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10 Best Pocket Door Hardware of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

Pocket doors are a stylish and space-saving addition to your home. But if you’re searching for hardware to go with one, you may find yourself overwhelmed by choice.

But there’s no need to panic! We’re here to help. We’re going to check out ten of the best pieces of pocket door hardware on the market today. We’ll review their pros and cons, and help you choose the best option for your project.

So let’s get started!

best pocket door hardware Johnson
Johnson Hardware 100PD Commercial Grade Pocket Door Hardware Kit

  • Good quality nylon rollers move smoothly and quietly
  • The design makes it easy to adjust your door alignment
  • Useful online videos walk you through installation step by step


The Best Pocket Door Hardware of 2021

1. Citiloc Round Bed/Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch

best pocket door hardware Citiloc

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This round privacy latch from Citiloc is perfect for interior pocket doors requiring security, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

It’s finished in an attractive oil-rubbed bronze, which will look particularly good in classic and rustic interiors. The round design means there’s no need to cut out a notch from your door. It will fit a standard bore with a 2 3/8-inch backset.

It locks using a simple lever you turn with your thumb. In case of emergency, there’s an unlock function that can be used from the outside. A particularly nice element of the design is that the grab pull remains extended until the door is unlocked.

The latch is a pleasing weight and very solidly built. The package includes the strike plate that’s mounted on the doorframe and which the latch slides into.

Note, however, that you will need to align the strike plate and handle set precisely during installation. The handle itself is easy to install, so this is the most challenging part of the job.

One thing to note is that the handle is fairly small, and the latch recess is shallow. Those with larger hands may find it slightly more difficult to grab on to than they’d like.


  • Round design means there’s no need to cut a new notch into your door
  • Simple lever action to lock
  • Grab pull remains extended until the door is unlocked


  • You’ll need to take care to precisely align the handle set and strike plate during installation
  • The handle is a little on the small side.

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2. Prime-Line N7239 Pocket Door Privacy Lock with Pull

best pocket door hardware N7239

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This privacy lock from Prime-Line is another one that will work well for bedrooms and bathrooms. In this case, the design is square with gently rounded corners. It’s 2 ¾ inches tall and 2 ½ inches wide.

It will fit most internal pocket doors. The depth can be adjusted to work with panels anywhere between 1 3/8 and 1 ¾ inches thick.

The privacy lock is on one side only. You’ll still be able to unlock the door from outside if there’s an emergency. There’s a slot that can be turned using a coin or screwdriver.

It’s made from die-cast metal, so it’s strong enough to withstand plenty of wear and tear. This model is finished in stylish satin nickel for a contemporary look. It’s also available in a range of other finishes – antique and polished brass, and satin chrome.

It comes with a die cast pull hook and all the fasteners needed for installation. That process is very simple, but we have heard of some issues with the locking mechanism jamming. Treat your lock to a dose of WD40, and it will be working smoothly in no time.

This isn’t the largest handle, so if you want something very easy to grab, there may be better options. But it’s neat and attractive, and does the job well once it’s been oiled.


  • Can be adjusted to fit doors between 1 3/8 and 1 ¾ inches thick
  • Robust die-cast metal construction
  • Range of attractive finishes


  • The locking mechanism can jam – oil it during installation for smoother operation
  • May be a bit on the small side for some.

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3. IDH by St. Simons 25411-019 Pocket Privacy Door Pull

best pocket door hardware IDH

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This privacy door pull from IDH is similar in appearance to the Prime-Line N7239. If you’re after a particular finish, though, the choice here is almost endless. Pick from 13 different options, including various copper, brass, nickel, chrome and black finishes.

It’s the same size as the Prime-Line model, at 2 ¾ inches high and 2 ½ inches wide. It’s adjustable to fit doors between 1 3/8 and 1 ¾ inches thick. And it comes with a strike plate to match the handle set.

The whole unit is made of solid brass, so it’s strong as well as attractive. It can be reversed for doors opening in either direction.

It locks with a lever on the inside. On the outside, there’s a groove which allows the lock to be turned if access is needed in an emergency. Just insert a screwdriver or the edge of a coin.

Installation is fairly simple, although if we were being picky we’d prefer the instructions to be in a larger font. Plan for the whole job to take about half an hour and you won’t go far wrong.

It will make your life easier if you pre-drill the screw holes. The screws that are included are fairly soft. Without pre-drilling, you may find the screw head is damaged, which may affect the finish.


  • Wide range of finishes in different metallic shades
  • Will work on doors opening in either direction
  • Emergency opening mechanism


  • The instructions are printed too small for easy reading
  • The screws included in the pack are rather soft.

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4. Designers Impressions 53843 Pocket Door Privacy Lock

best pocket door hardware 53843

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Another square privacy lock with a similar look is this one from Designers Impressions. It comes in a classic oil-rubbed bronze finish that will look wonderful in rustic or traditional settings.

The shade is a little brighter than other oil-rubbed bronzes we’ve seen. If you’re looking for something to match existing hardware, it might not be the right choice.

But if you’re starting from scratch, we think the color makes it just that little bit unusual. If you like your home décor to be subtly different from everyone else’s, it could be perfect.

It’s another lock that’s 2 ¾ inches high and 2 ½ inches wide. The central lever is well recessed to make it easier to turn. Even so, those with larger hands may prefer something bigger.

It comes with a matching strike plate and all the hardware needed for installation.

Installation here is easier than for some other hardware. When it comes to alignment between the strike plate and handle set, it’s a little more forgiving than some.

But if you do find it’s not quite lined up, the easiest option will be to adjust your sliding door. It will be a lot less work than trying to re-mortise the notch for the strike plate.

The lock is effective, but if you’re going to be using it a lot, you may find it a bit flimsy.


  • The brighter oil-rubbed bronze finish is attractive and distinctive
  • Comes with matching strike plate and all hardware for installation
  • Easy to install


  • May be a little small for those with larger hands to use easily
  • The lock is a bit flimsy.

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5. Kwikset 335 Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

best pocket door hardware Kwikset

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If your door is pre-bored for a doorknob and lock, this round lock from Kwikset is a great option. It will slot right in, without requiring you to create a new notch in your door.

It’s an attractive set too. It’s finished in satin nickel, which will look great in homes with a contemporary design scheme. Both the lock and a 2 3/8 inch latch backset are included in the package.

It’s 2 ½ inches in diameter, with a ½-inch latch throw. The central lever is shaped like an elongated rhombus, making it easy to grab and turn.

It locks on the inside. On the outside, there’s a flat-headed screw that can be turned to unlock the door in case of emergency.

If your door is fully retracted into the wall, you can press on the end of the latch and it will pop up. You can then use it to pull your door back over the entrance. It’s nice and solid, but rather small – it’s not the easiest to hold on to.

The locking mechanism works well, but does have a tendency to get stiffer over time. Treat it to some lubricant to keep everything moving smoothly.


  • Round design means there’s no need to cut a new notch in your door
  • Comfortable lever to turn the lock
  • Can be opened from the outside in case of an emergency


  • The locking mechanism can get stiff over time
  • The door pull is smaller than most.

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6. Johnson Hardware 100PD Commercial Grade Pocket Door Hardware Kit (Our Top Pick)

pocket door hardware kit Johnson

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If you’re looking for a full hardware kit for your pocket door, check out this set from Johnson Hardware. It doesn’t include a door pull, but everything else you’ll need for a new pocket door is present and correct.

This kit comes with a 72-inch track for a top-hung pocket door. It’s designed for a wall constructed with 2 by 4, and requires a minimum door thickness of 1 inch.

The strong aluminum track has convex rails and will carry a weight of up to 125 pounds. A number of the mounting holes are key-shaped for easier installation.

The two rollers each have three nylon wheels. They’re nice and sturdy, and move smoothly and quietly along the track. The mechanism to disconnect them is simple too. But if you have a heavier door, you may need to change these for rollers with ball bearings.

Adjusting the alignment of your door is easy. You won’t need to try and hold the door whilst tightening or loosening screws. That will be a big help when it comes to aligning your door pull and strike plate.

Installation is also made easier by the 2-inch offset between the top of the door and the top of the track. And there are a range of helpful videos to walk you through the whole process on the Johnson Hardware website.

Note that the screws that come for mounting the track are gold-colored, while the track is silver. It’s a minor irritation with what is otherwise a great set of hardware.


  • Good quality nylon rollers move smoothly and quietly
  • Design makes it easy to adjust your door alignment
  • Useful online videos walk you through installation step by step


  • You may need to change the rollers if your door is very heavy
  • The mounting screws are a different color to the track.

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7. Baldwin Estate 0465.150 Narrow Solid Forged Brass Edge Pull

pocket door hardware kit Baldwin

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If you’re looking for a pull for the edge of your pocket door, consider this one from Baldwin’s Estate range. It’s great quality, made of solid brass, and very smart. You can choose from finishes in antique or satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin brass or chrome.

It’s designed to allow you to pull out your door when it’s tucked back fully into the wall. It’s spring-loaded, so when you press it, it pops up, allowing you to hold onto it and pull. When not in use, it lies flat against the face plate. It’s sturdy and durable, and works smoothly.

The major issue to be aware of is that installation isn’t for the faint-hearted. The internal lever protrudes 1 ¾ inches into the door, so you’ll need to cut a deep recess. Baldwin recommend using a 1/16-inch drill bit, though you can make do with ½-inch if that’s all you have.

The brass screws that are included in the package also snap rather easily. Drilling pilot holes will help. You could go further, and install the unit with nickel plated screws the same size first. Then take them out and replace them with the brass screws.

There are no instructions included in the pack, although there is a scale drawing on the Baldwin website. If you’re not a confident DIY-er, either go for a different option or get a professional to install it. If you do know what you’re doing, you’ll get an attractive, durable and effective edge pull at a good price.


  • High quality brass construction will last for years
  • Range of attractive finishes
  • Moves smoothly and is easy to hold on to


  • You’ll need to cut a very deep recess for the internal lever
  • The screws included in the pack are attractive but weak.

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8. Sehrgut 6-Inch Flush Pull, 2 Pack

pocket door hardware kit Sehrgut

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If you’re looking for a stylish contemporary pull for a pocket door, this one from Sehrgut should make your shortlist. The sharp rectangular design sits on the face of your door to allow you to slide it across.

The finish is satin-brushed 304 stainless steel, and the whole surface is hand-polished. The edges are chamfered by hand too, giving them a sleek look and ensuring no sharp bits can cause injury.

It can be used with either interior or exterior pocket, barn or bifold doors. Each pack contains two door pulls, four screws and an installation guide. You may want to replace the screws that are included for sturdier versions, though. We’ve heard the thread strips rather easily.

If you’re installing a pull on one side of the door only, you’ll need a minimum door depth of ¾-inch. If installing back to back, your door needs to be at least 1 1/16 inches thick.

Each pull is 6 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and has a ½-inch deep recess. You won’t need dainty fingers to find it easy to use these.

Installation is fairly straightforward in wooden doors – but if your door is made of composite material, you may struggle. We’ve heard of people who’ve found it difficult to secure the handle against the surface.


  • Stylish, contemporary design
  • High quality construction in 304 stainless steel
  • Generous dimensions make it easy to use, whether or not you have dainty fingers


  • The screws included in the pack aren’t the strongest
  • Not the best option if you have a composite door.

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9. Ives by Schlage 991B3 Sliding Door Pull

pocket door hardware kit Ives

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If you’re looking for a classic door pull with a lock, consider the Ives by Schlage 991B3. It’s the traditional square shape with rounded corners, with a twisting lever in the center for the lock. The finish here is polished brass, and it features decorative coined edges.

It’s pre-assembled to work with doors that open from left to right. If your door opens the other way, though, you can reverse the assembly yourself. A matching strike plate is included in the pack.

It’s a little picky about the thickness of the door required. Your door will need to be between 1 3/8 and 1 ½ inches thick.

The locking lever is a little small and fiddly, but works fine. And if a child manages to get stuck in the bathroom, you can let them out. A slot on the outside of the lock is easily twisted with the aid of a screwdriver.

One thing to watch out for, though, is that we have heard some concerns about the pull lever breaking. Schlage pride themselves on their customer service, so get in touch straight away if you encounter any problems.

Installation is pretty straightforward. As with other door pulls, take your time to ensure it’s aligned correctly with the strike plate.


  • Attractive polished brass finish and decorative coined edges
  • Can be unlocked from the outside if someone gets stuck
  • Easy to install


  • We’ve heard of cases where the pull lever has broken
  • The locking lever is a bit small and fiddly.

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10. Prime-Line N7065 Pocket Door Roller Assembly

pocket door hardware kit Prime

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If the hangers on your pocket door have broken, there’s no need to replace the whole assembly. These rollers from Prime-line are a good option for a low-cost and easy fix.

The wheels are made of plastic and have convex edges. They’re 13/16 inches in diameter. Steel ball bearings inside help take the weight and keep them moving smoothly. They’ll hold a door up to 100 pounds in weight.

But note wheels with ball bearings can be noisier than those without. And some people have found that the noise levels have increased with time and use.

The two wheels are attached to a strong steel bracket, with their centers ¾ inches apart. The assembly is designed to fit a double J-shaped track. If you’ve got a pocket door made by Crawford, Kenna-Frame or Press-Rite, these rollers should fit it. In some cases, though, the fit is rather snug.

These aren’t the highest quality construction, but they should give you a couple of years of service with regular use. And they’re an inexpensive option for a quick fix.


  • Economical solution for broken rollers
  • Door capacity of up to 100 pounds
  • Fits pocket doors made by Press-rite, Kenna-Frame and Crawford.


  • Those ball bearings are quite noisy
  • Not the sturdiest construction.

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Buying guide

If you’re feeling confused by umpteen different features, don’t worry! Our buying guide will help you think through the factors to consider to make the perfect choice.

What hardware do you actually need?

There are lots of different options out there when it comes to the hardware for your pocket door. So start by identifying which parts you actually need.

If you’re assembling your own pocket door from scratch, a kit like the one from Johnson Hardware is a great option. It’s a cost-effective way of getting most of the hardware you’ll need in one pack.

But if you’ve got a ready-assembled pocket door, you may just need a handle or edge pull. And if your old door isn’t moving smoothly, a new set of rollers could be all you need.

Once you’ve identified your exact hardware requirements, you can narrow down your search.

Get the right fit

Whatever kind of hardware you’re buying, you’ll need to make sure it will fit your door.

If you’re buying door pulls, check how thick your door is. If it’s too thick or thin, the pull won’t fit. Make sure you look at the specifications before you make your choice.

If you’re looking for an edge pull, the same thing applies. You may also need to look at the construction of your wall to ensure the pull is compatible. The edge pull from Baldwin Estate, for example, is designed to work with walls with a 2 by 4 construction.

And if you need rollers, make sure they’ll fit your track. Check the measurement between the centers of the wheels, and whether they’re designed for an I or J style track.

Design matters

Finally, think about design. Do you need your hardware to fit with other elements in your home? If it will be visible in a room with other doors, look for finishes that will blend in.

And remember that design is about more than aesthetics. If you’re looking for a door pull, make sure it’s comfortable to hold. Check for sharp edges that could cause injury.

If you want a lockable handle set, make sure the lock is easy to turn. And if you share your home with a child or someone who’s infirm, consider safety. You’ll want to make sure you’ll be able to unlock the door from the outside if they get stuck.

Ready to go shopping?

That brings us to the end of our review of the ten best pocket door hardware solutions available today. We hope you’re now one step closer to choosing the perfect hardware for your project.

Our top pick is the hardware kit from Johnson Hardware. It’s a great option for anyone installing a pocket door from scratch or replacing an ageing assembly.

But if you’re looking for a pocket door lock, we’d recommend the Kwikset 335. The round design is easy to install, and the locking lever is comfortable to use.

Whatever hardware you need, we hope you find the perfect solution for your pocket door.

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  1. I bought these Prime-line to replace my old brass coloured pocket door locks. I was delighted with how well it held up against my friend’s attempts to break through it. He attempted a variety of techniques to get around it, but he couldn’t seem to conquer it. It gave me confidence that this lock could secure my sliding pocket door adequately.


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