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22 Modern Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

You don’t need to worry about privacy in your bathroom if you live in the high building. However, if you have a house, it can be quite uncomfortably having a shower without adequate bathroom window treatment that protects you from curious glances from the outside.

By choosing the right curtains or shutters, you will provide enough privacy without restricting light in the room. Always try to pick out the water-resistant materials where mold can’t build-up. There is one more option. If you have a small bathroom on a loft, you can freely leave the window undressed.


1. Roman shades

Bathroom Window Treatment 2

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These beautiful, highly functional, and convenient shades will provide desirable bathroom window treatment for your house. They fit almost any design, absorb sound, control natural light, and add some softness to the hard furniture surfaces.

Plus, this model doesn’t block light entirely, which means it offers an unobstructed view. If your window is narrow, you should choose a single swag drapery. On the other hand, if you are a lucky one having a bathroom with a wide window, you will need at least two swags.

You can find an endless choice of colors and patterns on the market. That will make it easy to pick out a fabric and style matching the rest of your home. However, take care to find the mold-resistant model, which you can wash quickly.


2. Frosting windows

Bathroom Window Treatment 3

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If you have a shower cabin or bathtub under the window, the traditional curtains won’t suit your needs at all. You may unintentionally catch and tear them with shower handle, plus they will always be moist and susceptible to mold.

However, that doesn’t mean you should leave your bathroom window without protection or decoration. In fact, frosted windows are an ideal solution in such a case. No one can see through them, but they still provide enough natural sunlight to enter your space.

There is also an option to frost the lower window while the top half of the glass stays transparent. That way, you will get a lighter bathroom and a unique feeling of spaciousness while frosting part blocks 96% UV rays and control the level of glare.


3. Balloon curtain shades

Bathroom Window Treatment 4

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It is an excellent choice for bathroom window treatment if your window is small or narrow. Choose a luxurious fabric with a high-quality print, which will quickly create an elegant and sophisticated look of this part of your house.

The only thing you need to take care of is to buy the quality material resistant to mold and thick enough to hang easily.

This classy model made of innovative triple weave fabric can filter the light successfully. It regulates temperature in the bathroom excellently, provides necessary shading, and protects your privacy at any moment. Moreover, you will get an energy-efficient bathroom without excessive noise.


4. Faux wood blinds

Bathroom Window Treatment 5

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When it comes to bathroom windows, faux wood blinds are among the top bathroom window treatments. They are resistant to the high moisture without cracking and warping, as well as accumulating mold over time.

Except these blinds provide the elegance of real wood, they also offer attractiveness at an affordable price. Pick out the variety of stains you like the most and customize the size of slats, depending on your needs.

The manufacturers make them from durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as PVC and composite wood. You should choose this model if you live in the region with high humidity or have a bathroom with the direct sun most of the day.


5. Tier shower curtains

Bathroom Window Treatment 7

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I like this solution since these waterproof window tier curtains have two different options. You can purchase half window curtains or the longer variant depending on your preferences. They were originally designed as shower curtains, but you can use them to do a DIY project and transform them into original and highly useful bathroom window treatment.

Since both pieces of these curtains have a pocket to put the rod through, you can quickly install them above your window. They are made of synthetic polyester, which doesn’t absorb water but lets it flows into the tub. That way, you won’t have problems with bad smell and mold.

Plus, this material will save energy and keep the bathroom warm during winter. In summer, it will block excessive light and protect your privacy. Pick out the appropriate color and adequate size and enjoy the new elegant design of your space.


6. Window curtain tier pair

Bathroom Window Treatment 8

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This type of bathroom window treatments reminds the previous one but contains two pieces. You can use them together or separately as desired. These curtains made of polyester will make your bathroom sophisticated, let a lot of light inside, and give the whole place a clean look.

Because of the free space between their two parts, these curtains are not an ideal choice if you want to block UV rays. However, they will offer enough shade to make you feel comfortable.

On the other side, these curtains are not too thick so that they won’t make your space congested and gloom. You can wash them in a washer to prevent any mold or damage caused by moisture.


7. Mix and match option

Bathroom Window Treatment 9

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In a case when you are not entirely sure what type of bathroom window treatment to choose, the best option is to make a unique combination of two different styled.

You can install faux wood blinds for privacy and an elegant drapery or valance over them. That way, you will add some color to your bathroom and soften up space a bit. However, there is one more option.

There is the possibility to purchase double layered blackout curtains with voile elegantly tied to the side, as well. Since the bathroom is often a room with high humidity, you should use curtains made of polyester.


8. Herringbone semi-sheer voile

Bathroom Window Treatment 10

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Be one of the women who enjoy this stylish and romantic model of herringbones for your unique bathroom window treatment. Since it is made of polyester, this piece represents a classical but contemporary style at the same time.

Moreover, lovely lace is always trendy, fits any home style, and offers an airy feeling that can soften the ambiance of every bathroom. I am sure you will enjoy this unobtrusive and timeless elegance.

Since it is breathable and light, this little curtain is more a decoration than a model that provides adequate light protection. It will suit you if your bathroom faces the garden, or you don’t need a curtain to provide privacy. Otherwise, you will need to sacrifice elegance and choose a more practical model.


9. Darkening window curtains

Bathroom Window Treatment 11

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If you are a fan of classic bathroom window treatment, this is the right choice for you. Thanks to thick, heavy-suede material, these curtains block from 85 to 98% of UV rays and direct light coming from the outside. You can spot a slight glow on the surface when sunlight hits them directly.

Also, this model made of advanced triple-weave technology will offer you the necessary privacy while taking a shower. Since these curtains have high thermal features, they will keep your bathroom warm even during winter.

It’s up to you to pick out the desirable color, but I can recommend a gray option. This color will give your curtains touch of elegance without the negative connotations that black brings.


10. Bamboo natural woven shades

Bathroom Window Treatment 12

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By purchasing woven shades made of bamboo, you will bring a touch of exotics into your bathroom. There is a wide choice of textures, sizes, and colors available. That means you can refresh your space and use the best bathroom window treatment that offers you a shade of grass, exotic reeds, or sophisticated wood.

The bamboo shades filter the entrance of the sunlight into a bathroom. Once you want to allow the light to come inside, you can raise your shades, and enjoy lovely accordion pleats they form.

Even though these shades may change the color over time, it is not a disadvantage. On the contrary, this partial discoloration will improve the natural beauty of the model.


11. Woven wood shades

Bathroom Window Treatment 13

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The natural look of this type of shades will add another layer of texture and enhance the privacy of your bathroom. They fit any casual and contemporary space since they let the light come into the room unobstructed and provide enough privacy for every member of your household.

Since you can raise and lower the slats as needed, you will get an ideal amount of light depending on the time of day and the season. To protect your shades from moisture damage, you should use a bathroom fan regularly.

If you think that you need extra privacy, there are various models of blackout liners on the market. Pick out the pattern and dimensions fitting your bathroom, but take care that they are mold-resistant and easy-to-clean.


12. Sheer voile scarf valances

Bathroom Window Treatment 14

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I know that it is a highly elegant design for special occasions, but this particular model is made of polyester. It makes it suitable as a decorative and unique bathroom window treatment. If you purchase this, 216 inches (5.5 m) long sheer scarf, you will get an ideal finishing touch to your bathroom.

Keep in mind that this type of valance is not suitable to protect this room from sunlight or to provide some privacy. You can use it if you live on a higher floor and have a big bathroom you want to make more stylish.


13. Stained glass windows

Bathroom Window Treatment 15

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If you don’t need too much privacy in your bathroom, this is a perfect solution for your window. If you are an artistic type, you can paint these lovely eagle feathers on your own.

Otherwise, you can purchase this model in a few shades of blue. Be aware that every feather contains ten separate pieces, which fit each other as puzzles. The waxed finish provides brilliant shine, which looks gorgeous in combination with sunlight, especially during summer.

This particular bathroom window treatment will provide the light flows while taking a bath. Plus, decorative beads will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your private space.


14. Paper shade for arched windows

Bathroom Window Treatment 17

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If you have unique and unusual shaped windows with an arch on the top, you can consider yourself a lucky person. It is so romantic! Therefore, you should try to make your bathroom window even more attractive.

In such a case, you will need a custom decoration, so the shade made of durable paper looks like an ideal solution for you. Measure that half-rounded, arch-shaped part of your window precisely and order an appropriate model of pleated shade.

In fact, it is not too complicated to make this bathroom window treatment on your own, as well. Once you finish the job, you will get an elegant cover that softly filters sunlight, reduces glare, and provides enough privacy while you use your bathroom.


15. Blinds with a dual-layer roller shade

Bathroom Window Treatment 18

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If you are one of these people who like changing the window cover regularly, you should install the blinds you can replace when needed. Thanks to the exclusive-patented components, you can install them quickly and effortlessly.

These durable roller blinds made of polyester will enhance the appearance of your bathroom, provide enough privacy, and block too bright sunlight. At the same time, you will still have a clear and unobstructed view.

The contemporary design will improve the interior of your space and save energy, which will lower your heating bills over time. When you need more light, you can roll them up entirely to the top of the window.


16. Cafe Curtains

Bathroom Window Treatment 19

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Semi-sheer short curtains are an excellent bathroom window treatment solution if you are lucky enough and have a bathroom that faces the yard. In such a case, you won’t need the full protection of your privacy, and you can use curtains as a lovely decoration.

Pick out the model made of lightweight fabric, but you will need the right quality to get a blurred look inward. That way, your silhouette, while taking a shower, won’t be clear or at everyone’s disposal. One more thing! These curtains will let natural light come inside and provide an intact view, as well.


17. Vinyl Shutters

Bathroom Window Treatment 20

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Vinyl window shutters are the ultimate choice if you want to add some traditional elegance and casual style to your home. Although they are made of vinyl, these shutters have a rustic appearance of wood.

Except they will give your house a beautiful and luxurious look, this material won’t crack or warp over time like models made of wood. The practical side of this option is that you can open and close them when needed.

Once you open your shutters, you will get plenty of natural light. When you decide to take a shower, shut them up, and enjoy full privacy. Also, you may consider purchasing the model that reminds the cafe curtains. That way, you can install them on the lower part of the window and get both a view and privacy.


18. Lace curtains

Bathroom Window Treatment 21

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For romantic ladies, lace curtains are always an option even as a bathroom window treatment. Pick out a lovely and elegant model with lace in an appropriate length that matches the height of your window.

These curtains made of polyester will filter light, keep your privacy, and transform your bathroom into cozy and modern space. If you choose this option, you should avoid painting the walls white. The vibrant color will better highlight the beauty of the lace. Keep in mind that you need a tension rod to hang your new curtains correctly.


19. Cellular shades

Bathroom Window Treatment 22

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Even though most people use cordless cellular honeycomb shades in their living rooms, I find them highly effective bathroom window treatment. Once installed, they provide a high level of privacy and extra insulation in winter.

Since they don’t cover the entire window, you will get enough natural sunlight, as well. Choose one of the trendy colors available and beautify your bathroom while getting a practical, cheap, and reliable cover for the window at the same time.


20. Antique room dividers

Bathroom Window Treatment 23

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Believe it or not, it is possible to bring antique room dividers back to life and find a new purpose for this romantic piece of furniture. Whether you have inherited one from your grandmother, bought it at an antique store, or ordered it online, you can use it to organize unconventional bathroom window treatment.

The idea is to use this piece as shutters by placing it behind your tub. It will be enough to prevent too bright light from entering the room. Moreover, it is a perfect solution to hide this intimate space from curious eyes and secure enough privacy. One thing is sure. There are no many people who have the privilege to be so original.


21. Exterior wooden shutters

Bathroom Window Treatment 24

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Wooden shutters are usually considered unsuitable bathroom window treatments, but I strongly disagree. Since you should install them on the outside of the window, the high humidity after having a bath won’t damage them.

If you are skillful and have the necessary material, you can make these elegant farmhouse shutters on your own. Pick out solid cedar to get a rustic look and fresh, aromatic scent of raw wood in the bathroom.

If you prefer buying a final product, you can look for this model online. Measure your window precisely and order your ideal match among a variety of sizes available. A package contains practical mounting hardware for quick hanging, as well.


22. Peppy pops of color

Bathroom Window Treatment 25

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If your bathroom is organized in a neutral style, you should add a pop of color to make it more cheerful. It is particularly vital if you have toddlers since they like such type of decoration.

On the other hand, you should avoid this carnival option if your space is already colorful. Your goal is not to transform the bathroom into a kitschy room. On the contrary, you should add an elegant vibrance to your ordinary place.

Keep in mind that these colorful, waterproof confetti falling curtains made of vinyl are intended for a shower cabin. However, I can’t see any obstacles to hang it as a unique bathroom window treatment. Since they are probably too long, you should cut them off and use them to control the light from entering inside, reduce noise, and increase warmth in winter.



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