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23 Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas – Bedroom Window Covering

The bedroom is the most intimate and private room in anyone’s home. Therefore, you should spend time and make an effort to design it according to your taste and needs. One of the crucial parts of this room is the window. It will provide enough light when needed and excellent airflow.

On the other hand, you should find a way to cover it and secure shadow and necessary darkness when you want to rest. There are a few bedroom window treatment ideas you will love. Pick out the most suitable to you and enjoy your intimacy.


1. Mosaic window film

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The fact is that window film can prevent excessive sunlight. That makes this bedroom window treatment an ideal choice for your home. This particular type of glass film can block almost 99% UVB rays and up to 84% of harmful UVA rays.

To get the best protection, you should purchase a model made of premium material, which will reduce glares effectively, protect your furniture from fading, and create a cozy atmosphere while relaxing.

The film is static, without chemicals and harmful glue. The way of installation will allow you to add and remove it when needed. Keep in mind that the 3D window film is colorless, but its unique 3D laser design provides a colorful visual effect during sunny days. That will transform your bedroom into an impressive space you will enjoy.


2. Mix and Match Curtains

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This blackout model of curtains with silver raindrops is thermally insulated and energy-saving. With an additional two pieces of white voile sheer, these curtains are elegant and sophisticated bedroom window treatments.

Since this model made of polyester has grommets, you won’t have any problems with attaching them to the bar. Modern pattern design will be suitable for every room in your home, but it will make your bedroom a luxurious, elegant, and highly romantic place.

The top quality of the blackout part will prevent any unwanted sunlight from coming inside while you sleep. Plus, these curtains are reliable, and they will keep your privacy better than most other models available on the market.


3. Burlap Cafe Curtains

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When you decide to decorate your bedroom unexpectedly, you can use burlap coffee sacks to sew unique curtains for your bedroom. I have heard about designers who make such models for the kitchen, but I have chosen the road less traveled.

After drinking all the coffee bought, I got an idea to use burlap sacks that smelled irresistibly of my favorite beverage. Since my family drinks a lot of coffee, I collected a few bags and designed my own bedroom window treatment.

It is an inexpensive way to transform this room into a fragrant and intimate space. This type of material will filter sunlight, plus it is an excellent thermally insulator that prevents noise and keeps your privacy.


4. Classic White Bedroom Shutters

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These interior white shutters are among the best bedroom window treatments, which will provide an elegant, crisp, and stylish look to your intimate room.

I like this classic look and enjoy pure white that reminds me to clean and scented space of minimalism. However, you will enjoy these shutters no matter what style you have chosen to decorate your bedroom.

Since the classic option doesn’t allow any sunlight to come inside, you can order the cafe model, which covers only the lower part of your window. That way, you will get a lot of privacy with the level of light you need.


5. Patterned Bedroom Curtains

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You will adore this stylish and energy-efficient bedroom window treatment, especially if you are a romantic soul. These top-quality and long-lasting curtains work on so many levels that I can’t describe all of them adequately.

The eye-catching colors, striking pattern, and the eyelet that allow these curtains to fall in soft pleats will transform your bedroom into a lovely and romantic space for two.

However, that is not all. This trendy boho style model will keep your room desirably dark and fresh in summer and warm during the winter. Plus, the tinted-white eggshell part will filter enough light to make your bedroom bright without too much reflection.


6. Venetian Blinds

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These traditional white wooden blinds are one of the most common bedroom window treatments in the US. You can adjust slats to allow the level of light you need and deflect glare when necessary.

By installing this particular cordless model made of aluminum, you will bring a natural element to your space. Plus, you will keep your kids and pets safe since there are no cords to harm them potentially.

If you seek privacy, these functional blinds are an ideal solution for you when keeping them closed. They are a better choice than models made of vinyl because of the beautiful shine they offer and the impossibility to melt on the sunlight.


7. Six Piece Window Curtain Set

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These fun curtains contain six beautiful and highly vibrant sheer panels in different colors, including white, bright yellow, orange, lime, navy, and burgundy. Since they are 84 inches (2 m) long and made of soft material, they will fall slightly in the romantic folds to the floor.

Bring this elegant design into your home, and you will get extraordinary bedroom window treatment you have always wanted. These curtains will keep your room private, plus you can control the light level thanks to the different colors of each piece.


8. Window Curtain Valance

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If you pick out these navy-blue curtain valances, you won’t get too much privacy and shadow in your bedroom, but they will provide so much elegance and romantic feelings to you. They will adorn the top of your window delicately, and its darkening technology can partially block out unwanted light.

By adding some elegant soft curtains matching your valances, you can get more privacy and keep your room darker if needed. The marvelous thing is that this model is highly energy-efficient and can reduce the loss of energy through your bedroom window by up to 25%. Plus, I need to say that the level of noise reduction these curtains provide is incredible.


9. Energy Saving Curtain Drapes

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Even though this model was initially intended for doors, it can be an excellent solution for your bedroom window treatment, as well. Panels are made of microfiber, and their unique design is convenient, functional, and reliable for every space. Their performance includes the reduction of noises for 40% and blocking the light and UV rays.

Use the straps to attach them when you need more privacy and tie them up for sightseeing. Super soft velvety triple interwoven technology provides desirable thermal insulation and a casual style to the contemporary decor of your room.


10. Cordless Cellular Shade

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Thanks to a cordless design, these durable cellular shades are entirely safe for both your kids and pets. Every single cell with pleats will provide maximum darkness when you close them and a clean look once you open them. I like this model since it keeps the privacy of the bedroom and saves energy.

You can mount this simple-to-operate bedroom window treatment, made of non-woven polyester, inside or outside the frame of your window, depending on your needs. Plus, the manufacturer customizes this model and makes it to your order, so you can be sure it will fit perfectly with your window frame.


11. Floral Lace Curtain Valance

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This beautiful, delicate, and economical floral lace design made of polyester is an excellent choice when you want to filter light into your bedroom gently. Since it doesn’t provide too much privacy, you can pick out this model only if you live on the higher floors of the building or the house with the bedroom facing the courtyard.

In such cases, you can enjoy the romantic and a bit vintage floral embroidery pattern of the lace. Otherwise, you can solve the issue with privacy by hanging heavier curtains over the lace. Every time you need some light and better airflow, you can draw them back. You deserve an elegant and luxurious look these curtains offer!


12. Vintage Pink Bedroom Curtains

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If you admire the elegance our grandmothers had in their houses, you can bring a touch of the past to your home by buying these vintage, pink-rose curtains. The so-called Korean style is a bit rustic and reminds me of times when the princesses used such curtains as a highly desired bedroom window treatment.

This beautiful model made of soft cotton is everything your romantic soul ever wanted. Thanks to pink ties and silver color hooks, you can quickly open and close your curtains, depending on the time of the day. When you close them, you will get full privacy and the darkened room prepared for peaceful sleep and sweet dreams.


13. Lace Embroidered Balloon Curtains

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The first thing that comes to mind when you see these curtains for the first time is romance. They are elegant, romantic, and a bit vintage. Since they are made of polyester, you can count on at least 15 % of shading.

The advantage of this model is the strings you can use to adjust the style and height of these luxury and delicate balloon curtains. That way, you will get an extraordinary bedroom window treatment that can fit your space.

You can expect these Victorian-style pull drapes made of sturdy and well-sewn lace to keep your privacy. Since it is a semi-sheer model, they will block just enough light to make sleeping in the room comfortable and relaxing.


14. Thermal Insulated Curtains with Drape

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These beautiful thermal curtains can block up to 95% of light and UV rays and provide enough shadow for undisturbed sleep. Also, they will offer a peaceful and quiet environment in your bedroom by reducing outside noise.

Since this model is thermally insulated, it is highly energy-efficient and can help you reduce heating and cooling costs in your home.

These hand-made curtains are made of quality polyester, which makes them easy-to-clean. You can pick out among a variety of colors and sizes, in accordance with the contemporary minimalist style of your bedroom.


15. Blackout Window Curtains for Privacy

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These French door panel plains are an excellent solution for your bedroom window treatment if you have this combination of the door and small windows in the room with an exit to the yard. Believe it or not, they will reduce noise coming from the outside significantly, no matter how small they seem to you.

Since this model saves energy, it is a cost-efficient option, as well. Your new curtains will efficiently reduce the sunlight and keep your room fresh in summer. On the other hand, they will prevent loss of heat and keep your home warm during the winter.

These curtains will add elegance and beauty to your space. Plus, high-quality soft polyester is thick enough to block sunlight from entering. I like the way they bring a contemporary and stylish but casual style to the home at the same time.


16. White Sheer Window Scarf Valance

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If you like having a clear view through your window, but still want some privacy, the use of a window scarf as a bedroom window treatment is a good idea. A light soft sheer fabric will decorate your window without making an impression of heaviness.

Throw it casually over your curtain rod, or use it as a regular curtain if you prefer that way. Another option is to use your window scarf for decoration and add texture to the curtains by wrapping the veil as a window valance. Choose the same color, or use a different one to create a contrast.

Besides hanging it in front of your bedroom window, you can use this scarf made of polyester to make unique bed decor, as well. It is simple for use, machine washable, and it comes in several colors.


17. White Blackout Lined Curtains

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In front of your eyes is one of the best bedroom window treatments if you want to prevent daylight from coming in, but you don’t have window blinds. Once you hang blackout curtains, you will see that their heaviness can keep the whole window covered.

The black layer prevents the light and UV rays from coming through and helps with the thermal and sound insulation at the same time. Keep in mind that it always stays the same, but you can choose the color of the inner layer according to your bedroom decor.

Both of the layers are made of triple woven fabric, which gives them needed density and heaviness. Make sure to check the diameter of your curtain rod before purchasing, and the instructions before washing and ironing your window cover.


18. Energy Efficient Curtains

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Windows are often the reason why your energy bills are higher than you want, whether you lose heat in the winter or spend extra energy to cool the room in the summer. These curtains are laboratory tested to increase energy efficiency and decrease the noise that comes from the outside.

If you need to block the light from coming into the room, be aware that these curtains have a Light block level 2. That indicates that they can let some light into the room, depending on the color you choose.

Still, they will entirely block the view from the outside, so your privacy will be protected. It will be easy to hang these curtains since they have rod pockets. Plus, you won’t have any trouble with maintaining, since this model is easy-to-clean.


19. Linen Textured Curtains

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If you want to have a natural fabric for your bedroom window treatment, linen curtains are an excellent option. People have used linen for centuries, starting from ancient Egypt. Its specific texture will additionally decorate your bedroom, enable the light to enter into your room and protect your privacy.

Linen curtains are soft, pleasing to the touch, and durable so that they will spectacularly enhance your interior. However, it is a natural fabric, and you should be careful while washing your curtains.

Using hot water or hot iron may affect them negatively, so it is better to use medium warm or cold water, whether you wash them in the machine or manually. Also, always use a mild detergent and low cycling in the machine.


20. Magnolia Window Film

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Window films, so-called Artscape, will give an artistic dimension to your interior design. When you add such a film on your window, you will get an impression of stained and textured glass. Plus, the glued layer is thin and transparent, and you can quickly apply and remove it.

This film will block the UV rays and protect your privacy entirely. Before starting the job, make sure that the glass is clean and wet, and then apply the film over the surface.

Since it is resistant to higher humidity, you can use the window film in both your bedroom and bathroom, which is part of it. Although it seems a bit dark before application, you don’t need to worry. It will change once glued on the glass and will provide you with bright daylight.


21. Bamboo Roller Blinds

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The excellent news is that you can expect a wide variety of colors and patterns if a bamboo blinds are your choice for a bedroom window treatment. They are natural and eco-friendly, plus they will romantically spread the light into your space and create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

You can mount them inside or outside of the window, depending on your needs. Unfortunately, due to their structure, they can’t provide much privacy protection. The solution for that is to install an additional blackout liner if you need it.

You won’t have any trouble installing your new bamboo blinds. Always provide exact measures before going shopping since most shops offer the possibility to customize the chosen model according to your needs.


22. Printed Picture Window Roller

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Create a picture that fits your space and improvise a fantastic view by installing printed roller blinds. Since these bedroom window treatments are made of the triple wave fabric with thermal coating, they are very effective on multiple levels. They will block the light and UV rays, reduce the noise, and help with thermal insulation.

An excellent trick is to add wood stripes around the blinds when they are down, so it will look like you have a frame around the picture. You can also choose the already printed pattern or use your favorite photo to customize your blinds. In this case, contact the factory, and they will let you know what they can do.


23. Magnetic Roman Shades

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Roman shades are elegant and practical fabric blinds easy to use and install. When you lower them, they will create a straight, flat piece of fabric, and create equal soft pleats once you lift them.

These kinds of shades originate from ancient Rome, hence the name. However, modern technology brings improvements, so now you can choose the shades according to your needs. Choose between the various types of shades, such as light-filtering, light-filtering with privacy, and thermal-darkening.

Magnetic shades have strong magnets incorporated into the fabric, which eases the lifting and forming the pleats. It is possible to install them on the inside and outside of the window. There is no cord inside, which makes them a safe option for kids. All in all, it is and one of the most convenient bedroom window treatments available on the market.



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