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11 Best Window Insulation Kits of 2021 – Window Insulation Reviews

If you live somewhere with particularly cold winters, having an energy-efficient home can save you lots of money on heating bills. One way to achieve this is by insulating your windows – so here are our top picks for best window insulation kit to help you find the right one.


The Best Window Insulation Kit on the Market of 2021

1. 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit (Our Top Pick)

Best Window Insulation Kit 3M

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If you are looking for a way to insulate your windows for the winter, this kit from 3M could be the ideal option. The kit contains a film sheet and tape, giving you everything you need to insulate up to five windows of 3’ x 5’.

By using this kit, you can significantly reduce the amount of heat that is lost through your windows, which can potentially help reduce the amount you spend on electricity each month. In fact, 3M claims using this kit can save you up to $18 per window throughout the winter.

One thing we love about this kit is that it’s so simple to install. You simply cut the film to size, apply it to your window using the double-sided tape that’s included and blow-dry it with a hairdryer. This causes it to shrink into place, helping keep warm air in and cold air out.

Even better, you can install this kit on your windows even if you have blinds, and once installed, it’s wrinkle-free, so it won’t obscure the view from your windows.

Perhaps one downside is that, even though it is inconspicuous, it can still be seen. It may give the impression that you have shrink-wrapped your windows for the winter, and some people might not like this look.

However, if it is important to you to improve the energy efficiency of your home during the coldest months and you don’t mind having your windows wrapped in film in order to achieve it, this product is a solid option that could be well worth investigating.

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2. Duck Brand Indoor 5-Window Shrink Film Insulator Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit Duck

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For the most affordable solution for insulating your windows in winter and potentially saving yourself quite a bit of money throughout the coldest months, this insulator kit from Duck Brand is hard to beat.

The kit includes the tape that you place around the windows as well as the film that you fit onto it. When the film is installed, you then take a regular hairdryer to shrink the film into place and the job is done.

When correctly fitted, the film is extremely clear. While we can’t say it’s invisible, you will quickly get used to and will hardly notice that it’s there.

You can fit the tape to most materials, including painted or finished wood, aluminum or vinyl. The kit includes enough tape and film to insulate up to five windows measuring 3’ x 5’ each.

This insulator kit does a great job of helping to improve the energy efficiency of a building, and at this price point, it’s hard to find anything we don’t like about it.

We could perhaps complain that the instructions are not as clear as they could be, and for some people, achieving the best results might require a little trial and error.

This is a small issue, though, and apart from that, this is a product we like a lot. It is simple to use, extremely effective and is also very affordable, making this a great option if you want to insulate your home and reduce your energy bills.

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3. Duck MAX Strength Heavy Duty Insulating Film Window Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit MAX

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If you like the sound of the Duck Brand film above but need something a little more heavy-duty, this stronger version from the same company could be a better option – this version is about twice as thick as the regular film that comes with the basic kit.

It costs slightly more and covers fewer windows – three instead of five – but it will make the windows you use it on even more energy-efficient.

Like the less expensive Duck Brand film, this one is super-easy to install. You follow the same procedure as with the first version, starting by sticking the tape around the outside and then attaching the film. Finally, you use a hairdryer to shrink it into place – and that’s it.

There are a couple of advantages of choosing this version over the regular kit. As we mentioned, it offers a higher degree of energy efficiency – but it also stands up better to damage and general wear and tear.

This means if you have young children or pets, this version could be a smart choice since it is less likely to be punctured.

For us, there’s not much to dislike about this product. The only thing we would point out is that, with the thicker version, it is easier to notice the film. However, if you are willing to put up with that as a trade-off for lower heating bills, it’s still a winner.

Overall, another great product from Duck Brand. For anyone who needs a way to insulate their windows and make their home more energy-efficient, this is another kit that’s worth a look.

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4. Frost King V73/9H Indoor Shrink Window Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit Frost

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Here’s another product that should be of interest if you’re looking for a way to insulate your windows and keep the cold air out during winter. This is a pack of nine, making this a good pick if you have multiple windows to do – but it’s also available in packs of three.

This kit works in the same way as other similar kits. First, you need to attach the tape around the window, after which you put the film in place, cut it to size and blow-dry it with a hairdryer to shrink it to size.

It’s very easy to install, although it takes a little while to do – and you’ll probably find you get better at doing it after the first try or two.

When in place, the manufacturer claims it can help reduce heat loss from your home by up to 35%, which in turn will allow you to pay less for heating during the colder months.

Perhaps the thing we like most about this product is that it’s great value for money. While it might not be the highest-quality insulating kit available, it does a very decent job for the amount it costs.

Having said that, we do have a slight concern over the standard of the adhesive tape since we feel the tape included with some other options sticks better.

In sum, this is another affordable option if you need a kit for insulating your windows for the winter. If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home but don’t want to pay for expensive energy-efficient windows, this could be a perfect alternative.

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5. Frost King V96H Outdoor Stretch Window Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit V96H

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There are many kits on the market for insulating regular windows, but if you have larger windows – such as picture windows – your options can be more limited. However, since larger windows can lose more heat, it is even more important to insulate them for wintertime.

If that sounds like the kind of situation you are facing, this kit, also from Frost King, could be the solution you are searching for. It includes enough film to cover one large picture window of up to 84” x 110” – and it can just as easily be used on patio doors.

Other than this, it is very similar to the Frost King kit we looked at above. It is quick and easy to install and is extremely clear, allowing you to see through your window almost as if it wasn’t there.

We also like the way the film is tough and durable. It should easily be able to last the season without any holes appearing.

However, the main downside is the same as with the other version since this one includes the same tape. We feel this is inferior to other products, although it can still work – but some people might prefer to buy different tape to use with it.

In sum, another decent product and a good pick if you need to insulate larger windows or patio doors. Although the tape is not the best, it still does the job, meaning this kit is another option that should be on your list of possibilities.

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6. MAGZO Adjustable TPU Window Insulation Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit MAGZO

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This window insulation kit from Magzo works in a similar way to many other kits – but with a few important differences, the most important being that it doesn’t require a hairdryer for installation.

Because of this, once you have installed it, it is possible to adjust it – and you can even remove it and use it again.

This means, for example, you can put it up in winter and then take it down in summer, and then the following year, you only need to buy new tape because you can use the film again.

The film itself is made of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, a superior material that is known for its durability, strength and resistance to cold temperatures. This also means it will last longer, so you should be able to reuse it for at least a few seasons before replacing it.

However, installation is just as easy as with other types. You follow a similar procedure, applying the tape around the window edges first and then fixing the film in place.

The only real downside here is that this film costs a little more than some of the single-use kits – but since you can use it again, you will be able to make this money back through savings on your electricity bills and not having to buy a new kit every year.

This is the kind of product that will appeal to the kind of person who prefers something of superior quality – and also who doesn’t like to buy wasteful single-use kits that will end up in a landfill after the first winter. If that sounds like you, this could be an obvious pick.

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7. Magnetic Window Insulation Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit Magnetic

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For those who prefer a more permanent solution, this is another option that should be of interest. It is different from most other kits because this one uses magnetic strips to attach the film to the window.

This means after you have installed it the first time, you can easily remove the film for cleaning or during the warmer months of the year and refit it again when it is required.

The result is that you only need to buy and install the kit once, after which you can simply store the film when not in use and attach it to the window each year as required.

The film itself is made of high-quality, durable EVA plastic that is easy to maintain and should last a long time. Installation is easy, and even the first time, it should only take around 15 minutes to fit the magnetic strips and film to your windows.

Another positive is that it can also be used during the warmer part of the year to prevent solar energy from penetrating your windows – so it can actually help keep your house cool, potentially reducing the amount you need to spend on air conditioning.

Unsurprisingly, this kit is a little pricier than single-use options – although not excessively so – and since you can use it year after year, it represents a smart investment.

There’s a lot we like about this kit, and if you are looking for a more permanent solution to insulating your windows, this is an option that should be on your radar.

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8. SES.CO Reusable Transparent Indoor Window Insulation Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit SES

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This reusable insulation kit is ideal if you need something to help keep your house warm in winter but also want something that will help keep it cool in summer.

Furthermore, it can also help protect against dust, rain, wind and more, making this a useful item to have all year round.

It is quick and easy to install, and the kit includes everything you need to get started. You simply apply the Velcro tape to the window and attach the plastic film. You then cut the film to size, after which you can attach it or remove it as often as you need.

The film is made of a high-quality EVA plastic and is designed to last. It is also extremely clear, so you won’t have the view through your windows obscured, as you might find with some other less expensive options.

For us, the big positive here is that once you have it in place, it is so easy to attach or remove, allowing you to put it in place when it is required but remove it for storage when you don’t need it.

It is a little more expensive than some options, but this is reasonable for a reusable insulator. Also, although the film is very clear, it isn’t invisible, and some people might not like the idea of having visible film over their windows.

However, if you are willing to accept these minor downsides, this is an innovative solution to making your home more energy-efficient in winter. If you need something to help keep your house warm in winter and don’t want a single-use product, this kit is worth considering.

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9. Window Door Weather Stripping Insulation Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit

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This is a simple and inexpensive kit that will allow you to insulate your windows, helping to reduce the amount you spend on heating bills. It can also help keep insects out of your home and is tough enough to last a long time.

The kit includes double-sided tape for installation along with enough insulating film for up to five regular windows. Once in place, the film is clear and easy to see through, so it won’t obstruct your view. In addition, it also offers a certain amount of soundproofing.

For us, there are few negatives to mention – one of the only ones being that this is a single-use option, and some people might prefer something they can reuse every year.

For anyone looking for a short-term solution for improving energy efficiency and reducing heat loss through windows, this could be an ideal pick.

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10. Window Insulation Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit Coldest

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If you need to insulate the windows in your home for the coldest months of the year, this kit could be an affordable solution. It contains adhesive tape and film for up to six windows, allowing you to reduce heat loss, meaning you will pay less for heating.

With this kit, you simply apply the adhesive tape around the window, stick the film on and then cut it to size. You then shrink it with a hairdryer, and it will insulate your windows until you take it down at the end of the season.

We like the fact that the tape is guaranteed to leave no residue – and if it does, the company is committed to helping you resolve the issue. This kit is suitable for almost any kind of window, including wood, metal, plastic or marble frames.

On the downside, since this is one of the less expensive options, the quality is not as high as with some other products. However, if you are looking for a quick, cheap way to insulate your windows, this could be a smart buy.

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11. M-D Building Products 4184 Shrink & Seal 0 Window Insulation Kit

Best Window Insulation Kit M-D

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For anyone looking for a simple, no-frills winterizing solution for their windows who wants something at the lowest end of the price scale, this could be just the thing. It allows you to insulate your windows for just about the cheapest price you can find.

This kit is designed to insulate one single window – so you will need to buy one kit for each window you need to winterize. To fit it, you simply attach the tape, fix the film to it, cut it to size and blow-dry it to shrink the film.

Once in place, it effectively insulates your window until you are ready to remove it.

If you need to insulate lots of windows, it might work out cheaper to buy a kit intended for more than just one, but if you just want to cover one or two, buying a couple of these kits could be a great choice.

Also, some people might prefer a reusable solution – but for anyone who wants a low-cost, single-use insulation kit, at this price, you can hardly go wrong.

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Buyer’s guide

If you want a window insulation kit, you’re probably wondering about the factors to consider when choosing the best one for you. Let’s think about the most important ones now.

  • Single-use or reusable

One of the first things you need to think about is whether you want an insulation kit for one use or if you want to be able to use it again.

Many single-use kits exist – all you do is attach the film to the window at the start of winter and then remove it when the weather warms up again. The advantages of these kits are that they are usually the least expensive and are also quick and easy to install.

However, if you want to winterize your windows the following year, you will have to buy a new kit and repeat the whole process.

Reusable kits, on the other hand, cost more initially, but you can use them again. The film may be attached to the window by Velcro or magnets, which means you can take it off at the end of the winter and put it back up the following year.

This is also better for the environment since the kit won’t end up in a landfill site after the first time you use it.

  • Size

Make sure you choose a kit that is large enough for your windows. It will be no use if your kit arrives and you find it is too small – so measure your windows carefully.

  • Quality of materials

Superior products are made of more durable materials and are less prone to being punctured. This might be important if you have animals or young children in your household.

  • Summer use

Some insulators are also useful in hot weather – they keep solar energy out, preventing your home from warming up too much in the summer. If you live somewhere with cold winters but hot summers, this might be a useful point to consider.

Plenty of excellent options

As you can see, there are plenty of solid options for insulating your windows. If you have decided you need an insulation kit for your windows but are unsure which to go for, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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