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10 Best Cat Doors of 2022 – Interior Cat Door Reviews

Ah, cats! Funny, loving, naughty – and independent. If you’re fed up of being your cat’s doorman, a cat door is the perfect answer. And they’re a great way for your pet to get in and out when you’re not at home.

But with so many cat-loving households, it’s hardly surprising that there’s also a bewildering array of products to choose from. That’s where we come in! We’re going to review ten of the best cat doors on the market today. And we’ll help you choose the features to get the perfect fit for your fur baby.

So let’s put our best paw forward, and check out some great options…

best cat door PetSafe
PetSafe Interior Cat Door
  • PRIVATE ACCESS FOR YOUR CAT: Give your cat unlimited access to her personal spaces (like her litter box and food) even while the human door is closed to keep odors (and the dog and kids) out
  • EASY TRAINING: The transparent flap allows your cat to see her litter box on the other side of the door, making training and acclimation stress-free
  • DIY INSTALLATION: Easily fits any interior wood, storm, PVC, paneled or metal doors 1/2 - 2 in thick; includes detailed instructions, cutting template and hardware for your convenience
  • OPTIONS THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME: Place multiple cat doors in closet doors, laundry room doors, or cabinets for exclusive access to food or litterbox areas; designed for cats and small dogs up to 15 lb
  • LOCK AND UNLOCK: The sliding lock gives you the option to close off the room whenever you choose


The Best Cat Door On the Market 2022

1. PetSafe Interior Cat Door (Our Top Pick)

best cat door PetSafe

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If you want to let your cat access other rooms in your home, check out this door from PetSafe. It’s designed specifically for interior doors.

The opening is 5.7 inches square. With the frame, it’s 7.5 inches high and 7.9 inches wide. That’s big enough for cats up to 15 pounds in weight.

It’s transparent, so your cat will be able to see straight through it. That’s a big help when it comes to training, giving your pet the confidence to walk through.

It will fit any interior door, paneled or flat, as long as it’s between 0.5 and 2 inches thick.

But note, if your door is hollow – as most interior doors are – you’ll have a gap between the two sides. That can allow your cat’s tail to get stuck, so it’s a good idea to fill it. Canvas tape is a good option, or some people have used spray foam.

It comes with a sliding lock and you can choose between two different models.

The two-way lock simply allows you to lock or open the door. The four-way option is a little more expensive, but gives more flexibility. You can prevent it opening in either direction, in one direction only, or you can give your cat open access.

Whichever model you choose, you won’t be spending a lot of money. Even the four-lock option costs the same as about three cups of artisan coffee.

If you’re sensitive to noise, be aware that the door does rattle and creak. You can reduce the volume by wrapping the pegs which form the joint in the hinge in electrical tape.


  • Transparent door gives your cat the confidence to step through
  • Sliding lock, with two-way or four-way locking options
  • Works with any kind of interior door


  • If your door is hollow, you’ll have a gap between the two sides
  • Will rattle and creak during use.

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2. Depets Large Cat Door for Interior and Exterior Doors

best cat door Depets

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If you’re looking for a cat door for an exterior entrance, this one from Depets could be for you.

It measures 9.9 inches high, 9.25 inches wide and it’s 2.2 inches deep overall. The opening section is 8.3 inches high and 7.7 inches wide. It’s suitable for cats weighing under 17.6 pounds with a girth of less than 23.6 inches.

It comes with a four-way locking system, so you have complete control over entry and exit. Choose between open access, in-only, out-only, or locked. The red and green switches make it easy to work out what you’re doing.

The rigid plastic door is transparent, so your cat can scope out the territory before going through. It shuts tightly to keep out drafts, and there’s a brush strip to reduce the noise of it flapping.

It comes with all the hardware you need for installation. There are four screws for the front panel and four for the rear. But note that if your door is a little deeper, you may need to change them for longer versions.

The installation instructions aren’t as clear as they could be, and the magnet is perhaps a little too strong. Smaller cats may struggle to open it if they’re cautious in their approach. If this is a problem for your cat, you can detach the magnet to make their life easier.


  • Four-way locking system
  • Large enough for cats weighing up to 17.6 pounds
  • Brush strip keeps out drafts and reduces noise levels


  • The installation instructions aren’t as clear as they could be
  • The strong magnet may make it tricky for lighter cats to push open the door.

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3. The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

best cat door Kitty

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The Kitty Pass interior door is a super-cute way of giving your cat access to another room. The arch-shaped hole will let your cat pass through freely, without having to push a door.

It’s small enough to prevent odors from a litter tray pervading the house. And none but the smallest dogs will be able to get through to cramp your cat’s style!

One side of the hole is framed with cat ears, the other has a tail curling up from the top. It’s the kind of detail that will raise a smile from any cat lover. And there are no logos or screw holes to detract from the design.

It will fit any interior door between 1.25 and 1.75 inches thick. The opening is 7.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall, making it suitable for cats up to 20 pounds. It’s finished in semi-gloss white, but can be painted in other colors to match your décor.

Installation is pretty simple, but beware of the template that’s included. It’s too big for the cat door! Simply draw around the edge of the frame instead for the perfect result.

And note that this comes with adhesive strips to attach it to your door. They’re pretty strong, but if puss is going in and out regularly, they may wear out over time. Add some glue and you won’t have to worry about reattaching it in future.


  • Super-cute design will make any cat lover smile
  • No door to make a noise or put your cat off using the hole
  • Can be painted any shade to match your door


  • Don’t rely on the template included in the pack for installation
  • The adhesive strips won’t stay sticky forever – add some glue for a more secure fit.

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4. PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Dog and Cat Door

cat doors Petsafe

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The Freedom cat door from PetSafe is a sturdy option for anyone wanting to give their cat an external exit.

The frame is made of aluminum rather than plastic, so it’s strong yet lightweight. The corners are reinforced too, so it will cope well in households with multiple pets.

It’s available in a choice of sizes. Choose small if your cat is 15 pounds or less. The opening is just over inches high and 5.25 inches wide. The medium version will be big enough for cats and small dogs up to 40 pounds. With this one, the opening is 12.25 inches tall and 8.25 inches wide.

The flap is flexible, so there’s no hard surface to put cats off. We have, though, heard of some issues with it not closing tightly after use. If you live in an area with colder weather, it may not be the best choice.

On the plus side, it’s translucent. That means your cat will be able to see some of what’s going down on the other side. When you want to secure the door, a rigid panel slides into place.

The design will work with all kinds of interior and exterior doors, including metal and storm doors. Your door will need to be between 0.4 and 2 inches thick.

Installation is fairly straightforward, though if you have a metal door it may take more effort. Note, though, that the bolts supplied for joining the front and rear sections are plastic. You may prefer to swap them for metal versions for a more secure result.


  • Works in interior or exterior doors
  • Sturdy aluminum frame and reinforced corners
  • Flexible flap means no hard surfaces to discourage your cat from using it


  • The flap doesn’t always close up tightly after use
  • The bolts supplied to join the front and rear sections are plastic rather than metal.

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5. PetSafe Plastic Pet Door with Soft Tinted Flap

cat doors Plastic

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If you want to paint your cat door to match your existing door, this one from PetSafe could be a winner.

As with the Freedom cat door from the same manufacturer, this is available in a range of sizes. Choose small for cats up to 15 pounds, and medium for larger moggies. The latter will be large enough for animals up to 40 pounds in weight. The frame is made of plastic, so it suits homes with lighter use.

It will fit in either interior or exterior doors, as long as they’re between 0.7 inches and 2 inches thick. The softly tinted flap will be comfortable for your cat to use.

There’s a snap-on panel for when you want to prevent access. This isn’t, however, particularly robust. For most cats is will probably be fine. But if the door is going to be used by a dog too, you may prefer something that’s more sturdy.

The door comes with mounting screws for installation, but note that this is another case where the screws are plastic. We’d recommend replacing them with metal screws for better results.


  • Frame can be painted to match your door
  • Choice of sizes for cats or small dogs up to 40 pounds
  • The softly tinted flap will be comfortable against your cat’s head


  • The mounting screws included in the pack are plastic instead of metal
  • The snap-on panel to close the door is rather flimsy.

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6. PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel

cat doors Wall

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If you need an exit for your cat somewhere there’s no door, this wall entry option could be the answer.

The two ends here are joined by a telescoping tunnel for your cat to walk through. It will fit walls anywhere between 4.75 and 7.25 inches thick. And if your wall is thicker than that, don’t worry. It’s possible to buy an extension kit separately.

The softcover means your cat won’t have to push against any hard surfaces. And there are two flaps to keep out drafts and wet weather.

But note that the two flaps together do mean it’s quite difficult for pets to see out. If your cat is timid, they may be reluctant to use it. The problem can be addressed by removing one of the flaps – but there are better options for less confident felines.

The opening section measures 8.25 inches wide by 12.25 inches high. It will accommodate pets up to 40 pounds, so even the largest cats won’t have a problem getting through. But note that the telescoping section is made of plastic. That means it’s not quite as sturdy as it would be if it were metal.


  • Great option for creating a cat door in an exterior wall
  • Accommodates pets up to 40 pounds
  • Dual flaps will help insulate against cold and wet weather


  • Timid cats may be put off by the dual flaps
  • The telescoping section is made of plastic rather than metal.

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7. Purrfect Portal Interior Cat Door

interior cat door Purrfect

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The Purrfect Portal model is another cat door that simply frames a hole in an interior door. Here the template produces a hole with ears for extra cuteness. Both sides of the frame are shaped like a cat’s head.

At 8.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide, this is big enough for larger cats too. It will fit any door that’s between 1.25 and 1.75 inches thick.

With this one, there’s no gap – even if used with a hollow-core door. You won’t have to worry about your cat getting their paws or tail caught. And with no flap, there’s nothing for your cat to work out, and no noise as it swings.

The finish here is a little busier than the similar design from Kitty Pass. There’s a ridged surface and the Purrfect Portal logo sits in the center.

Rather than attaching with self-adhesive strips, this one has pre-drilled screw holes. It comes with eight metal screws and screw caps that match the rest of the frame. The result is a neat and secure finish. And you won’t have to worry about glue wearing out over time.

But note that if you have a hollow door, you may want to replace the screws at the top. They’re not long enough to go through to the back panel, so they’ll just be sitting in the door cavity.


  • No gaps between the front and back, even with hollow core doors
  • Attaches securely to interior doors, with screws and screw caps included in the package
  • No flap means no noise – and nothing to deter your cat from walking through


  • The design may be a little busy for some people’s taste
  • The top screws could be a bit longer for a secure fit in hollow doors.

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8. PetSafe Interior and Exterior Microchip RFID Cat Door (Best Exterior Door)

interior cat door

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If you’re fed up of other people’s cats invading your home, PetSafe’s microchip cat door could change your life. If you’ve got a microchipped cat that’s stressed by trespassers, it will be worth its weight in gold.

It’s large and sturdy enough to be used by cats up to 25 pounds in weight. And you can program it to admit up to 40 different pets. That’s going to be more than enough for most households!

Programming is simple, and once it’s recognized your pet’s chip, it will give it access. Choose between letting your cat in only, out only, go both ways, or lock it up completely. Whatever access setting you choose, you’ll know only your cat will be able to use it.

The magnet here is strong, and it’s very effective at keeping the door closed and your room draft-free. But the extra effort required means you may need some patience to encourage your cats to use it. Keep at it and use treats as an incentive. They’ll get there in the end.

One thing to note is that the door only reads chips one way. It will keep out trespasser cats, but won’t allow you to keep in some pets but not others.


  • Genuinely life-changing for microchipped pets – and their owners – stressed by trespassers
  • Can be programmed to admit up to 40 pets
  • Four-way lock


  • The strong magnet means some cats will need encouragement to use it at first
  • Only reads chips one way, so won’t allow you to keep only some of your pets inside.

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9. Ideal Pet Products Cat Door

interior cat door Ideal

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This well-priced cat door from Ideal Pet Products is a good option for smaller cats. The opening section is 6.25 inches square. It will comfortably accommodate pusses up to 12 pounds, or between 2 and 5 inches wide across the shoulders.

It has a four-way lock for flexible access. Use it to let your cat roam free, keep them inside, or let them go only in or out.

Note, however, that crafty cats have been known to figure out how to get around the “in-only” restriction. By hooking a claw under the edge, they can raise the door and get out anyway. If you’ve got a cat who’s related to Houdini, there may be better options out there.

The lock is also a little fiddly and flimsy. If you plan to lock your cat flap regularly, you may prefer a model with a more robust lever.

It’s weatherproof and can be installed in interior or exterior doors, or even walls. There’s a telescoping middle section, so there’ll be no gaps when installed in hollow doors or cavity walls.

The opener is made of a resilient clear plastic called Lexan. It will allow your cat a clear view of what’s going on outside. And it’s so strong the manufacturer claims it’s “unbreakable”.


  • Inexpensive but robust door for smaller cats
  • Can be installed in interior or exterior doors or walls without leaving any gaps
  • Four-way lock for flexible access


  • Craftier cats can let themselves out when the door is on the “in-only” setting
  • The locking lever is a bit fiddly and flimsy.

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10. Cathole Interior Pet Door with Grooming Brush

interior cat door Cathole

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If your cat loves to be groomed, Cathole’s interior pet door is going to make their day!

It’s a simple arch designed to be installed in interior doors. But the magic here is with the built-in grooming brush that runs around the edge. That means that every time your cat passes through, they get a relaxing brush!

It comes in a natural pine finish, but can be painted or stained to match your door. It works just as well in a hollow door as a solid one. You won’t be left with a gap between the sides, and the frame keeps the door rigid.

And if you’re not sure how your cat will take to the brush, worry not. You can take the brush out if your cat doesn’t approve. Note though, that if you have a hollow door, you will be left with a void there. Covering with canvas tape or spray foam are good options.

Installation is pretty easy, but we have heard of some instances where the screw holes haven’t been properly countersunk. That’s made it impossible to fit the matching screw caps over the holes for a neater finish.


  • Clever design for cats that love to be groomed
  • Can be painted to match your door
  • The brush can be removed if needed


  • If you do decide to remove the brush and you have a hollow door, you’ll be left with a gap
  • We’ve heard of some cases where the screw holes haven’t been properly countersunk.

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Buying guide

If you’re still unsure which is the perfect cat door for your feline friend, read on! Here are some questions to consider before you make your final choice.

Interior or exterior?

To start with, decide where you want to put your cat door.

If you’re going to be installing it on an exterior door, you’ll need something able to stand up to the elements. Look for options with good magnets to avoid drafts. Some models also have brush lining to help with insulation.

If you’re installing in an interior door, check whether that door is solid or hollow. If it’s hollow, look for options that won’t leave a gap between the two halves of the frame. If there will be a gap, you’re going to allow dirt and bugs inside your door.

And whether you’re installing your cat door in a wall or door, check the depth requirement. If your door or wall is too thick, you’ll be left with a gap between the front and rear sections. And that can mean a hazard for your pet.

How big is your cat?

Next, make sure that your cat door is the right size for your cat. Some come in a range of different sizes. Make sure that you’re looking at the dimensions of the opening section, rather than the whole thing.

If in doubt about which size to choose, always go for the bigger option. It will make it easier for your cat to use the door.

And note too that some cat doors are easier to open than others. If your cat is small and light, options with stronger magnets may be difficult for them to use. If you can, check the force needed to open the door before you buy.

Think about security

Cat flaps are usually small enough that you won’t need to worry about them being used by human trespassers. But other cats can be a different matter. And having rivals invade their home can be a major stress trigger for your pet.

Look for options that allow you to restrict access. Some cat flaps do this using locks, whilst others have separate panels that slide into place.

If your cat is microchipped, cat doors that read the chips are a fantastic invention. Program them for your pet, and they’ll never have to worry about their territory being invaded again.

Ready to choose?

That brings us to the end of our low-down of the ten best cat doors out there right now. We hope we’ve helped you choose the perfect door for your pet.

Our top pick for indoor use is the PetSafe interior cat door. With a choice of two or four-way locks, it gives plenty of flexibility. And the transparent door means your cat can be confident using it.

But for exterior doors, we love PetSafe’s Microchip RFID door. If your cat has been chipped, there’s no better way of giving them their freedom whilst keeping out other cats.

Whichever option you choose, your cat will love you for it. And you’ll love giving up your role as doorman!

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