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10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2022 – Walk Through Screen Door Reviews

Screen doors are a common part of most homes. Especially if you have temperate, tropical, or humid weather. These conditions make your surroundings hot and stuffy while providing prime conditions for bugs. Screen doors allow you to ‘air out’ the house without bringing in the bugs.

Magnetic screen doors are more convenient than permanent screen doors. They slip open and shut more easily, so they’re ideal for homes with kids or pets who might otherwise slam their fingers in the doorway or get stuck in the mesh. So let’s explore some top bug screen brands.

Best Magnetic Screen Door Flux
Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

  • It has reinforced seams and heavy-duty mesh.
  • The screen door can be used hands-free.
  • It takes only a few minutes to install.



The Best Magnetic Screen Door on the Market 2022

1. Flux Phenom Screen Door (Our Top Pick)

best magnetic screen door Flux

When a product that needs assembly comes with a video demo included, it means one of two things. One, their customer care is really good, or two, their installation process is pretty tough. In this case, it’s the former, because Flux Phenom takes less than five minutes to install and all the hardware is included. This magnetic screen door has multiple attachment systems.

It has tacks, hooks, and loops that are all weatherproof. This triple attachment keeps your screen door sturdily fixed to the door. 26 magnetic cubes and strips are stitched into the central opening. They’re perfectly weighted and balanced to ensure alignment, guaranteeing that the screen opens and closes effortlessly every time. And the premium mesh can withstand pet claws.

This screen door is foldable and retractable, so you can easily store it for travel. Its maximum door dimensions are 38 inches wide and 82 inches tall. The screen weighs 10.4 ounces.


  • It has reinforced seams and heavy-duty mesh.
  • The screen door can be used hands-free.
  • It takes only a few minutes to install.


  • The finer thread count of this magnetic netting makes it more sturdy, but it also keeps the mesh translucent rather than transparent.

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2. Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

best magnetic screen door Apalus

Products with options are always a good deal. And the Apalus magnetic screen door gives you options. You could choose to attach is using Velcro strips if your door frame is flat. But if it has a surface that’s uneven, you can reinforce the Velcro strips with nails or thumbtacks. Both the tacks and the Velcro are included in the shipping box, so you have all the hardware you need.

The screen door allows for hands-free use and slips easily back into place. But the shipping box also contains tiebacks so you can hold the curtains out of the way. The screen is translucent, and it’s fine enough to keep bugs out while resisting damage from wind and bad weather. It’s machine cleanable and fully retractable, so you can easily remove it on wash day.

These magnetic screen doors are pretty and practical. You can use them when your hands are full, and you can easily pull them down for washing. They even have tiebacks!


  • The screen is fitted with 28 ultra-seal magnets.
  • It measures 38 inches by 83 inches.
  • The screen door has tieback


  • Magnets like metal, so don’t install these screens if you have a metal door or if your opening has metallic window trim. If you do, the screens might stay open throughout.

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3. Homitt Adjustable Screen Door

magnetic door screen Homitt

The trouble with screen doors is that consumers often cut them during installation. These could be accidental rips that quickly expand or deliberate slices for a better fit. Homitt screens partially solve this problem by providing a clear dotted line to show you how to safely cut the mesh. This enables you to adjust your screen door width up to 6 inches from 32” to 38”.

These extensions are ideal for doors that are 30 to 36 inches wide because you need to leave an inch of extra mesh for proper screen alignment. To help the screen mesh stay in place and prevent it from being flapped in the wind, the bottom of the screen door is fitted with 8 gravity sticks. They create a weighted hem so it allows the center-seam magnets to cling to each other.

Homitt magnetic screen doors are detachable and durable. The gravity sticks keep your mesh consistently vertical, which enables the magnets to effortlessly clip together.


  • The screen has dotted lines for simpler installation.
  • The top of the opening is reinforced to reduce tearing.
  • Homitt screens have built-in gravity sticks to reduce flapping.


  • Homitt’s width is adjustable but its height isn’t, so it can only be fitted on standard doors.

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4. Magzo Magnetic Screen Door

magnetic door screen Magzo

Fiberglass screen doors are sturdier than polyester ones. They last longer and resist manual damage more effectively. It’s why some households use Magzo fiberglass screens to replace a solid wooden door. These screen doors allow hands-free use, so you can pass through even when your hands are full of shopping bags and toddlers. And the magnets swiftly clip shut behind you.

You need to be wary of the fit though. The dimensions of this screen are 50 inches by 81 inches, but they’re built to fit on 48-inch by 80-inch doors. Because they sometimes take the place of solid doors, these Magzo screens may experience strong winds. That’s why they have a fabric hasps halfway down the screen door, with a second fabric hasp at the bottom.

Magzo screen doors are tough but pretty. They strong enough to replace timber doors, but the mesh lets air circulate freely. This brand is safe for kids and pets as well.


  • Its extended width of 48 inches can fit double doors.
  • The mesh is made of fiberglass for added strength.
  • The screen door has reinforcing hasps to reduce flapping.


  • Being a fiberglass mesh, you can’t (and shouldn’t) cut it down to size, and the measurements on the pack can be puzzling, so be sure to buy the right fit for your door.

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5. Sentry Screens Magnetic Door

magnetic screen doors Sentry

Screen doors offer a lot of benefits to your home. But they’re still light and flimsy, so they can easily get blown away by the wind. Sentry Screens solve this problem in two ways. One, the bottom hem is fitted with 6 weights that each weigh 20g. This weighted hem is mainly for wind resistance. But it also drags the screen down and keeps the ‘curtains’ in a vertical position.

This positioning matters because if the screens hang straight down, the magnets are more likely to clip back into a closed position after you walk through the screen. The center seam is fitted with heavy-duty 1,400g magnets. All Sentry seams are double-stitched to make them stronger, and these screen doors are regularly used by the US military, so you’re assured of quality.

Sentry Screens are attached to the door frame using a combination of hooks and loops. These fastenings are sewn into the seam and sealed in place so dust and dirt can’t sneak in. The 26 magnets are also sealed into the seam, so there are zero gaps and fewer chances of misalignment. The screens come with a lifetime guarantee and a 30-day return policy.

These magnetic screen doors are aptly named and popular with the military. The sealed seams ensure your magnetic curtain opens and closes effectively by keeping them properly positioned.


  • It comes in five stylish color selections and is made of 60g fiberglass.
  • The quality of the screen has been verified by the US military.
  • The door has a weighted hem for additional wind resistance.


  • The mesh is great for security and ventilation, but certain smaller bugs can still force their way through the mesh. Especially mosquitoes.

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6. Aloudy Magnetic Screen Door

magnetic screen doors Aloudy

We all believe in the strength of Velcro. But until you’ve used these strips to mount a magnetic screen door, you may not realize how firmly your Velcro can stick. Aloudy has Velcro strips at the top and sides to attach your screen door to the wooden frame. The screen door is extra-long and can fit door heights of up to 98 inches (most brands max out at 80 inches).

You don’t need any special tools or expertise to mount Aloudy. Just pre-clean the surface and press the mesh into place. Once installed, kids and pets can easily walk through, and so can you, even when your hands are preoccupied. The screen door has 26 magnets that are stitched into sealed seams so they don’t let in any dust and they don’t let out any fasteners.

Aloudy’s doors are suitable for French doors and elongated entryways. But be careful while installing, because if you damage the netting, it’ll be hard to get another long piece.


  • The magnets are sewn in place, so they can’t fall out.
  • The top of the screen is attached using a continuous Velcro strip.
  • It can fit enlarged doors up to 98 inches high.


  • Despite swearing by the strength of its Velcro attachments, they don’t always hold up. But the screen door ships with thumbtacks for added adhesion.

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7. MegaMesh Heavy Duty Screen Door

walk through screen door MegaMesh

You install a screen door because you want to enjoy the fresh air without the hassle of bugs. Mosquitoes are especially notorious during summer showers. So in addition to micromesh that keeps out the smallest bugs, MegaMesh provides handy tips for getting rid of bugs naturally.

The tips are in a free book that – naturally – focuses on mosquitoes. But beyond pest control, MegaMesh screen doors have 26 individual magnets tightly sewn into the side seams. These seams are sealed securely because you don’t want little magnets slipping put and ending up in the mouths of your pets or kids. The sealing also helps your screen door deter dust.

This brand is quite proud of its ability to deter pests, so it comes with a 100% bug-free guarantee in addition to its 12-month quality warranty. The screen installs easily without the use of tools.


  • The screen has 26 magnets sewn into closed hems.
  • A video tutorial is included in the shipping box.
  • The brand carries a 12-month money-back guarantee.


  • The box says the screen is 36 inches by 83 inches, so you may be tempted to cut it. Don’t. That overlap is designed to let the screen fit a 34-inch by 82-inch door.

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8. Bug Off Gardener’s Supply Reversible

walk through screen door Bug

Many magnetic screen doors have a central parting. This a practical design step, because the screen sticks to the sides of the doorway using nails, thumbtacks, or adhesive screens. But Bug Off takes a different approach. Instead of passing through the middle, you have to use the sides of the screen door. You can either use the right or left side of the screen so it’s reversible.

However, you do need to push the screen aside before you can walk through it. This makes it a little less intuitive for kids and pets though they’ll soon figure it out. Also, while you can’t open the screen hands-free, it automatically slips shut behind you. It has magnets sewn into both side seams so you can use whichever side you prefer. You can flip the curtain to ensure even wear.

The beauty of reversible items is you can get double use out of them. Because this screen door opens sideways, you should occasionally flip it to ensure the magnets on both sides are even.


  • It comes in 14 sizes so you don’t have to cut or splice.
  • They’re reversible with side openings instead of a central one.
  • You can adjust both the height and width of the door.


  • The side entryway means you can’t use this magnetic screen door hands-free. You have to push it aside before you can get past the screen.

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9. Mkicesky Fiberglass Magnetic Door

magnetic screen door reviews Mkicesky

The biggest issue with screen doors is having the rip open. This could be from a snagged belt buckle or a kid or pet rushing through a closed screen. Magnetic screen doors resolve the latter issue because the magnets easily fall open or clip shut. This facilitates hands-free use, but it also means your little ones can run through the door unharmed without breaking it.

Mkicesky magnetic screens are made of fiberglass, so they don’t tear too easily. Fiberglass netting is about ten times stronger than polyester netting. It does cost more, but it’s worth the added expense. The edges of this screen door are sewn shut and sealed, so dust can’t sneak in and the magnets can’t fall out. The screen is held in place using Magic Tape. It fits double doors.

When you’re looking to screen a sliding window or French door, consider buying Mkicesky screens. Their extra-long width is ideal for glass entryways up to 70 inches wide. It has dense grids with each hole measuring 0.059 inches, and the fiberglass screen netting is resistant to fire, rust, corrosion, and staining, so it can survive most household triggers.

With reinforced top stitching and fire-resistant fiberglass netting, Mkicesky’s product is among the best magnetic screen doors on the market. It’s heavy though – nearly 2 pounds.


  • Fiberglass withstands pet claws more effectively than polyester mesh.
  • The micro-holes keep out smaller bugs without limiting visibility.
  • The screen measures 72 inches by 80 inches so it’s good for double doors.


  • This door swings open, so if you’re installing it on French Windows, be careful to install it facing the right direction. Otherwise, it won’t have sufficient swing-room.

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10. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

magnetic screen door reviews Igottech

The main complaint with magnetic screen doors is the positioning of the magnets. The more magnets you have in your screen opening, the better. Most brands use 15 to 20 magnets, but if these magnets are too spaced out, the gaps could prevent the screen from shutting effectively because the magnets won’t connect and the ‘missed links’ leave you vulnerable.

iGotTech employs sealed seams, with its 26 magnets securely stitched in place. This eliminates gaps and ensures the magnets are always aligned for guaranteed hands-free opening and closing. The screen is intended for doors that measure 34 inches by 82 inches. To attach the screen to the main door frame, the top and sides are all filled with sealed hooks and loops.

These magnetic screen doors have all-round hooks, firmly sealed hooks, and sewn-on magnets. That’s a triple punch to screen gaps, so it ensured bugs and pests can’t penetrate the screen.


  • The shipping box includes a video tutorial.
  • The screen attaches uses hooks and loops all along its perimeter.
  • The 26 magnets are permanently sewn into the seam so there are no gaps.


  • You might forget to leave a 1-inch overlap for your hooks, and this gap may let bugs in.

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Buying Guide

You already know the value of screen doors. But if you haven’t used magnets before, you may be unsure of where to start. Unlike hinged screens, magnetic screens open down the middle and – ideally – snap shut behind you after you walk past. Let’s check out some key shopping features and factors that will help you secure the best magnetic screen door, pun intended.

Installation Process

A screen door is fairly easy to mount. The process is faster and simpler than solid doors. But the brand you buy can affect how quickly you can install it. Some screens can be attached without tools. They come with self-adhesive strips you simply press into place. Others need to be screwed or nailed into position. Watch some demo videos to see if you can mount it yourself.

Construction Materials

Standard screen doors have hinges and latches. They sometimes have plastic or wooden frames. But magnetic screen doors are made of either polyester or fiberglass. Polyester is light, affordable, and see-through. It’s good for homes with yards and pools because you can look through the mesh to supervise kids and pets. Fiberglass is tougher but more opaque.

Household Residents

Polyester is cheaper than fiberglass mesh, but it’s also easier to slice through. So if you have young, high-energy cats, they’re more likely to rip through your fabric screen door. Pets and pests can also damage the screen with their claws, either deliberately or while playing. So if you live in a wooded area with squirrels, raccoons, (or kittens), fiberglass may be a smarter choice.

Sizing Factors

It’s tempting to think screen door sizes are versatile. After all, the mesh strands are fine or stretchy. So it’s easy to cut them down to size or yank them higher on the frame. But both these activities could damage your screen by creating gaps. And these gaps will ruin your screen alignment, making it harder for the magnets to clip into place. So buy the right size.

Package Dimensions

When you at a new screen door – on a website or the shipping box – you’ll see measurements listed. Some manufacturers will list the door size, knowing their screen is intended for specific door dimensions. Others will list the screen size, leaving you to calculate whether it will fit your door. Some brands list both. So be sure you’re using the right measurements for reference.

Magnet Type

While hinged screen doors swing outwards or inwards, the best magnetic screen door has a vertical opening down the middle. So the shape, position, and style of magnets dictate how effective your screen door will be. You want larger bar magnets instead of small round ones. The smaller ones are trickier to align, and they can be accidentally swallowed by pets and kids.

Attachment Style

You already know these screen doors use magnetic clips to open and close. But these magnets are arranged in a row down the middle. The row of magnets runs from the top of the door to the floor hem. You want magnets that are sewn into the central opening because they hold better. On the sides, your screen can attach to the door using Velcro strips, tacks, hooks, or grommets.

Maintenance Requirements

Many magnetic screen doors are black, but some brands make colored versions that are more fashionable. Magnetic screens can be wiped with a damp cloth. Or if the screen is a Velcro-style door, you can remove the screen, dip it in soapy water, then dip it in clean water to rinse. You don’t have to scrub it. But some screen types need more delicate handling, so check to be sure.

Location of the Door

Is your magnetic screen door at the front of the house or the back? Does it lead to the yard or the pool house? The location is important because it tells you how often the door will be used. A screen door in a house with kids and pets is likely to be used more often. The screen is like a toy for them. So you’ll want a strong set of magnets that can withstand the constant contact.

Weather Patterns

By nature, screen doors are designed for hot, stuffy neighborhoods. But if your area also gets strong winds and heavy snowfall, you need a screen door that can withstand those conditions. For regions with blizzards and tough breezes, consider buying a screen door with a fabric hasp. This latch can sit at the top and bottom of the screen to prevent flapping without barring access.

Protective Positive Poles

Based on our research, the best magnetic screen door is the Flux Phenom. Here’s why:

  • It has 26 magnets for better hold.
  • The magnets slip apart easily for hands-free use.
  • It’s safe for kids and pets and has a lifetime warranty.
  • Flux Phenom is easy to install with no complex tools.
  • The screen fits widths up to 38 inches and heights up to 82 inches.
  • It has no frames and it’s fully retractable.
  • The mesh is heavy-duty and the hems are reinforced.

What type of screen door are you using at the moment? Show us photos in the comments!

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