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10 Best Cat Window Perches, Beds & Seats of 2022

A window perch can give cats hours of entertainment. And watching them survey their domain can be just as entertaining for their owners!

If you want to treat your pet to their very own ringside seat, you’ll find you have plenty of choices. With a whole range of different designs on the market, finding the right one can be a headache.

That’s where we come in! Here, we take a look at the ten best cat window perches out there right now. And we help you identify the features to look for to select the perfect option for your favorite feline.

window cat perch K&H
K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill

  • Orthopedic foam surface and fleece cover for ultimate coziness
  • Removable and machine washable cover for easy cleaning
  • The option of a heated version for the winter months


The Best Cat Window Perch, Bed & Seat of 2022

1. K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill (Our Top Pick)

window cat perch Kitty

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If your cat enjoys a fluffy surface to lie on, this perch from K&H Products is well worth considering.

The cover is made of warm, cozy fleece, and it comes in a choice of two colors. The pale cream faux lambskin will be perfect for sophisticated felines. Or choose the zebra print for those who are wild at heart. Both options are removable, so you can pop them in the washing machine when they get grubby.

The perch is made of orthopedic foam, so it will mold itself to the contours of your cat’s body. That means it will be exceptionally comfortable for your pet.

It fixes to your windowsill on plastic mounts that curl around to look like a traditional park bench. They’re sturdy enough to hold cats up to 40 pounds, so even the largest pets will be secure. And if you’ve got a couple of smaller cats, they’ll be fine too.

It will work with windowsills as narrow as two inches. You won’t need any tools to install it – strong Velcro tape is included to hold it in place.

But note that if your window gets hot sun, you may find the tape becomes less sticky. If you want the confidence of a more secure fit, you can also screw it into position. Screws are included in the pack.

Installation is easy, but note that you may need a bit of force to snap the plastic mounts into place.

This version is unheated, but the same design also comes with a six-watt heater. That will be perfect to keep your cat snug and warm in the winter months.


  • Orthopedic foam surface and fleece cover for ultimate coziness
  • Removable and machine washable cover for easy cleaning
  • The option of a heated version for the winter months


  • Don’t rely on the Velcro tape – screwing it into place is far more secure
  • You’ll need a windowsill at least two inches wide.

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2. Noyal Cat Window Seat Perch for Resting

window cat perch Noyal

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If your cat prefers a cooler surface to laze on, this perch from Noyal could be ideal. The surface is breathable Oxford cloth stretched across a plastic frame, so your pet won’t get hot under the collar.

There are no screws to install this one, and you won’t need a windowsill at all. It simply attaches to your window with four industrial-strength suction cups. Two sit above the perch and hold stainless steel wires with a PVC coating for safety. The other two sit at the edge of the perch.

Together, they will hold a weight of up to 30 pounds. And they’ll cope with the impact of a cat leaping on and off too.

The platform for your cat measures 21 ¼ inches long by 12 5/8 inches wide. The hanging cords are 26 inches long.

While this perch has had many satisfied customers, it’s worth noting that the suction cups don’t work for everyone. Some people have struggled to get them to stay securely on their windows.

To get better suction, make sure your window is clean and dry. Then soak the suction cups in warm water for a few minutes. Dry them thoroughly before pressing in place. Finally, press them firmly to squeeze out the air.

There’s one other vulnerability in the design that’s worth being aware of. The wire cables are held together with a metal clip. The clip is very small, but if it breaks – as we’ve heard has happened in at least one case – the perch will fall.


  • Breathable surface helps your cat keep cool
  • No windowsill required for installation
  • Designed to hold up to 30 pounds


  • The suction cups need proper preparation to work effectively
  • Check the metal clip holding the wire together during installation. If it’s damaged and snaps, the perch will fall.

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3. PetPawJoy Cat Window Perch

cat window seat PetPawJoy

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This perch from PetPawJoy uses the same design with four suction cups, so you won’t need a windowsill. It will be suitable for cats weighing up to 30 pounds.

The platform here is 22 inches long and 12 inches wide. Add a couple of extra inches to the required measurement for your window to account for the large suction cups. The steel hanging cords are 23 inches long.

The surface is covered in Oxford cloth, so it will allow the air to circulate and keep your cat cool. It’s not particularly soft, but it’s easy to brush clean of fur. Adding a towel or blanket in cooler weather will make it cozier for your pet.

You don’t need to worry about removing the perch any time you want to close your blinds. The platform can be slid off the lower suction cups and left hanging by the cords.

Installation is fairly straightforward, although it may take a few extra minutes to makes sense of the translated instructions. And stretching the fabric properly over the frame takes some effort.

We’ve heard variable reports on the strength of the suction cups. Some people have found they’ve worked brilliantly, others not at all.  The issue may be either quality control or user error. Both the window and suction cups need to be pristine for a secure fit. And pressing out the air will help too.


  • No windowsill required for installation
  • The Oxford cloth surface doesn’t trap hair
  • The base of the perch can be removed from the suction cups to allow blinds to close easily


  • Variable reports on the effectiveness of the suction cups
  • The poorly translated instructions take a bit of figuring out.

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4. Selify Cat Window Hammock

cat window seat Selify

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If you like the idea of a cat perch with suction pads but are worried about their stability, read on! This one from Selify uses four extra-large 3.5-inch pads for superior adherence to your window.

The cat perch will hold up to an impressive 60 pounds in weight. It’s sturdy enough for two large cats. Just make sure that your window is big enough to accommodate it. It will need to be at least 28.5 inches wide and 26 inches tall.

The perch itself is a generous 26 inches by 14 inches, making it one of the largest we’ve found. The surface is formed of food-grade mesh, stretched over a tough ABS plastic frame. It comes with a thick, cozy blanket that sits on top. That blanket is machine washable, so it’s easy to keep clean.

The hanging cords are made of stainless steel. They’re coated in rubber to prevent any injury to your cat.

Note that, although this is a sturdier set of suction cups, you will still need to check them regularly. The adhesion can reduce over time. A daily inspection is recommended to make sure they’re still secure. The good news is that if the suction caps degrade, they can be replaced.


  • Extra-large suction cups for a more secure installation
  • Generous 26-inch by 14-inch platform
  • Comes with a washable blanket so it’s comfy for your cat


  • Your window will need to be at least 28.5 inches wide and 26 inches tall for this to fit
  • You’ll still need to check the suction cups regularly to make sure they’re secure.

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5. LsaiFater Cat Window Perch

cat window seat LsaiFater

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This perch attaches to the window using four suction cups, but here the design is somewhat different. There are the same two cups attached to the rear edges of the perch. The others, however, are below the perch rather than above it.

This means that, as your cat sits on the perch, there are no cords anywhere nearby. Instead, two solid steel bars sit run from below the platform to the suction cups on the window.

It comes in a choice of medium or large, either of which will hold up to 50 pounds. The medium version measures 20.4 inches by 11.8 inches. The large is four inches longer and 0.2 inches wider (the measurement from the front to the back of the perch).

The suction cups here are very strong. There are pull tabs that help you remove them or adjust the position if required.

The perch is made from firm fabric. It’s stable and breathable, but you’ll want to put a blanket on top so it’s comfortable for your cat.

One thing to note with this design is that it relies on weight pushing down on the poles to keep them in place. If the perch shifts upwards for any reason, they will fall. That’s unlikely to happen with your cat on top of it. But if you knock it when it’s not in use, the poles could fall and damage your wall or window.


  • The clever design means no cables anywhere near your cat
  • Choice of two different sizes
  • Will hold up to 50 pounds


  • The firm surface will need a blanket to be more comfortable for your pet
  • The poles can fall down if there’s any upward pressure on the perch.

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6. Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Window Perch

best cat window perch Kitty

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Kitty Cot claims to be the original manufacturers of this style of window perch. It uses two suction cups above the perch, with the platform suspended from them by two steel cables. A further two suction cups are positioned at the rear edge of the platform.

It’s rated to hold about 25 pounds, so it’s not quite as sturdy as some others out there. The platform is formed from interlocking plastic tubes, with a black fabric known as “Tiger-Mesh” over the top. This is extremely strong, resisting damage from teeth and claws.

It’s easy to clean with soap and water too – but it isn’t particularly good for snuggling! If you want to create a cozier space for your cat, place a blanket on top.

As with later perches using this design, the longevity of the suction pads are an issue. Make sure both your window and the pads stay clean, and check them regularly.

That’s a particular concern with this perch because the steel cables don’t have any form of padding. We’ve heard of one upsetting case where a cat was injured by a cable wrapped around his paw.

If this is the perch you choose, we’d recommend buying some rubber tubing and slipping it over the cables. Alternatively, you may want to make the perch available only when you’re home to supervise.


  • Strong Tiger-Mesh platform
  • Can be installed on windows without windowsills


  • The steel cables don’t have any padding
  • You’ll need to check the suction cups regularly to ensure they’re still sticking.

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7. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch

best cat window perch PetFusion

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If your cats love climbing, this climbing perch from PetFusion is a great option.

It’s built as a 45-inch high tower, with a platform on top. The base is 16 inches by 12 inches, and an inch thick, giving the tower a solid foundation.

The weight of the perch is held mainly by the stand, but there are three suction cups on the edge. These attach to your window as an important aid to keeping it stable. They work well – but only if you don’t have a windowsill or large moldings. If you do, they won’t reach the glass.

And note that the design means you’ll need to move the whole perch if it’s attached to an opening window.

The central part of the tower is a 42-inch scratching post covered in sisal. It’s the perfect spot for your cats to sharpen their claws! If they’re keen scratchers, you’ll be pleased to know that replacement posts are available separately.

And if they prefer a different height, you can add or remove sections. There’s no obvious way down, other than a clean jump. For older cats in particular, you may want to reduce the height.

The upper platform is 20.5 inches long by 16.5 inches wide. There’s an opening on the left-hand corner facing into the room, helping your cat get up more easily. And a cushioned pad sits on top for comfort.


  • Secure design with the tower taking most of the weight of the platform
  • Well constructed from sturdy materials
  • Flexible height


  • If you have a windowsill or thick moldings, the suction cups won’t reach the glass
  • You’ll need to move the perch to open any window it’s attached to.

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8. Oster Sunny Seat Cat Window Bed

cat window bed Oster

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Oster’s Sunny Seat is another one that uses the four suction cup design. Two are positioned higher up, with steel cables suspending the front edge of the platform. The remaining two are positioned on the rear edge.

This is an inexpensive take on the design. The shiny polyester cover may not be the best looking, but it’s removable and washable. And if you’re planning to make it cozier with a cushion or blanket, you won’t see it anyway.

The cables here don’t have any coating. If you choose this one, we’d recommend adding rubber tubing for safety. It’s available at hardware stores and is very cheap. Just cut along one side and slip it over the wires. You won’t need to worry about injuries if your cat gnaws at them or manages to get tangled up.

This is another design where the suction cups are key to success – and again, we’ve heard mixed reviews. As ever, make sure you check the contact area regularly to ensure it’s still secure.


  • Inexpensive but effective
  • Removable and washable cover


  • There’s no padding to cover the steel cables
  • The stickiness of the suction cups can be hit and miss.

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9. Ultimate Cat Window Perch

cat window bed Ultimate

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The Ultimate Cat Perch uses a similar design to the one from LsaiFater. There are four suction cups, two on the edge of the perch and two below. Clear acrylic rods run from the lower suction cups to the front edge of the perch to support it.

The design means there are no cables. You won’t need to worry about your cat trying to chew them, or getting tangled up.

The fabric cover is a neutral shade and nice and strong. Many cats will thank you for adding a cushion or blanket though, as it’s very firm.

This perch is rated for up to 80 pounds. But as with all designs that use suction cups, this is very much reliant on the cups holding. You’ll need a clean window and cups to achieve that. They won’t work on frosted or textured glass. And if the glass experiences big temperature changes, the hold can loosen.

Your window will need to be at least 24 inches wide in order to fit the perch. And the lower rods mean it will sit at least 11 inches above the bottom of your window. Depending on how high that is, and the age and agility of your cat, they may need help to reach.


  • Sturdy acrylic rods mean there are no wires near your cat
  • Designed to hold up to 80 pounds
  • Resilient fabric cover in a neutral shade


  • The design requires extra height, so your cats may need to jump up high
  • The suction cups won’t work effectively on all windows.

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10. K&H Pet Products Double Stack Kitty Sill

cat window bed Kitty

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For a little extra fun, why not check out this double-decker perch from K&H Products? This one gives your cat a choice of two levels to sunbathe. And if you have a couple of fur babies, they may want to take one each.

Your window will need to be at least 24 inches wide by 30 inches high for this to fit.

There are six suction caps – two at the rear of each level, and two higher up from which nylon straps extend. They won’t be quite as strong as steel wires, but you won’t have to worry about any injuries.

And unlike many other perches, the frame here is made of steel, rather than plastic. That makes it very sturdy, as well as giving it a more streamlined look.

Each layer comes with a furry cover for your cat to snuggle up on. You’ll find they gather quite a lot of cat hair, but they are washable. Give them a once over with a lint roller before laundering, and you won’t clog up your washing machine.

When not in use, the perch can fold flat against the window. That means there won’t be anything to get in the way of you closing your blinds at night.

Where people have encountered problems with this perch it’s with – you’ve guessed it – the suction cups. The top ones in particular, designed to “twist and stick”, are liable to sliding off over time.


  • Double perch for adventurous cats
  • Folds flat against the window so you can close your blinds
  • Machine washable furry covers on each layer


  • Your window needs to be at least 24 inches wide and 30 inches high
  • The top suction cups in particular are prone to getting less sticky over time.

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Buying guide

If you’re not sure which option to choose, just consider the questions below. They’ll help you find the perfect match for your kitty.

How big is your cat?

To start with, make sure your perch is the right size for your cat! Platform sizes can vary considerably, so check the dimensions.

And check the weight capacity too. It’s always wisest to take measurements from manufacturers with a pinch of salt, especially if the perch involves suction caps.

If you’re in any doubt about whether the perch will hold your cat safely, position it low to start with. Place cushions underneath for a soft landing. And make sure you’re on hand to deal with any problems the first few times your cat uses it.

Consider your window

Make sure that your window will work with your preferred perch.

If it has deep sills or moldings, towers that have suction caps on the edge of the perch may not work. You may find that they don’t reach the glass.

If your window is exposed to significant temperature changes – perhaps because it’s in direct sunlight –  suction caps may slip. A better option may be designs that use brackets to hold the perch in place. Just make sure your windowsill is wide enough.

Check too that your window is large enough for your perch. For some designs, that will mean they require a large enough glass surface to hold several suction caps.

If your perch uses rods that sit below the platform, consider the height of the bottom of your window. The rods will raise your perch well above this. Your cat will need to be agile enough to reach it.

What features will encourage your pet to use their new perch?

Finally, think about what will encourage your cat to use their new perch. If they like climbing and being up high, a tower could be a great choice. Adventurous cats may love being able to move between levels on a double-decker perch.

And check the material for the fabric too. Some feline friends will prefer a firm surface beneath them. But many will like something fluffy and cushioned. There are even heated versions out there to keep their tummies warm!

Ready to choose the perfect cat window perch?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of the ten best cat window perches out there. Whatever your cat’s preferences – and yours! – we hope there’s an option here to suit.

Our top pick is the Kitty Sill from K&H Pet Products. We love the comfy, furry cover and the option of a heated platform. Screw this perch in place, and you’ll never have to worry about it collapsing beneath your beloved pet.

But if you don’t have a windowsill to rest your perch, Oster’s Sunny Seat is a good and inexpensive option. Just check the suction cups regularly to be sure they’re continuing to hold firm.

Enjoy your shopping – and here’s to happy cats!

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