they deliver, if you’re too far away, it will cost you more, so order something that’s closer.

Time Crunches

You will only end up disappointed in whichever selection you settle for, no matter how good it is. Shipping time is also an issue. If you’re putting in security bars as a reaction to a break-in, you can’t afford to wait weeks or months for your imported security bars. Just use what’s on hand. It’s faster, cheaper, and more practical. Plus, you can still jazz it up with spray paint if you like.

Top Security

When you’re looking for the best window security bars, buy Ideal Security Childproof Window Bar. Here’s why:

  • It’s not a pressure piece so the fit is more sturdy and snug.
  • The white shade blends with your trim and décor.
  • But you can still see the burglar bar from outside so it discourages crimes of opportunity.
  • You can position it high or low within the window frame.
  • It uses screws or tape to hold it in place so it won’t scratch your finishing.

What kind of security bars are guarding your windows right now? Show us in the comments!

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