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10 Best Battery Operated Window Candles of 2022 – Electric Window Candles for Christmas

There’s nothing more welcoming on a dark night than a candle burning in a window. And if you want a friendly light that won’t set fire to your curtains, a battery-operated version is the perfect choice.

Head online, though, and you’ll find so many different versions the choice can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we can help! Here we check out ten of the best battery-operated window candles on the market. And we consider the features to look for before you buy.

Ready? Let’s get started!

YIWER Best Battery Operated Window Candles
YIWER Flameless Battery Operated Window Candles
These are, though, so inexpensive that replacing the whole set won’t cost more than a few cups of artisan coffee. We think they’re well worth the investment.


The Best Battery Operated Window Candles of 2022

1. LampLust Christmas Window Candles with Gold Holders

Best Battery Operated Window Candles LampLust

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If you’re looking for multiple window candles, this set from LampLust is well worth a look. And with eight in each pack, you’ll have plenty to dress your windows in style.

Because the bases are narrow, you won’t need a lot of room to create a sumptuous display. They also come with clear plastic clips and suction cups. These allow you to stick them to the window so that they won’t topple over.

Each lamp is classically styled with a pure white candle. It’s sculpted to appear as if melting wax is running down the side, and it stands in a gold-colored base.

The set is perfect for decorating your home during the festive season. But it will look equally good at any time of year. You could even use the candles to style your dining table for a special occasion.

The light comes from a warm LED. The glass bulb is shaped like a flickering flame.

We particularly like the fact that this set comes with a remote control. It allows you to switch the candles on and off from the comfort of your chair. You can also choose from two different lighting modes: flickering or steady light.

And you can set a timer too. Choose to switch the lights on and off at either four or eight-hour intervals.

You’ll get a full set of 16 AA batteries included in the package. And there’s a 90-day warranty for peace of mind.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind with these. They aren’t the brightest lights out there. If you’re looking for a welcoming glow, they’ll be perfect. If you want to light a space, choose a different option.

And we’ve found that the synchronization with the timer drifts over time. After a while, you may find your candles switching on and off at slightly different points.

All in all, though, this is a great set of window candles at a very competitive price.

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2. YIWER Flameless Battery Operated Window Candles (Our Top Pick)

Best Electric Window Candles YIWER

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If you’re looking for pillar candles, this set of three from YIWER could be a perfect choice. The stems here are real wax rather than plastic. You won’t find a more realistic looking battery-operated window candle.

Each set of three includes one candle that stands three inches tall, one that’s four inches, and one that’s five. They have a generous diameter of a little over three inches, giving them a luxurious appearance. They look great positioned in a group, particularly surrounded by a festive garland or wreath.

Each candle is operated by two AA batteries. The batteries aren’t included in the pack, though, so you’ll need to buy them separately. On the plus side, the standard battery size means you won’t find any difficulty tracking them down. And each set of batteries will keep the candle running for over 300 hours.

The candles come with a timer and remote control. You can choose from on-off cycles of two, four, six or eight hours. You can also choose between a “candle” setting for flickering light, or a steady “light” setting.

And if those options weren’t enough, the remote controls allows you to raise and lower the light levels too.

As long as you get a fully functioning set, these are great candles. But we have heard of some quality control issues. Some people have complained of a ticking noise when the flame is flickering. Others have found the occasional candle that doesn’t work with the remote control.

These are, though, so inexpensive that replacing the whole set won’t cost more than a few cups of artisan coffee. We think they’re well worth the investment.

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3. Vermont Battery Operated LED Window Candles

Best Battery Operated Window Candles Vermont

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If you’re looking for candles with more of a medieval flavor, checkout this set of four from 612 Vermont. The bases here are finished in a choice of either pewter or antique bronze (almost black). If you prefer something lower key than gold or brass, they’re a great option.

The candle is simply styled – there are no simulated wax drips here. The stem has a slightly gray tinge. The base is rectangular, so you’ll be able to fit them easily onto even narrow windowsills.

Each candle is powered by two AA batteries. They’re not included, so you’ll need to buy them separately before you can use your lights.  The batteries will last for 60 days with daily use, so you won’t have to replace them too often.

The lights are amber LEDs enclosed within a glass bulb shaped like a flame. They give a flickering glow, reminiscent of real candles. There’s just one setting, though. If you’d prefer to have the option of a static light, they won’t be the right choice.

There’s a very simple timer. Just insert the batteries at the time you want the candles to switch on, and they’ll stay on for six hours. They’ll then switch off for 18 hours and will switch on again at the same time the next day.

There’s no remote control. But if you’re looking for a simple, attractive set of candles at an economical price, these could fit the bill.

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4. Xodus Innovations Battery Operated LED Window Candle

Best Electric Window Candles Xodus

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If you want candles that switch on automatically when it begins to get dark, check out these from Xodus Innovations. They include a clever light sensor that will switch on the candle at dusk, and switch it off again at dawn. A pinhole on one side detects light levels outside the window and activates the switch.

It’s a great way of preserving the life of the two AA batteries in each candle. Just be aware that not all the sensors are uniformly perfect. You might find one or two candles that don’t switch off when it gets light.

On the plus side, they don’t use much power. Even with the candles on the whole time, you can expect the batteries to last about a month.

The two-inch high round base is finished in an aged bronze tone (dark brown). It’s rounded at the front to give a traditional appearance where it faces into the room. It’s flat at the back, though, so you can fit it onto narrower windowsills.

The base is plastic, so it’s fairly light. The whole candle stands just under nine inches tall. Take care when positioning it so that it doesn’t topple over.

The stem of the candle is white, and entirely smooth. The bulb is shaped like a flame, and the amber toned light flickers like a real flame too.

And because that light comes from an LED, it should last for many years. However, when they finally stop working, you won’t be able to replace them.

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5. PChero Window Candles with Remote Timer

Best Battery Operated Window Candles PChero

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PChero’s set of six white candles taper gently up from their gold-colored bases. They’re a bit taller than many others, at about 10 inches overall. The extra height gives them an elegant look that would work equally well on a dining table or windowsill.

The three AA batteries (not included in the pack) sit inside the candle itself. That allows you to remove each candle from its base and use your own holders if you prefer.

The set comes with its own remote control with no fewer than ten buttons. You can use it to switch between flickering and static light. And in flickering mode, you can even choose between a standard and fast flicker! It’s also possible to raise and lower the brightness levels.

You can set the timer for either a four or six-hour interval. After your chosen time, the candles will switch off.

We’ve heard varying experiences though, as to whether they come back on again 24 hours later. The instructions suggest they should, but most people have found they don’t. If you treat the timer as a simple way to switch off the candles automatically, you won’t be disappointed.

Even on the highest setting, these aren’t the brightest candles out there. They will, however, produce a soft white light. And they’re quite bright enough to give your windows a welcoming glow after dark.

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6. LampLust Flameless Taper Window Candles

Best Electric Window Candles LampLust

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The second set of window candles from LampLust to make our list, here you’ll get a pack of four.

The stems of the candles are made from white resin, with simulated wax drips on the sides. The batteries sit inside the stems, so they can be removed from their bases if preferred. That’s a good option if you have favorite candlesticks you’d like to use.

If not, you’ll have a choice of either a gold or silver colored base. The base is round, but has a diameter of just an inch, so it will fit on any windowsill.

And if you don’t have a sill, you can use the suction cups included in the pack. (Even if you do have a sill, they’re a good option for making sure the candles don’t topple over.)

They’re made of clear plastic and have two little arms that grip around the base. The suction cup then sticks to the window to keep the candle in place.

The lights are powered by AA batteries, which are included as standard. The light is a warm white glow which comes from a long-lasting LED.

There’s a six-button remote control to switch the candles on and off. You also use this to switch between static and flickering light modes.

And you can select between a four and eight-hour interval for the lights to stay switched on. Whether you choose the four or eight-hour setting, they’ll come on at a pre-set time of your choice each day.

The timer isn’t entirely reliable though. You may find you need to use the remote control to turn off one or two candles yourself.

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7. Xodus Innovations FPC1525P Battery Operated LED Window Candles

Best Battery Operated Window Candles Xodus Innovations

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This single candle from Xodus Innovations is styled as a chamberstick. If you like the idea of a Victorian Christmas, it really looks the part. And the base comes in a choice of a pewter, black or gold tones.

A pinhole on one side allows a sensor to check light levels. This will turn on the candle when the light grows dim and turn it off again as it brightens. Just make sure that you position the candle with the pinhole facing towards the window.

The candle is powered by two C batteries, which will keep it going for 45 days. You’ll need to buy those batteries separately.

You can choose between a steady or flickering light. Select your chosen mode using a three-position switch on the base. The same switch can be used to turn it off manually if you wish to.

The chamberstick design means it’s larger at the base than other window candles – six inches across. It’s not the right style for a group of lights, but will look great alone. And because it’s still less than two inches deep, it will still fit on narrower windowsills.

The light comes from an LED, so it’s long-lasting and will stay cool to the touch. It’s white rather than orange. And there’s no hint of blue, so it’s still a warm, welcoming glow.

As with many other LED candles, you won’t be able to replace the bulbs. But as they’re designed to last for between 10 and 20 years, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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8. Plow & Hearth Window LED Candle Lamps

Best Electric Window Candles Plow

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If you like the chamberstick design but prefer a smaller footprint, take a look at Plow and Hearth’s window candles.

This set of four sit in gold-colored chamberstick holders that are three inches across. That’s half the width of the Xodus Innovations design. And they’re 1.5 inches deep, so will fit all but the shallowest windowsills.

The tone of the bases is old gold – not too bright or brassy. They would look great alongside festive foliage or other decorations.

The candles will run for eight hours before switching themselves off. Just twist the bulb to turn them on for the first time. They’ll then switch back on again at the same time each day.

The light is an attractive golden shade, more yellow than orange. You’ll get a steady light, rather than a flicker. The bulb is shaped like a candle flame, and the stem is sculpted to give the appearance of melting wax.

Each candle stands an elegant 9.5 inches tall. The LED is powered by two AA batteries, which you’ll need to buy separately.

These are extremely simple to use, but they don’t have as many options as some other window candles. You won’t be able to change the lighting mode or level, and there isn’t a remote control.

But as attractive window candles with a reliable timer, these are a good buy.

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9. CelebrationLight Window Candles with Remote Timers

Best Battery Operated Window Candles CelebrationLight

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If you’re in the market for lots of window candles, you’ll love this set from CelebrationLight. It includes no fewer than 10 candle lights. And if your needs are less, they’re available in packs of two and six as well.

The simple design includes a white column candle in a shiny gold base. That base is round and 2.4 inches in diameter. The whole candle is 8.3 inches tall.

The bulb is shaped like a teardrop, and each one uses an energy efficient LED. This gives a warm white glow. You can choose a steady light or select a flickering mode to give the effect of real candlelight.

Each candle takes 2 AAA batteries, which aren’t included in the pack. They’re inserted into the stem of the candle, one on top of the other. That means that if you want to remove the candles from their holders, you can.

And if you want to operate them from the comfort of your armchair, you can do that too. This set comes with a remote control to switch them on and off. You can also use it to select lighting modes and brightness levels.

The candles switch themselves off automatically after a set period. Choose from two, four, six or eight-hour settings. Expect each set of batteries to give you about 300 hours of operation.

We’ve heard of some people who’ve experienced the timer not working reliably for all the candles. But we think this is a minor niggle for a good-looking and inexpensive set.

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10. Celestial Lights Battery Operated LED Window Candle with Timer

Best Electric Window Candles Celestial

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If you’re looking for a window candle bright enough to see at a distance, this one from Celestial Lights should made your shortlist.

In this case, you’ll be buying an individual window candle. It stands in a base styled as a classic short candlestick. You can choose from onyx (black), antique bronze, brushed nickel and polished brass finishes. So whatever your decorating scheme, there’s an option to suit.

And in this case, the base is made of metal, rather than plastic. It’s pleasingly heavy, and unlikely to topple over easily.

The candle stem is molded to give the appearance of wax melting down the sides. The bulb is shaped like a flame. And cleverly, it’s designed to burn brightly on one side, and more dimly on the other. That means you can shine a bright light into the dark outside without blinding those indoors.

It’s also possible to adjust the height of the candle – from 11 to 13 inches overall. That means the LED will shine at a height of either 10 or 12 inches.

There’s a built-in 24 hour timer. The candle will shine for 8 hours, switch off for 16, then repeat. The cycle means it will turn on and off at the same time each day.

The bright light means the candle is fairly energy-hungry in comparison to other options. It requires four AA batteries, which you’ll need to buy separately. They’ll last for about 30 days.

And you’ll pay about half the price for this single window candle as for other sets of four or more. But while it isn’t the cheapest option out there, you’ll get good quality for your money.

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Buying guide

Still not sure which window candle to choose? Check out our list of questions to ask yourself before you buy.

How many do you need?

The cost per window candle can vary significantly. If you’re looking for a single candle for a feature window, you may be prepared to pay more. But if you’d like a light for every window, multi-packs can offer good value.

And consider whether you would like all your candles to switch on and off at the same time. Buying a single pack with enough for your needs makes it more likely you’ll achieve that result.

Consider your decorating scheme

There’s a lot of variety out there when it comes to candle bases! If you’re looking for a classic festive color scheme, choose gold or brass shades.

But if you prefer something lower key, pewter, black or bronze options can look great.

And if you’re planning to surround your window candles with a garland or foliage, consider pillar candles. They’ll look great emerging from the greenery.

Not all lights are the same

Finally, consider what kind of light you’d like. The window candles on our list vary in color from amber to warm white. There’s no right or wrong choice – but consider which look you prefer.

Do you like the candlelight effect of a flickering light? Or would you rather a steady glow? Some window candles allow you to switch between the two.

And consider how bright you want your light to be. Are you looking for something to pierce the darkness outside your window? Or do you prefer a gentler light?

Time to let your light shine!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our reviews of ten of the best window candles out there. Just ask yourself the questions we’ve highlighted, and you’re sure to make the right choice for your home.

Our top pick is Yiwer’s set of three pillar candles. We love their different heights and realistic candlelight effect. And we think they look particularly good surrounded by festive greenery.

Whatever option you choose, a window candle will make your home will look fabulous. And remember – this is one decorating trick that’s not just for Christmas!

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