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10 Best Door Draft Stoppers of 2022 – Door Draft Blocker & Guard Reviews

When the weather gets chilly, you want to stay tucked up nice and warm at home! But what if you have an annoying draft to deal with?

Fortunately, a good door draft stopper can make a huge difference to your room. But with lots of different options out there, the choice can be confusing.

Don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to check out the ten best door draft stoppers we’ve found. And we’ll tell you what’s great – and not so great – about all of them.

So step this way to say goodbye to drafts under your doors!

Best Door Draft Stopper Suptikes
Suptikes Door Draft Stopper

  • Easy to install, with no drilling required
  • Effective at insulating from drafts and noise
  • Fits doors up to 39 inches wide


The best door draft stopper on the Market 2022

1. GroTheory Door Draft Stopper, 2 Pack

best door draft stopper Grotheory

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GroTheory’s draft stopper comes in packs of two. It’s made of silicone, and is designed to stick to the bottom of your door to keep out drafts.

Each stopper measures two inches high by 39 inches wide. That should be wide enough for most entrances. Simply cut it to the correct width for your door using a pair of sharp scissors.

There’s a strip of self-adhesive which secures the stopper to the base of the door. Simply peel away the paper backing and press it into place. The glue is extra-strong, so there’s no risk of it coming loose over time.

Note though, that if you peel it off, you may find the paint on your door comes with it. It’s worth taking your time to line it up correctly before you put it in place.

The door stopper is formed of three layers of silicone, each with a pocket of air between them. That makes this excellent at cutting out drafts and keeping in heat. It also has some impact in improving sound insulation, although the difference is fairly minor.

It works best over hard floors, where the silicone tip will glide smoothly across. You can install it over carpet, but the silicone is a little rigid and may drag as the door moves.

All in all, this is good, easy to use product at a very keen price.


  • Three layers of silicone are very effective at cutting out drafts
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Wide enough to fit any door up to 39 inches across


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2. Twin Draft Guard Extreme for Doors

best door draft stopper Twin

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Twin Draft’s guard is designed to sit right underneath your door, with a padded section on either side. That means that drafts will have to get through not one but two stoppers to penetrate your room.

It’s available in a choice of single or double packs. Each one will fit under doors up to 36 inches wide.

Installation couldn’t be simpler. Remove the foam tubes inside the cover and cut them to the right width for your door. Reinsert them, place the stopper at the edge of your door and then slide it into place.

The cushioned sections on either side sandwich the panel, meaning there’s no glue to peel off the paintwork.

It’s made from microfleece that’s water-resistant and easy to wipe clean. That means you can even use it on exterior doors without worrying the part that’s outside will be damaged. It’s nice and smooth, so it will glide over carpets just as easily as hard floors.

But note – this is only the case if the gap under your door is the right height. The inside of this draft stopper is formed of foam tubes, which are about 2 inches across. If the gap beneath your door is much more than an inch, you’re likely to find they get trapped as the door moves.

And if your gap is bigger still, the whole thing can simply slide out, giving drafts free entry. One way to help avoid this is by folding the end with the Velcro fastening beneath the middle part of the stopper. Then slide that under the door first. It will help keep it in place – as long as your gap isn’t too big.


  • Very easy to install, with no adhesive to damage your paintwork
  • Microfleece cover is water-resistant and easy to wipe clean
  • Glides smoothly over hard floors and carpets, as long as the gap beneath your door isn’t too big


  • If the gap beneath your door is bigger than an inch, the foam inserts may get trapped in it
  • For gaps around 1.5 inches or bigger, the whole thing can slide out of place.

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3. Maxtid White Double-Sided Draft Guard

best door draft stopper Maxtid

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This white draft guard from Maxtid uses the same double-sided design. It’s installed by sliding it along the bottom of the door, so that the two cushioned sections sandwich the wood.

It’s adjustable, and will fit doors anywhere from 32 to 38 inches wide. If your door is narrower than 38 inches, simply remove the foam tubes from inside and trim them as needed. Slide them back inside the cover, and you’re ready to go.

This is another design that doesn’t require any glue to hold the draft stopper in place. That makes it a great choice for renters. When it’s time to go, simply remove the stopper and there’ll be no sign it was ever there.

The cover is made of vinyl, so it will wipe clean easily. The fresh white color will go with any interior. But note that it isn’t silent when gliding over hard floors. If a whooshing noise will annoy you, choose a different option.

The other thing to watch out for with this design is the size of the gap between your door and floor. If it’s too big, the foam tubes can slide into it as the door moves. That will stop it moving smoothly.

But as long as the gap under your door is no more than an inch, this will work just fine. And you’ll never have to bend down to move it as you open or close the door.


  • Wipe-clean vinyl cover will work with any interior
  • Easy to install …
  • … and easy to remove without leaving a trace on your door


  • The vinyl cover will make a faint noise as it moves over hard floors
  • If the gap below your door is more than an inch, the foam tubes are likely to get stuck underneath.

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4. Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper

best door draft blocker Holikme

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If you like twin-sided designs but don’t want a vinyl cover, this draft stopper from Holkime may be the answer. Here, the cover is a pale grey cotton that will suit either classic or contemporary interiors. And when it gets dirty, it can simply be put in the washing machine.

The design here uses two foam tubes which sit on either side of the door. The maximum door width is 34 inches, so if you have a wider door it won’t be the right choice. For narrower doors, the foam tubes can be removed and trimmed to size for the perfect fit.

The foam tubes here are bigger than some other options on the market, at 1.9 inches in diameter. That means the stopper will work on doors where there’s a gap of up to 1.5 inches underneath.

There’s also a Velcro patch which can be stuck to the bottom of the door. That will help keep the stopper firmly in place as the door opens and closes.

This is good at stopping drafts, and it’s also more effective than many stoppers when it comes to noise. Those large foam tubes make a surprising difference.

So is there anything not to like with this design?

Well, the Velcro doesn’t work perfectly on metal doors. But that minor niggle aside, this is a very effective draft stopper.


  • Extra wide foam tubes offer superior draft and noise reduction
  • Will work effectively on doors with gaps of up to 1.5 inches beneath
  • Smart washable cotton cover


  • The Velcro panel isn’t that effective with metal doors
  • Won’t be big enough if your door is more than 34 inches wide.

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5. Viseman 36-Inch Under-Door Draft Stopper

best door draft blocker Viseman

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Viseman’s door stopper is another that uses the twin cushion design and has an attractive cotton cover. That cover is available in a choice of nine different colors and patterns. Whatever your interior design scheme, there’ll be an option here to suit.

The foam tubes will fit doors up to 36 inches wide. Just trim them to size before sliding them back into their cover. With the cover, just fold over the extra material and slide it under your door.

If you have a narrower door with a smaller gap underneath, however, it won’t be the best option.

The placement of the Velcro holding the tubes inside the cover is designed for a wider door. If you don’t have room under your door to fold over the excess fabric, you’ll need to trim it. And that will mean losing the section with the Velcro attached.

And note that the foam tubes aren’t as wide as some designs like the Holikme stopper reviewed earlier. If you’ve got a gap of an inch or more under your door, you’ll find the tubes slide underneath. And that will prevent your door opening and closing smoothly.

But if your door is around the 36-inch mark and has a smaller gap underneath, this will work perfectly well. And the choice of cover designs is a real bonus.


  • Great choice of colors and patterns
  • Velcro fastening to keep the tubes securely inside the cover
  • No adhesive required


  • The Velcro placement makes this annoyingly awkward to install on narrower doors
  • Those foam tubes will slide beneath doors with larger gaps.

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6. Suptikes Door Draft Stopper (Our Top Pick)

best door draft blocker Suptikes

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This door draft stopper from Suptikes is designed to stick onto the bottom of your door. It measures 39 inches across, so it will work with larger entrances. It’s easy to cut to size with a sharp pair of scissors or a utility knife.

It comes in a pack of two for convenience, with each stopper standing 2 inches high. It will work effectively on doors with a gap of up to an inch between the bottom and the floor.

Installation is super-simple. A self-adhesive strip along the whole length sticks the stopper securely to the base of the door. Just make sure your door is clean and dry before you put it into position.

The draft exclusion is provided by three layers of silicone, with two pockets of air between them. That’s great for keeping out cold air, as well as forming a barrier against insects and dirt. It even reduces noise transmission.

But as with other options involving sticky strips, take care with positioning this during installation. If you have to remove it because it isn’t straight, you may find your door ends up missing some paint. For the same reason, it may not be the best choice for renters, even though no drilling is required.

And note that if your door isn’t hung perfectly straight, you’ll struggle to get this flush with the floor. That will mean you may end up with some drafts where there are gaps.

But with each stopper costing about the same as a cup of artisan coffee, this is a very economical option.


  • Easy to install, with no drilling required
  • Effective at insulating from drafts and noise
  • Fits doors up to 39 inches wide


  • The self-adhesive strip can damage paintwork when removed
  • If your door isn’t straight on its hinges, you may end up with gaps.

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7. DecoRealm Door Draft Stopper

best door draft blocker Decorealm

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DecoRealm’s traditional door draft stopper comes in a choice of eight different colors and a choice of cotton or velvet finishes. It’s an elegant solution to keeping out drafts, noise, and even odors.

There’s nothing to drill, stick, or slide into position here. All you need to do is place the cushioned draft stopper in front of your door. It’s basically a 36-inch long, quilted cylindrical pillow. Getting it ready to use is the work of moments.

It weighs 3.5 pounds, so it will stay securely in place without rolling away. That does mean, though, mean you’ll need to bend down and move it when you want to open the door. There’s a handy satin loop on either end so you can hang it up when not in use.

The filling is a combination of 70 percent ceramic beads and 30 percent padded polyester. That’s what gives it its pleasing weight and effective insulating qualities.

Note, however, that the majority of the weight here is at the ends of the stopper. That won’t be an issue if you’re not squeezing it into a recess narrower than 36 inches. But if you are, you may find that the middle of the stopper arcs away from the door. That will mean it’s not quite as draft proof as it could be.


  • Stylish draft stopper in a range of attractive shades
  • Heavy weight prevents it rolling away from the door
  • Combination of ceramic beads and padded poly filling provide effective insulation


  • You’ll need to bend down and move it whenever you want to open the door
  • Don’t try to squeeze it into a door recess narrower than 36 inches – you’ll get gaps and drafts.

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8. IdealCraft Door Draft Stopper

best door draft guard Idealcraft

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This design from Ideal Craft is designed specifically for doors with large gaps underneath. It uses a single large foam cylinder which attaches to one side of the door.

The stopper is secured in place using a strip of strong Velcro that runs the full width of the door. It will fit doors up to 36 inches wide and can be cut to the perfect size. And the Velcro will fit securely on wooden and plastic doors. We have, though, heard that it’s less effective on metal.

The blocker itself is an inch in diameter, and attached to a 2.5-inch flat strip above. The manufacturers say it will work with any door with a gap of up to 1.5 inches below. We think it works best on gaps of up to an inch.

The white vinyl cover will blend in with any decorating scheme. And it’s easy to wipe clean. It’s a bit thin, though, and it will make a noise if you’re opening the door over a hard floor.

If you’ve got a house with uneven floors, this is a good choice. There’s a little give in the foam tubes that will allow it to travel over bumps smoothly. And you won’t have gaps to let in those drafts.


  • Good option for houses with uneven floors and larger gaps under doors
  • Simple to install
  • The white vinyl cover is easy to wipe clean


  • The Velcro doesn’t attach as securely to metal doors
  • That vinyl cover is rather thin.

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9. SwissElite 36-Inch Under-Door Draft Stopper

best door draft guard Swisselite

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If you like your draft stopper with an extra dose of cute, look no further than this design from SwissElite. It comes shaped as either a dog or a cat, the long body forming the stopper. Each animal also comes in a choice of two different fabrics. They’re sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

At 36 inches long and 3.3 pounds in weight, they’re good quality. They won’t slide away from your door once they’re in position. And if placed on a hard floor, they’ll move with your door as it opens. If you’ve got carpet, though, you’ll need to bend down to get it out of the way.

The filling is a combination of glass beads and elastic cotton balls. It’s a decent weight, but there are heavier options out there. It will do an effective job of cutting down drafts, but it won’t make much impact on noise.

But the real selling point here is, of course, those adorable designs. Yes, there are more functional draft stoppers out there – but few will make you smile like this one.


  • Ultra-cute dog and cat designs
  • Choice of attractive fabrics
  • Good weight of filling is effective at cutting down drafts


  • Doesn’t move with the door
  • Makes little impact on noise transmission.

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10. Home Intuition 3-Feet Draft Stopper

best door draft guard Home

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The final draft stopper to make our list, this one from Home Intuition is simplicity itself. It’s a fleece covered cylinder with a handy hanging loop at one end. Just place it in front of your door to reduce drafts, noise and odors.

The filling is made of nylon fiber, while the fleece jacket is tightly woven to help keep out cold air. It’s given extra weight with cotton bags filled with ground stone inside. They mean that once your draft stopper is in place, it won’t roll out of the way until you want it to.

That, of course, means that this is another door stopper you’ll need to bend to move. While it will slide out of the way on hardwood floors, you’ll need to slide it back into position afterwards. And it won’t go anywhere if it’s sat on top of carpet.

It’s 3 inches in diameter, so will effectively block even larger gaps under doors. But at 35 inches long, it may be a little narrow for some doors.

The beige cover will blend in with any color scheme. The whole thing is well made, with good quality fabric and neat stitching.


  • Well-made in good quality fabric
  • Combination of nylon fiber filling and fleece jacket offers effective insulation
  • Nicely weighted to stay in place alongside your door


  • The 35-inch length will be a little short for some doors
  • You’ll need to bend to move it out of the way when opening and closing your door.

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Buying guide

That brings us to the end of our reviews of the top ten door draft stoppers on the market today. But if you’re still wondering which one to choose, check out our buying guide to help you decide.

Static or mobile?

A good place to start is to ask yourself whether you need your draft stopper to move with your door.

There are lots of clever designs that allow your stopper to do this. That means you’ll be able to get in and out of your room without bending and moving it. And that’s particularly important if you’ll be installing your stopper at an emergency exit.

Those designs will, however, require you to carry out some form of installation. We’ll talk more about that below.

An alternative is to get a door stopper that simply sits in front of your door. If you won’t be going in and out very often, moving it now and again may not be a problem. And you won’t have to do anything to attach it to your door.

Mind the gap

Before you choose your stopper, measure the gap beneath your door. Some designs, particularly those where the door is sandwiched between two stoppers, work best with narrower gaps. And whatever design you choose, the stopper section needs to be large enough to completely cover the gap.

Remember that not all doors will have been hung perfectly straight on their hinges. Measure the gap at several points along the door to check where it’s widest.

And note that if your gap isn’t even, stoppers that stick to the bottom of the door may not be the best choice. You won’t be able to position them so they’re flush with the floor all the way across the door. And that will mean gaps that can let in cold air.


None of the stoppers on our list are difficult to install, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to think about.

If your draft stopper has a self-adhesive strip, it may damage your paintwork if you need to remove it. That may mean it’s not the best choice for renters.

If you have a metal door, options with Velcro pads to attach it may not work as effectively.

And how ever your stopper attaches to your door, make sure it’s the right length to cover the opening. And if you have a door recess, make sure it isn’t too long to sit flush against the entrance.

Time to get rid of those drafts!

That brings us to the end of our list of ten of the best door draft stoppers out there. We hope it’s helped you to find the one that’s right for your home.

Our top pick is the Suptikes silicone door stopper. It’s very easy to install and is great at keeping out both drafts and noise.

But for sheer cuteness, we love the cat and dog design stoppers from SwissElite. Keeping your room draft-free has never been so much fun!

Whichever option you choose, we hope you’re soon enjoying cozier, draft-free evenings.

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