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10 Best Door and Window Alarms of 2021 – Super Loud for Personal Security

Your home is your sanctuary, so it’s not surprising that you want to protect it. If you’re looking for a door or window alarm, there are lots of good options out there. But the sheer amount of choice can be confusing.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Here we take a look at ten of the best door and window alarms available now. We review their pros and cons, and guide you through the questions to ask yourself before you buy.

So step this way and find out how to make your home more secure…


The Best door and window alarms of 2021

1. GE 45115 Personal Security Window/Door Alarm Our Top Pick 

Best Door and Window Alarms 45115

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With GE’s kit you’ll get two alarms, which you can choose to use on either windows or doors.

Each can be turned on and off individually. You’ll be able to continue using windows or entrances where they’re installed. Just flip the switch and you’ll disable the alarm.

That alarm is 120 decibels, so anyone trying to break in will get a loud shock. And you’ll be alerted to the potential intruder.

You can also choose a chime function. If that’s selected, the unit will issue a single loud chime when the door or window is opened. Choose alarm instead, and it will keep beeping until it’s disabled.

Installation is very simple. The system is wireless, so there’s no need to run cables around your home.

All you need to do is stick the alarm to the window or door you want to protect. Inside the unit is a magnet. One end goes on the frame, the other end goes on the opening section. When the door or window is opened, the two sections will be separated, and the alarm triggered.

Double-sided tape to attach the alarms to your doors and windows is included in the package. It could do with being stickier, though. We’d recommend investing in some extra-strong sticky pads for an inexpensive fix. It’s a better option than being woken in the night if one half of the unit falls off!

The system is powered by batteries. Each alarm requires four LR44 batteries, which are included in the kit. A helpful indicator light on each unit will show you when they need to be replaced.

The design is simple and unobtrusive. Each alarm measures just under 2.4 inches high and 1.6 inches wide. Once they’re in place, you’ll barely notice them.

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2. Wsdcam Remote Control Door and Window Security Alarms

Best Door and Window Alarms Wsdcam

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With the Wsdcam alarm, you’ll get a single alarm unit but a range of different functions.

It’s installed in much the same way as the GE kit. The unit contains a magnet that triggers an alarm if the two parts are no longer next to one another. Just use the tape included in the package to stick the small section to the frame. The larger part then sticks to the door or window.

It will work equally well with sliding, crank or hung windows. You could use it for gates to pool areas too. There are no wires, and the alarm is powered by two AAA batteries.

This one also comes with a remote control, powered by a single 12-volt battery. That will allow you to arm or disarm the alarm, and to set it to doorbell or panic modes.

When the alarm is armed it will sound for 30 seconds if the door or window is opened. There’ll be a 15 second break before it will repeat, again for 30 seconds. It will continue doing that until the door or window is closed, or the alarm is disabled.

The doorbell function will chime once when the door or window is opened, notifying you if someone is entering or leaving. Press the panic button, and 105 decibels will sound continuously for 30 seconds. It will work no matter what mode the alarm is set to.

The wireless range is 49 feet, and you can buy additional remote controls. One alarm can be operated by up to 8 remotes.

Just remember that the remote is the only way to control the alarm. If you lose it and the alarm activates there are no switches to turn it off! You’ll need to remove the batteries from the unit to stop it beeping.

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3. SABRE Wireless Home Security Door Window Burglar Alarm

Best Door and Window Alarms SABRE

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SABRE’s alarm system comes in a choice of one, two or four-unit sets. The design is familiar – a wireless unit that contains a magnet. There’s a narrow strip to go on the window or door frame, and a larger part for the opening section.

The alarm unit is powered by four LR44 batteries. There’s a choice of either siren or chime modes, and it can be disabled when not needed.

All the settings are selected with a small toggle switch. There’s no remote control with this one.

The switch sits inside the unit, and you’ll have to remove a plastic cover to get at it. That makes it a more involved task than with other units. The switch is small too, so won’t be ideal for anyone who’s visually impaired.

When in siren mode the unit will emit an alarm of 120 decibels when triggered. That’s loud enough to be heard up to 750 feet away.

The chime mode works well on a door, where it will alert you to children or guests coming in or out. But beware: it is very loud. If you have close neighbors, you may get complaints.

There’s an indicator light to let you know when the alarm is armed. There’s also a button so you can test whether the battery is running low.

Installation is a simple case of sticking the unit to your chosen door or window using the included sticky pad. It won’t take you more than a minute.

Just check that all the pads are sufficiently sticky. Remember, if the alarm is armed and one part falls off, you’ll get a rude awakening!

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4. Toeeson 120DB Magnet Triggered Alarm for Doors and Windows

Best Door and Window Alarms Toeeson

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With Toeeson’s kit you’ll get six alarm units. It’s a great choice if you want to protect multiple windows and doors. And it’s very affordable too.

Again, there are no wires to worry about here. Each unit simply sticks to your door or window with double sided tape. A smaller section sits across from it on the door or window frame. The power comes from LR44 batteries, three in each alarm.

There are no different settings here. Once the alarm is in place, just switch it to armed using the toggle switch. As soon as the door or window opens, it will be triggered, beeping at 120 decibels. That’s loud enough to carry up to 750 feet. And it will keep going until the window or door is closed again.

There isn’t a chime function. If you want something to keep track of people regularly coming in and out, this won’t be it. But if you’re looking for an effective and cost effective alarm for multiple windows, it’s a good choice.

The alarm units are attractive too. They’re finished in matte silver with a black base, giving them a high-tech appearance. And they’re designed to resist dust and keep out insects.

There’s also a low battery indicator, so you’ll get plenty of warning to change the batteries. And if you want to open and close doors or windows without triggering the alarms, you can. Just switch them off using the toggle switch until you need them again.

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5. Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

Best Door and Window Alarms Ring

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With the Ring system you’ll need a base station as well as the sensor pack reviewed here. The whole kit is considerably more expensive than other alarms on our list. But it does offer some clever features.

There are no wires and the sensors are attached with double sided tape. One part fits on the opener, the other on the frame. The magnet inside triggers the alarm if the two parts are separated.

The design is minimalist and attractive. Both parts of each sensor are slimline and finished in gloss white with the “Ring” logo in gray.  It’s powered by a 3-volt lithium battery which is included in the package.

The clever part is that this is a system that’s designed to work with your smartphone. It’s compatible with Alexa too. You can use either to arm, disarm and check the status of all your sensors with your voice.

There are a range of settings. They include sending an alert to your phone without triggering an audible alarm. So if you want to, you can prevent intruders knowing they’ve been detected.

There’s also the option to purchase an active monitoring package from Ring. The price compares very favorably with other established providers of monitored systems. But we’ve heard some concerns about the reliability of the response when the alarm is triggered.

The separate base unit is five times the cost of the two door and window sensors. It includes the base unit itself, a keypad, motion detector and one sensor. There’s also a range extender to boost the signal from the base to all the system components.

Overall, you’ll be paying a significant amount of money for this set-up. But if you want a more sophisticated system you can control when you’re away from home, this could be it.

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6. Tritace Window Alarm with Vibration Sensor

Best Door and Window Alarms Tritace

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Tritace’s alarm system includes five sensors. And the whole thing is half the price of the two additional sensors for the Ring system.

For that, you’ll get attractive, slimline sensors finished in white. They look a little like small smoke detectors.

Unlike other systems, this is designed specifically for windows. Rather than being triggered when a door or window is opened, here the alarm will sound when the glass vibrates.

The manufacturers say it’s sensitive enough to respond to even slight vibrations. So if your windows aren’t as tightly fitting as you’d like, be aware that strong winds may activate them.

The siren is very loud too – 120 decibels.

Each sensor is powered by three LR44 batteries. They’ll last for between nine and twelve months. You’ll get a full set of fifteen replacement batteries included in the package too.

Installation is a little different to other systems.

The sensors will stick to your windows, but there’s no sticky tape. Instead, there’s a self-adhesive “glass layer” that sticks to the window. You then peel off a backing sheet on the sensor and stick that to the panel. If you remove or reposition the sensor, it won’t leave behind a sticky residue on the glass.

If you don’t need an alarm to cover your door, this could be a good choice.

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7. WOHOME Wireless Door and Window Alarm

Best Door and Window Alarms WOHOME

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Wohome’s five-piece alarm set is another very reasonably priced option. And it works equally well on either a door or a window.

There are no wires to trail around your home. Each sensor simply sticks to the entry point with double-sided tape. The power comes from three LR44 batteries for each unit. They’ll last for around a year with the alarms on standby.

As with most of the other systems on our list, each sensor comes in two parts. The larger side attaches to the opening section of the door or window. There’s then a smaller section to go onto the frame. They need to be no more than a centimeter apart.

The sensors contain magnets, so when the window or door is opened, the magnetic field is broken. That triggers the alarm – and 120 decibels of noise.

There are no different settings with this one, so if you’re looking for a chime option it won’t suit you. You simply slide a switch on the side to turn it on and off.

The sensors are finished in silver and black, and they look quite smart. And at 2.9 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide they’re also fairly discreet. There’s an LED indicator on the front to alert you if the batteries are running low.

You will need to precisely align the two parts of the sensor to stop the alarm constantly activating. If your window frames aren’t that well aligned, add a felt pad behind the rear part to bring them level. You’ll have a simple and reliable system at a very economical price.

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8. BITIWEND Wireless Door and Window Sensor Chime

Best Door and Window Alarms BITIWEND

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Bitiwend’s system will work for those who want to know when doors or windows are being opened. The two sensors here will chime once whenever that happens. But there’s no continuous alarm function.

There are, though, some other nice features. The kit includes two sensors and a base unit that plugs into your power supply. Each sensor uses one CR1632 three-volt battery.

There are no wires involved, and the wireless signal will stretch up to 600 feet in open areas. The base unit is fairly large. If you’ve got a double power point, it will cover both sockets. The sensors, however, are much more discreet – they’re small enough to sit in the palm of your hand.

The base unit allows you to set the chime to one of four volume levels. The softest is 25 decibels, ranging all the way to an unmissable 110 decibels.

But the choices don’t stop there. You can pick from no fewer than 52 different ringtones. You can even set different ringtones for different sensors, so you know which door or window has been triggered. The base unit lights up too, making it great for people with impaired hearing.

But note that there’s no battery indicator light. You’ll need to remember to keep testing the sensors to make sure there’s still juice.

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9. LACORAMO Wireless Door/Window Alarm

Best Door and Window Alarms LACORAMO

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With Lacoramo’s system, you can choose from sets with a receiver unit and either one or two sensors. And for each sensor, you’ll also get a remote control.

The receiver plugs into your power supply and the sensors are powered by long-lasting lithium batteries. You can use up to 16 sensors (each with their own remote control) with a single receiver.

Like the Bitiwend, you can choose from 52 different chimes for each sensor. Give each door and window a different chime and you’ll know which one is being activated. (At least, you will if you can remember which tune goes with which entry point!)

You can set the alert to any of four different levels, from 25 to 95 decibels. It can also be muted. Even on the maximum setting, though, it’s not as loud as most others.

Set your desired volume level using the remote control. You can also use that to arm and disable the alarms, or to select a chime function. With this one, it’s called “home”, and it will sound once when the door or window is opened.

The sensors can be fixed to doors or windows with screws, or by using the double-sided tape provided. The wireless range here is 656 feet.

Just make sure you check the sensors from time to time to ensure the batteries are still working. This is another system that lacks an indicator to tell you when they’re running low.

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10. Physen Wireless Door/Window Sensor Chime Kit

Best Door and Window Alarms Physen

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With the Physen kit, you’ll get two receivers and three sensors to fit on doors or windows. But note that if you install a sensor on a metal door the material will interfere with the signal. It will still work, but  you’ll need to have the receiver much closer.

If metal doors aren’t an issue, the wireless transmission here will cover up to 600 feet in an open space. Having two receivers – the bits that make the noise – gives you more flexibility. And it increases the chance of you hearing the alert, wherever you are in your home.

The receiver also lights up when the alert is triggered. So if you have impaired hearing, you’ll still be able to detect someone entering or leaving.

It’s important to note that this is a chime kit, rather than an alarm like the Lacoramo system. When the sensor is triggered, a single chime will sound. It won’t sound again until the door or window is closed and reopened.

If you’re worried about little ones getting out of the house without you noticing, it’s a good option. But it won’t be the best choice if you want to stop a burglar in their tracks.

This is another system that offers you a large choice of chimes – 52 in all. Choose different ones to help you identify which window or door has been triggered.

And you can choose from four different volume levels too, from 25 to 110 decibels.

Installation is easy. The compact receiver plugs into a power point, while the sensors stick to your doors and windows with double-sided tape.

Sadly, this is another system that doesn’t include an LED indicator to tell you when your sensor batteries are low. Make sure you test them from time to time to stay safe.

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Buying guide

Need some help choosing the right door and window alarm for your home? Read on for our guide to the questions you need to answer before you make your selection.

Alarm or chime?

Start by considering exactly what you want your system to tell you. If you have escapologist children, a chime might be the right choice. That will give a single alert when someone opens or closes a window or door. You won’t panic the neighborhood, but you will be able to set off in hot pursuit of your offspring!

But if your concern is home security, you’ll want a system that offers a continuous alarm. And you’ll need it to be loud enough to be heard throughout your home, and wake you if you’re asleep.

Some systems offer either option for the best of both worlds. But you’ll need to remember to switch to the correct mode.

Make sure you can hear it

An alarm is no good if you can’t hear it! Many of those on our list have a maximum volume of 120 decibels. That’s loud enough for most people to hear up to 750 feet away.

Others have a maximum of 95 or 110 decibels. These are usually chime systems, where you don’t want what’s effectively a doorbell shattering your eardrums.

Sets that come with two receivers can be a good option. You can position these in different parts of your home. That way they’ll still be audible at a lower volume.

Remote control or manual operation?

Finally, consider whether you want to operate your alarm by a switch or remote control. Switches are simple, but you’ll have to be right next to the sensor. And a canny burglar may be able to disable them quickly.

Remote controls allow you to arm and disarm sensors from across the room. But if you lose the control, you’ll have to remove the battery in your alarm to make it stop beeping.

Time to choose!

That brings us to the end of our guide to ten of the best door and window alarms out there. We hope it’s given you the information you need to make the choice that’s right for you.

Our top pick is GE’s two sensor kit. It’s inexpensive, simple to install and use, and offers alarm and chime functions.  And it’s nice and loud too.

Whichever system you choose, you’ll be investing in your peace of mind. With plenty of modestly priced options out there, we think that’s a wise approach.

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