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7 Best Window Fans of 2021 – Powerful Window Exhaust Fan Reviews

A window fan is a great way of keeping air circulating, leaving rooms fresh and cool. But if you’re thinking of buying one, you need to know what features to look out for.

We’re here to help! Here we review seven of the best window fans to improve the air flow in your home. And we take a look at the questions to ask yourself before you make your choice.

Best Window Fan Bionaire
Bionaire BW2300-N Window Fan

  • Choice of three fan speeds and intake or exhaust functions
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Remote control allows you to change all settings from anywhere in the room


The Best window fan on the Market of 2021

1. Comfort Zone CZ319WT Window Fan

Best Window Fan CZ319WT

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With the Comfort Zone CS319WT, you’ll get not one but two fans. Both are contained in a single unit with a two-speed control. That means you’ll be able to choose between a gentle breath of air and a brisker breeze. Select your preferred setting by turning a dial.

The unit measures almost 23 inches across by just under 12 inches high. And it has a depth of 5.63 inches.

If your window is wider than this, don’t worry. There’s an accordion-style expander on either side. These will fit to the size of the space and automatically lock into place. They’ll work for windows up to 33 inches wide.

This is a unit that’s portable enough to be moved from room to room. There’s a carrying handle and even a pair of sturdy feet. These allow you to place it on the floor or a desk if you prefer.

It’s also possible to manually reverse the airflow. That allows you to expel stale, hot air from inside, then switch it to bring fresh cool air from outdoors. It works well with high humidity, making it a good choice for bathrooms.

But take note: to reverse the airflow, you’ll need to remove the fan and turn it around. This isn’t a simple case of flipping a switch.

If you’re worried that bringing in outdoor air also means bringing in bugs – don’t be. The fan comes with a removable fabric cover to prevent any creepy-crawlies getting inside.

The fan blades here are 6.5 inches long. You may see them advertised as 9 inches, but don’t be deceived. That measurement includes the central part of the fan, not the blade.

But regardless of the precise measurement, they move plenty of air. Install one of these, and you’ll really notice the temperature difference.

For some people, though, it’s a little noisier than ideal. We think the noise level is pretty standard. If you’re looking for something whisper-soft, though, there are better options out there.


  • Expanding sides will fit windows between 22.25 and 33 inches wide
  • Twin fans generate plenty of airflow
  • Can be used in a window or stood on the floor or a table


  • You’ll need to take out the whole thing and turn it around if you want to reverse the airflow
  • Noisier operation than some.

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2. BOVADO USA Twin Window Fan

Best Window Fan BOVADO

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Bovado’s window unit is another that incorporates two fans. If you’re looking for something a little more high-tech, it’s well worth a look.

Like the Comfort Zone, this has extendable panels on either side to allow it to fit a range of windows. In this case, it will work with windows between 23 and 37 inches wide. You will, though, really need to stretch the panels to get to this maximum width.

The unit is designed to work with slider windows and double-hung windows (also known as sash windows). But be aware that the extendable panels aren’t designed to take the weight of the fan. That means you won’t be able to install it vertically.

With this one, you’ll have three different fan speeds to choose from – low, medium and high. And there’s a remote control to switch between them, so you won’t have to move to do it.

There are three different functions too. The exhaust setting will drive both fans to suck hot, smelly air out of the room. Then switch to intake, and both fans will bring in fresh air from outside. The nine-inch blades will shift plenty of air in either direction.

And if you want the best of both worlds – and who wouldn’t? – you can opt for the “circulate” setting. This will have one fan acting as an exhaust, pulling out stale air, while the second brings in fresh air.

You can choose from any of these by just pressing a button on the remote control. It’s considerably easier than having to move the whole unit!

The fan comes with its own bug screen which attaches at the back to keep out insects. And there’s a cloth cover that can be used when the fan isn’t in operation. It will help to keep cool air inside your room.

One niggle is that the remote control is a little lightweight. And if you turn off the fan, you’ll need to reset your preferred levels when you turn it on again.

Overall, though, this is an efficient unit with some nice features. And it’s very reasonably priced too.


  • Choice of three fan speeds
  • Exhaust, intake and circulate functions
  • Remote control allows you to change all settings without moving yourself – or the fan


  • The remote control is a little flimsy
  • You’ll need to re-select your preferred settings each time you turn on the fan.

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3. HOLMES Twin Window Fan with Thermostat Control

Best Window Fan HOLMES

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This twin fan unit from Holmes is manually controlled, so there’s no remote control. But if you’re looking for a fan that’s able to maintain a fixed room temperature, it’s a great choice.

That’s because this one comes with a thermostatic control. That allows you to select a room temperature of between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit in five-degree increments. The fans will then switch on and off as necessary to maintain this temperature.

If you prefer, you can adjust the fan speed yourself manually. A one-touch electronic control panel allows you to select either a low or high fan speed.

Each fan can be controlled independently, for maximum flexibility. A slider switch next to each one allows you to choose between intake and exhaust.

Set both to intake to maximize the volume of cool, fresh air brought in from outside. Or select exhaust if you want to expel warm, stale air. And if you want to do both at once, just select exhaust for one fan and intake for the other.

The design will fit with most double-hung or slider windows. If using with a slider window, you’ll need to position the fan vertically, with the built-in extender panel on top.

If positioning it horizontally, the extender panel also provides for some flexibility in the width. One panel is built-in, and there’s an extra one included in the package. Together, they’ll allow the unit to be used in windows between 25 and 37 inches wide.

The motors here are water-resistant, so there’ll be nothing to stop you using the fan in wet weather. There isn’t a bug screen with this one, though. If you’re worried about insects, you’ll need to buy a separate window screen (or a different fan).

The eight-inch blades work effectively, and they’re not too noisy. And if you dislike appliances that beep at you, you’ll have nothing to worry about here. All the controls operate silently.

And we’ve heard from plenty of people who’ve had their Holmes running successfully for years. All in all, then, this is a very reliable fan unit at a competitive price.


  • Thermostatically controlled with the option to adjust settings manually too
  • Water-resistant motors for all-weather use
  • Blades are quiet – and the controls don’t beep either


  • No remote control
  • No bug screen.

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4. Nature’s Cooling Solutions Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan

Best Window Fan Nature

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If you’re looking for a fan that can work effectively alongside existing air conditioning, here’s one to consider.

This model from Nature’s Cooling Solutions is thermostatically controlled. That means you can set your air conditioning to a higher temperature, confident that the fan will handle cooler days.

You won’t use your AC as often. And because the fan uses 92 percent less power than a standard AC unit, that’s great news for your energy bills.

The fan unit is designed to sit in the bottom of a double-hung window. It will also work with vertical sliding windows.

Its size can be varied between 22 and 36 inches using adjustable wing panels. They need to be attached one by one, though, so it’s a fiddlier job than with accordion designs.

The unit is equipped with sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity both inside and outdoors. If the air outside is cooler and drier than it is inside, it will turn on the fan and suck in air. It will turn itself off when either a pre-set temperature is reached, or the outside air is too warm.

Air is efficiently admitted and expelled through louvers that open and close automatically.  There are three fan speeds, and the unit will automatically select the lowest required in the conditions. It’s a very energy-efficient design. And it’s fairly quiet too.

Watch out, though, if you plan to place this in an east-facing window. Direct sunlight on the sensor can mean it gives an incorrect reading. The result is that the unit wrongly thinks the outside air is too warm to continue cooling your room. And that means it will switch off the fan earlier than you want it to.

The motors will continue to work, even in wet weather, but this is another fan that lacks a bug screen. If you already have one on your window, it will fit inside and that won’t be a problem. Otherwise, you may want to make your own screen to prevent insects getting inside.


  • Thermostatically controlled – a good option to use alongside AC to cut your bills
  • Three fan speeds
  • Very energy efficient


  • Direct sunlight can interfere with the sensors
  • The adjustable wing panels are a bit fiddly.

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5. Bionaire BW2300-N Window Fan Our Top Pick 

Best Window Fan Bionaire

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If you like the reassurance of knowing exactly what your room temperature is, you’ll like Bionaire’s window fan. This has a funky LED display to allow you to keep track. It’s a great option for rooms where babies are sleeping, or for adults vulnerable to high or low temperatures.

It comes with a remote control, allowing you to change any of the settings from anywhere in the room. There are two fans, and they can be controlled independently of one another. You can choose from three different speeds on each.

It’s also possible to control whether each fan sucks in cool air from outside, or expels warmer air from inside. Set both to intake to freshen up the room, or exhaust to clear stale air. Or you can choose different settings on each fan to do both at once.

The programmable thermostat allows you to avoid fiddling with the controls at all. Simply set your preferred temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit will then do all the hard work for you. It’s a great option if you need to keep the temperature stable.

This will fit in the bottom of either a double-hung or vertical slider window. It can be used with its built-in adjustable extender panels to get the right width. As long as your window is between 24 and 37 inches, it will fit.

It can be used vertically too. Don’t pull out the extender panels if that’s what you want to do.

For all the bells and whistles with this unit though, it surprisingly doesn’t come with a bug filter. Don’t be tempted to use it without one – it will suck in insects!

If you have a screen in your window, this will sit behind it just fine. If you don’t, make your own bug screen (taping a sheer curtain over the fan works well). Alternatively, get a different fan.

We must also point out that we’ve heard some less-than-glowing reviews of Bionaire’s customer service. This is a great product when it’s working – and you may never have any difficulties. But where problems have occurred, the customer service team hasn’t covered themselves in glory.


  • Choice of three fan speeds and intake or exhaust functions
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Remote control allows you to change all settings from anywhere in the room


  • No bug screen
  • We’ve heard some reports of poor customer service when things have gone wrong.

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6. Air King 9155 Window Fan

Best Window Fan Air King

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If you prefer a single to a twin fan unit, check out the Air King 9155.

The 1/6 horsepower motor here will really move the air.

There’s a choice of three different fan speeds. On the lowest setting, it will shift 1,360 cubic feet of air per minute. On the medium setting that rises to 1,700 cubic feet. And on high, it will move no less than 2,470 cubic feet of air per minute.

The power usage will, of course, vary according to the setting. The output on low is 60 watts, rising to 90 watts on high.

You can also select from either intake or exhaust functions. Use intake to bring fresh air into your room, and exhaust to expel stale air. You can use any of the three-speed settings with either function.

You’ll need a window big enough for it to fit. The minimum recommended dimensions are 26.5 to 34.5 inches wide and 22 inches high.

But if your window is a little smaller than this, don’t despair. We’ve heard of people who’ve successfully installed the unit on the outside of the window frame. You may, though, need a bit of DIY knowhow to pull this off. You’ll also need to make your own bug screen, as one isn’t included here.

Another thing to note is that we’ve heard variable reports on the noise levels. Some people have found this to be whisper-quiet, even on high settings. Others have experienced exactly the opposite. This seems to be an issue of quality control.

And in a similar vein, this isn’t the most resilient unit out there. If you’re using it regularly, you can expect to need to replace it at around the three-year mark.

If that doesn’t put you off, you’ll be getting a very powerful fan in the meantime.


  • Very powerful 1/6 horsepower motor
  • Three fan speeds
  • Electronically reversible fan function


  • Not the most long-lived fan out there
  • No bug screen.

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7. Lasko W-16900G Window Fan

Best Window Fan Lasko

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Lasko’s window unit is another one that uses a single, large fan.

It will fit double-hung, casement or vertical sliding windows between 26.5 and 24.5 inches wide. They’ll need to be at least 22 inches high.

It’s lightweight, making it easy to mount. You’ll be able to close the window behind it, and if you have a window screen it will still fit. That’s good news, as this is another fan that doesn’t have its own bug screen.

The extendable side panels offer a custom fit, and they’ll lock into place to keep the fan secure. The whole installation process is very simple. And you won’t have to worry about letting in rain if the weather takes a turn for the worse. There’s a Storm Guard panel to keep everything dry.

There’s a choice of low, medium and high speeds. And the fan function can be changed from intake to exhaust.

All the controls are selected from a simple dial in the center of the fan. Turn it to the left to set the fan to any of the three speeds on the intake setting. Turn it to the right to do the same on exhaust.

One thing to watch out for with this one is that the lightweight construction can cause vibrations. That means it can be noisy, especially on higher settings. If you’re looking for a fan for a bedroom, this probably won’t be the one for you.

And note too that the power cord comes out of the center of the fan. It’s not the most attractive design. If you’re planning to install the unit in a room where it will be on show, you might prefer a different model.


  • Easy to install
  • Three fan speeds on both exhaust and intake settings
  • Extendable side panels for a custom fit


  • Fairly loud, especially on high settings
  • The power cord in the center of the fan isn’t the most attractive.

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Buying guide

That brings us to the end of our reviews of some of the best window fans on the market today. Still not sure which is the one for you? Read on for our guide to the questions to ask yourself before you make your final decision.

One fan or two?

The units on our list have either one or two fans, so consider which design will work best in your home.

Two fans offer plenty of flexibility. You’ll be able to set one on intake to bring in cool air, and the other on exhaust to let out stale air.

Single fan designs are less versatile. They can sometimes, however, generate more power. That’s because the blades can be longer.

Check your window

It might be obvious, but make sure that the fan you’re buying will fit into your window!

First of all, check the design. Most of the fans on our list will work with either double-hung or vertical sliding windows.

And consider whether you’ll install your fan vertically or horizontally. All the fans on our list can be installed horizontally, but not all will work as well in a vertical configuration.

The next thing to check is the dimensions. All fans will require a minimum window height. And they will only fit into windows of the right width.

Some use adjustable extender panels to allow you to get a custom fit in a range of window widths. The panels will also lock into place automatically, keeping your fan secure. Just make sure your window width falls within the required range for the unit.

Watch out for insects

Finally, remember that fans will draw in insects as well as air. That means a bug screen is an important part of the setup of any window fan.

Some of the fans on our list come with their own bug screen. If they don’t, check that they’ll fit in windows with screens in place.

And if you don’t have a window screen either, take some time to make your own screen for your fan. It will be time well spent to avoid dead bugs all over your room!

Time to feel the breeze!

That brings us to the end of our reviews of seven of the best window fans on the market today. We hope you’re now closer to choosing the right option for your home.

Our favorite is the Bionaire BW2300-N. We love the combination of thermostatic control and the ability to make manual adjustments. And it comes with its own remote control for hassle-free use.

But if your priority is power, consider the Air King 9155. Its 1/6 horsepower motor is hard to beat when it comes to moving that air around.

Whichever one you choose, we hope you’ll soon be enjoying a cool, fresh breeze in your home. Happy shopping!

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